FB Messenger

2.45 Billion Monthly Active Users!

That’s how many people you are missing out if you are not using Facebook Messenger to promote your brand. 

It’s no secret that setting up and managing too many social media channels can be exhausting at times.

BUT! It’s the Facebook Messenger we are talking about, and that’s worth every bit of effort.

Facebook Messenger for Business Screen 

Here are Facebook Messenger’s metrics revealed by Neil Patel, one of the leading Digital Marketing experts in the industry, on his own social media platform:

For many marketers and internet entrepreneurs, many have had blasts with their email marketing campaigns in the past.

However, as email marketing becomes the norm amongst online and offline businesses, open rate and click rates of email campaigns have dropped significantly in recent years.

That’s exactly why Facebook Messenger has emerged as one of the leading instant messaging platforms for business.

Not many people are familiar with the entire concept – that’s what we will help you with it.

In this blog post, not only will we take a brief look at what Facebook Messenger For Business is, but we will also explore how businesses can use Facebook Messenger for business to increase outreach and retain more customers.

Wait, that’s not it!

We will also be taking you through the set-up process and help you to get started with your Facebook Messenger for Business journey. 

Well, then!

Let’s dig right into it.

What Exactly is Facebook Messenger?

Did you know that Facebook Messenger was the second-most downloaded mobile application of the past decade?

As the official messaging tool for Facebook, it’s available as a mobile application for smartphone users as well as a web application for desktop users.


Facebook completely redesigned the Messenger application in 2019. After the redesign, it consists of a total of 3 different sections:

  •     Chats
  •     People
  •     Discover

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

In the past, Facebook aimed at delivering its users with an extremely simple interface. 

And that’s exactly what it achieved through this redesign. How are these sections different from one another? Let’s take a look.

  •     With the “Chats” panel, consumers can access chats with their friends
  •     With the “People” panel, consumers can start a chat with their contacts immediately
  •     With the “Discover” panel, you can find businesses as well as games on Facebook Messenger.

For an average Facebook Messenger user, the majority of their time is spent exclusively on the “Chats” section as intended. Chats with businesses occur when a user searches a business on Messenger or through Facebook directly.


The question is:

“Why Should Your Brand Care About Facebook Messenger For Business?”

Let’s take a look.

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Why Should Your Brand Care About Facebook Messenger For Business?

Facebook Messenger Marketing is one of the newest and most effective ways to do business.” – Forbes

According to Statista, more than 2.45 billion people use Facebook Messenger regularly, with about 7 billion conversations taking place every single day.

That’s a lot of activity, right?

These numbers are proof of how Facebook Messenger is dominating the business world and how businesses should leverage on its traction to reach out to more customers.


Facebook Messenger for Business Why you should care

 In our past blog posts, we covered some statistics that proved why Instant Messaging Marketing is the real deal:

Just imagine using one of the top instant messaging applications to provide your clients with a unique, out-of-the-box customer experience.

According to the majority of millennials, messaging a business helps them feel a lot more confident about the brand. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers from different countries:

  • Brazil: 76%
  • India: 79%
  • UK: 66%
  • US: 69%

Facebook Messenger even helps you develop a stronger personal connection with your audience.

In this digital era, it has become more important than ever for brands to connect emotionally with their audience. And that’s exactly what Facebook Messenger helps you with.

Here are the top benefits of using Facebook Messenger For Business:

  •     Brand Awareness
  •     Customer Satisfaction
  •     Communication Management
  •     Customer Empowerment
  •     Increase in ROI

 Facebook Messenger For B2B & B2C Businesses

 Time and time again I have witnessed people doubt the relevancy of the use of Facebook Messenger for Business and whether it would have an impact on their businesses.

While most people understand that Facebook Messenger provides a personal touch in B2C businesses, most of them think that Facebook Messenger is simply useless when it comes to B2B businesses.

To be honest, that’s not even a bit true.

Let’s take a look at a recent HubSpot experiment that I came across. They were looking to generate leads for their upcoming webinar.

They bought Facebook lead form ads as well as sent Messenger-based ads to communicate with their B2B prospects directly.

Guess what?

They spent about 70% less on each of the leads through messaging, when compared to the newsfeed ads. Plus, they received more signups through chats than through Facebook ads.

