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How a leading brokerage provides the best-in-class customer support

How a leading brokerage provides the best-in-class customer support

JunoMarkets was first established in 2014. In just 6 years, they received multiple nominations and awards from Finance Magnates for being the “Best Broker in Asia”, “Best IB Program”, “The #1 FX” and “CFD Publication in the World”. JunoMarkets is now one of the leading online brokers of Forex, CFDs and Precious Metals.

Currently, JunoMarkets provide clients access to trade more than 100 different types of popular financial markets, including FOREX, metals, commodities, energy, and stock indices on their MT4 and Juno Auto Trader platforms.

Top-class customer service is a big part of JunoMarkets’ company motto and business strategy. “We are dedicated to provide professional yet personal service to our clients. Call, chat, or email us with any of your needs. Get in touch with us through your preferred messaging channel. We’re here to serve you!”

JunoMarket mission

Why does JunoMarkets strive to achieve “Get in touch with us through your preferred messaging channel”?

Get ready! We are throwing some staggering statistics at you!

First of all, WhatsApp’s global monthly active users exceeded 1.5 billion, and the average daily use per user is 23 times per day, with 29 million text messages sent every minute. In Hong Kong, the penetration rate of WhatsApp reached 95%, and the message opening rate was close to 100%.

As the saying goes, “You can’t build a fortune overnight.” (It’s a fantasy to get rich overnight.) But in the trading market, regardless to whether you are waiting or strategizing, as long as you can catch it, you can indeed prosper overnight.

The trading market changes constantly, the indices go up and down, and customer inquiries are endless. Every single second counts! Nowadays, people are increasingly relying on social media and instant messaging. In fact, research shows that the opening rate on social media and messaging apps is 8 times higher than that of email and phone calls!

This is exactly why JunoMarkets regularly releases the latest information instant messaging channels, and is determined to “answer customer questions immediately at any time and through any messaging channel”. This is important for them to establish close connections with customers at all times to build customer loyalty.

JunoMarkets has its own professional Facebook community, allowing members to share ideas and experiences with each other. Moreover, they have a Telegram community, which shares the latest transaction information on Telegram every two hours, such as the euro against the

JunoMarkets real time signals

dollar, gold, oil, etc. Through these simple yet effective approaches, JunoMarkets provides users with hundreds of different strategies to help create their own investment portfolio.

How does JunoMarkets achieve “Instant Customer Support” and “Answer Every Question”?

In fact, consumers’ expectations of merchants are getting higher and higher. HubSpot, the world’s leading customer service and sales software, has pointed out that 90% of customers believe that an “immediate response” is very important, with 60% believing that response within 10 minutes is considered a quick response.

This perfectly coincides with the idea of JunoMarkets. JunoMarkets claim that if they put a customer on hold for more than 10 minutes, they will lose that customer. Therefore, they strive to provide the best and most efficient user experience. Now with SleekFlow, multiple customer service agents are now able to handle customer inquiries from different channels at the same time.

JunoMarkets user experience

However, if customer inquiries flood in every second, JunoMarkets’ customer support team would still be under a lot of pressure to respond quickly. As JunoMarkets mentioned, “In fact, many customer inquiries are similar, such as “What are the prices of different plans?”, “I want to know more about the company’s products.”

As a result, SleekFlow implemented a quick reply function on
JunoMarkets’ online customer support robot, such as the web chat robot.
Moreover, there is even an off-business hour auto reply. If a customer has a
query after their business hours, there will be an “away message” that will
automatically reply the customer. This is a great method to generate leads even
after business hours as it acknowledges the customer and informs them an agent
will soon provide support.

off-business hour auto reply

We have never witnessed a year like 2020. Working from home and social distancing have become inevitable. With the pandemic raging on, JunoMarkets prepared a webinar and used SleekFlow’s broadcast function on WhatsApp and gathered 100 people to sign up. 15 minutes before the start, they broadcasted another message “Our webinar will start in five minutes! Let’s attend together!” Ultimately, they successfully attracted more than 30 people to attend.

Never underestimate the broadcast function. JunoMarkets broadcasted messages and links to “community” and “live clients”, and successfully converted 60 members in one day. On a day to day basis, JunoMarkets usually uses SleekFlow as a customer support service to handle customer queries from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

JunoMarkets noted that WhatsApp had a much higher response rate than email. In fact, research points out that the general open rate of emails is 18%, while the open rate of WhatsApp messages is 98%, which is 138% higher than that of emails. What’s more striking is that according to the 2019 mobile phone report, 90% of people received and read the information within three minutes. As a result, companies like JunoMarkets do indeed increase the efficiency of customer service.

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