Citylink’s SleekHack:
The secret weapon for O2O Commerce

When it comes to online shopping, customers often have to rely on product descriptions. A few lines of words can never replace a real person, especially for more sophisticated consumer goods such as electronics. 

A channel for customers’ inquiries is vital to e-commerce. An interactive online widget for customer service is hence the basic gear you should get.  

Started as a humble store of no more than 200 square feet, CityLink has scaled up to be a chain store across all significant regions in Hong Kong. This local hero is bold to try new things out of their comfort zone. They are striving to copy their success recipe from offline to online. Here is how they do. 

What did you consider before starting your e-commerce?

ML: CityLink has over 26 years of experience in the retail service industry, and our customers have confidence in our quality of products and services. We, therefore, want to bring out high-quality services to our customers online as well. We need to be responsive, if not proactive when they have any questions during online shopping, just like being at the physical store. 

How was the workflow before SleekFlow?

ML: Before using SleekFlow, each colleague was responsible for one messaging platform. It was not centralized. After using SleekFlow, messages from all channels are merged to one platform. We can hence assign suitable colleagues to answer specific questions.

“We believe a great online shopping experience can lead the customers to our physical stores. It creates synergy.”
Man Leung/ CityLink executive director

Which function of SleekFlow surprised you the most?

ML: Live Chat of SleekFlow is impressive. Live Chat enables us to communicate with our customers instantly and can address their needs right away.

“What is so special about the Live Chat is the Pop Up Message. A message will pop up every time people visit our website. For instance, we sent out messages to remind visitors that they can use the consumption voucher which the government has just implemented. All messages can be tailor-made for each webpage. We caught it at the right time.”

How do you think WhatsApp can help e-commerce?

ML: 80% of our customers find us on WhatsApp, and we believe the number is still increasing. Customers can choose different messaging platforms to communicate with us through Live Chat, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. Therefore, they can find us in their most convenient way.

How do you describe SleekFlow?

ML: SleekFlow is like a midfielder for us. It centralizes our customers from various messaging platforms and assigns customers with different needs to the colleague with certain expertise. That makes a great online shopping journey for our customers. 

In SleekFlow, we strive to keep improving our products. More advanced features will be launched. We will soon be able to support Instagram.
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