Amazing, isn’t it?

B2B customers are humans as well (As far as we know.) It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B or B2C business, Facebook Messenger For Business can turn out to be really effective in either case.

Combine Facebook Messenger along with the Facebook Customer Chat Plugin and generate more high-quality leads than ever. You can also use omni-channel messaging tools like SleekFlow Website Messenger to add Facebook Messenger to your website to engage with customers.

 Get Started With Facebook Messenger For Business

Let’s take a look at how you can get your journey started.

We will start by taking a brief look at how you can set up messaging for your page. Then, we will learn some of the most effective ways you can incorporate messaging with your Facebook Marketing strategy.

Have a Facebook Business page up and running? Jump to here to learn more about increasing engagement with customers and get more retention directly.

If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, let’s continue below!

Setup Facebook Username

What’s your username?

The username begins with the “@” symbol and will be the same for both your Facebook page as well as you Facebook Messenger.

If you haven’t already selected one for your Facebook page, it’s time you do now. 

You’ll see it appear directly below your Page name.

Take a look at the picture below to have a better idea:


It will even appear on your Facebook page’s URL.

Set Up Your Facebook Messenger For Business Username

 Follow these steps to set up your Facebook Messenger For Business username:

  •     Select Create Page @ username in your page’s left column.
  •     Enter the username of your choice
  •     Select “Create Username”

If the username isn’t available, you’ll have to make slight variations to find the next one that’s available.

Enable Messaging To Capture More Customers

 Once you are ready, it’s time you turn on messaging for your Facebook page.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

Follow these steps to learn how:

  •     Click “Settings”
  •     Click the “General” tab in the left column
  •     Go to Messages & hit “Edit.”
  •     Click the box that’s next to “Allow People To Contact My Page Privately By Showing The Message Button.”
  •     Hit “Save Changes”

Enable Instant Replies & Greeting Text

 One of the most important features for a business on Facebook is the ability for customers to chat with you.

The best way to capture these customers is to greet them with an instant reply whenever a user sends you a new message on your page.

To do that, you need to enable instant replies so your customers can receive greetings immediately after they have initiated a conversation with your business.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

These replies can be something like:

“Thanks for getting in touch with us! We’re currently located in New Zealand and might experience a slight delay in the response. For urgent requests, you can reach out to us at info@sleekflow.io.”

Here’s how you can turn on Instant Replies:

  •     Click “Settings”
  •     In the left column, click “Messaging.”
  •     Under the Response Assistant, set the “Send Instant Replies To Anyone on your page” to Yes
  •     Hit “Change”
  •     Edit Your Personalized Messages
  •     Hit “Save.”

Here’s how you can turn on the Greeting text:

  •     Click “Settings”
  •     In the left column, click “Messaging.”
  •     Under the Response Assistant, set the “Show A Messenger Greeting” to Yes.
  •     Hit “Change”
  •     Edit Your Personalized Greeting Message
  •     Hit “Save.”

Change Response Time To Make Your Page Look More Human

It’s possible for you to display your response time on your Facebook Page now.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

Shorter response times will encourage your users to interact with you on Facebook Messenger even more.

Want to set your Messaging Status to AWAY?

Follow these steps:

  •     Click “Settings”
  •     In the left column, click “Messaging.”
  •     Under the Response Assistant, set the “Stay Responsive When You Can’t Get To Your Phone Or Computer” to Yes
  •     Hit “Change”
  •     Edit The Greeting to let your users know when they can hear back from you.
  •     Click “Save”
  •     Click Change under “Stay Responsive When You Can’t Get To Your Phone Or Computer.”
  •     Click Schedule
  •     Select Your Time Zone
  •     Click “Add Time”
  •     Enter Your Business Hours
  •     Hit “Save”

Top Proven Facebook Messenger For Business Tactics

 Now that you have successfully set up your Facebook Messenger account, it’s time to get your journey started.

 Add A Website Messenger Widget

 Many websites have built-in widgets that allow website visitors to directly chat with them through Messenger or any other Messaging channels they want.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions 

According to marketer Neil Patel, through his own tests, adding a website widget that allows visitors to chat with him boosted conversions by 45%.

It’s important to keep your website visitors from going away. The most popular website widget tools include SleekFlow, which allows you to add multiple popular chat tools to your website easily.

