Website messenger for omni-channel sales and support

The world's #1 website messenger that helps you connect sales faster, convert more website traffic and book more meetings, fully integrated with instant messaging apps.

SleekFlow sales automation website messenger chatbots

Make every customer connection count

Create a more human buying experience by giving customers personal touch points with your brand through the familiar medium of messaging, whether on your website or in their messaging apps with our website messenger.

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Personalised Greeting

Target welcome messages in context for different audiences and greet your VIPs by name automatically.

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Content Showcase

Showcase helpful resources and contents based on user footprints to engage at the exact moment they’re ready to buy.

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Continue on-the-go

The first live chat experience that provides interactive customer experience and link sessions across all mobile messaging channels.

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Engage with Instant Messages

Set automation rules to engage with target buyers after they visited your website with instant messages.

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Cohesive Experience

Provide cohesive experience across all social media platforms, app and website as the sessions link together.

Add website messenger to your site in minutes

Adding SleekFlow's integrated website messenger widget is a quick and easy process. We provide detailed step-by-step guides to install it in minutes, without requiring any coding skills or technical knowledge.

Track your VIPs' footprints

Understand your customers need before approaching them with content within context. Our tools reveal your visitors' identities to provide your sales with better overviews of the customers' profiles.

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Reveal your customers' footprints

Reveal what your leads are searching for and looking at on your websites, and automate a series of instant messages to convert.

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Get notified when your dream customers visit your site​

Your account owners want to know when their target accounts — the people they are dying to talk to — visit your site. And now they will, with desktop and messenger notifications sent automatically by SleekFlow.

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Dashboard for measuring ROI on conversations

For decades, we’ve argued about how marketing and sales have influenced revenue. Well no longer. Now marketers can talk about how many dollars they’ve generated, instead of leads.

Scale with Bots Everywhere

Customise bots without code and provide personalised and cohesive experience at scale for your customers across every messaging channel.

Bots work for you all day every day – starting conversations, asking questions, and delivering qualified leads when they're live on your site, and allow you to continue on customers’ favourite channel taking advantage of integrated marketing communication.

They connect to your tech stack, automate workflows behind the scenes, and act as extensions of your sales and support teams.

It’s truly inspirational, by innovation only.

Bring More Customers with Chat Automation.

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