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SleekFlow Multi Channel

The SleekFlow Platform

The ultimate guide to help you get onboard with SleekFlow app and navigate the platform.
Getting Started
Learn what works best for you by creating an account for free. No coding or technical knowledge required.
Using SleekFlow
Learn how to fully utilise all the features on the SleekFlow App and customise your messaging suite.

Add Messaging Channels

Engage with your customers’ favourite messaging channels.
WhatsApp (Official)

Best for medium to large enterprise to use WhatsApp Official Business API via Twilio for customer supports and notifications.

Facebook Logo
Connect to multiple Facebook pages and manage your social media conversations in a single workplace.
WeChat Logo
Connect to your WeChat Official Account and expand your social media influences in China.
Line Logo
Connect to your Line account and engage with audiences in Taiwan, Japan an Indonesia.
SMS Logo
Receive and send transactional or marketing SMS messages to reach customers at scale.
WhatsApp (Third-Party)

Use Third-Party Chat API to quickly connect to your existing WhatsApp Account for supports and marketing.

Add Live Chat to Website

Plugins to add messenger on the web without any coding.
Wordpress logo
Add widget and track user behaviours on your WordPress site.
Wix Logo
Add widget and track user behaviours on your Wix site.
Squarespace logo
Add widget and track user behaviours your Squarespace site.
Shopify Logo
Add widget and track user footprints on your Shopify store.

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