SleekFlow allows everyone who visits your website to simply click on the Facebook Messenger button displayed on your website. They will then be redirected to your Messenger chat page on Facebook so they can chat with you directly!

 Messenger Codes

 As mentioned above, it is important to setup an easy-to-connect channel for your prospective customers to reach you. For that, having a Messenger code on your promotional materials is also important.

What is a Messenger Code? Just like QR codes, your prospective customers can now connect with your business by simply scanning your code and chatting with you directly using their Messenger app.

Watch, scan, complete! It’s that simple.

Where can you find your Messenger code? It’s actually your business’ Facebook Page profile picture itself, in its circular version, surrounded by dots and dashes which look similar to Morse Code.

Here’s how you can find your Messenger Code:

  •     Hit the “Messages” tab from your Facebook page.
  •     Head over to “Information” and click on the icon at the bottom of the inbox.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions 

Messenger codes are also a convenient way to market your business, so don’t forget to use them on your Facebook posts and marketing materials including blog posts!

 Turn Your Facebook Click Into Messenger Ads

 Did you know that your Facebook visitors can be simply converted into your ad target audience for Messenger?

What are Facebook Messenger ads? Similar to Facebook ads, it shows up as a widget not on Facebook but on Messenger.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions


Interestingly enough, you can convert your visitors into your ad target audience and display the ad them this ad whenever they use their Messenger app.

However, the key is to set up your autoresponder. Once that is done and a visitor responds to your message after visiting your messenger page, they are automatically added to your contact list and you can use Facebook or Messenger ad to target them successfully.

We’ve covered the topic on auto-replies above in this blog post. Once you set-up auto-reply, everything will be a lot easier!

Use Post Auto Reply To Boost Contact Size

Here’s another trick: if you have successfully set up auto-reply, posted a post and someone commented, they will be automatically added to your contact list through your auto-response.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions


The most engaging posts from Facebook are usually:

  •     Quizzes
  •     Riddles
  •     Contests
  •     Memes

For example, a quick question of “what type of email campaign platform are you all using” can yield several replies from your followers.

Offer Services Via Chatbots

 It’s no secret that chatbots have been one of the most trendy and talked about developments in the digital marketing industry.

 From customer service to providing custom content, chatbots allow you to automate just about everything.

One of the most popular examples is Dutch Airline KLM ‘s utilization of Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

With Messenger, KLM is able to provide the people with flight updates, change seat preference as well as send boarding pass and so much more.


Share Your Business Location

 It’s not just about only marketing your brand.

Instead, this one right here is all about sending messages to make sure that everyone knows your address, where to meet or even where to collect items.

Send any location of your choosing or even just simply send your current one.

Here’s how you can send location in Facebook Messenger:

  •     Open any conversation
  •     At the bottom of the screen, click on the vertical three icons.
  •     Click Location
  •     Navigate the pin to the desired location. Or you can search for the location by name as well.
  •     Hit Send.

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

 Send Message Button On The Local Awareness Ads

 These are some of the easiest and simplest buttons to create.

All you need to do is to head over to your Facebook Business page and launch them directly.

These ads will allow you to target the people within a specific distance from your shop.

With a Send Message Button on these local awareness ads, you have a higher chance of receiving texts from your prospects.

This helps your customers or prospects to contact you directly.

Use Messenger Links

Similar to Messenger Codes, this tool helps people begin a Messenger conversation with your Facebook Business Page.

You can use it in your social media profiles, email signatures, websites as well as printed materials.

Here’s how your Messenger link would look like:


By clicking on the Messenger link, your prospective customers can chat with you directly.

It’s Time To Hit The Road

2020 is finally here. 

And if you take a look at the latest trends in the digital marketing world, you’ll come across the conclusion that “Instant Messaging” is the REAL DEAL.

To be honest, I’d say that handling the different instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat individually can be quite hectic at times.

And that’s exactly what SleekFlow intends to solve.

Introducing SleekFlow,

“Sales, Marketing & Service Software For All Messaging Apps.”

Facebook Messenger for Business Functions

 SleekFlow has made it super simple for your business to:

What more could you ask for?

It’s time to Hit The Road with SleekFlow.

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