Supercharge your customer engagement on
SleekFlow 2.0

Enjoy a lightning-fast, reliable, and scalable messaging experience with a whole new platform rebuilt on stunning architecture and user-centric design.

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Automate messaging, routing, and sales processes using a visual builder. 
Customize workflows with branches to create unique experiences. 
Centralize customer information by sharing data between platforms at scale.


Initiate a workflow as a specific event happens

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Flow builder

Streamline every interaction in your customer journey

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Powered by gpt-4 and chatgpt

Say Hi to SleekFlow AI

SleekFlow AI can assimilate knowledge from multiple sources, such as your help center, website, and CRM system, to provide prompt service, recommend personalized products, and track orders and bookings automatically. Achieve more in less time.

Build AI-powered chatbot
for instant and reliable responses

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Work less, sell more

Keep your sales and conversations in one place with our all-in-one commerce and messaging solutions via powerful integrations.

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Synchronize your commerce operations

Track sales performance, view order history, and manage your product inventory with a native e-commerce integration, such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Offer your customers with seamless support while maximizing sales optimization.


Go further with little steps

Great things are done by a series of smaller things brought together. Start exploring all the enhancements on SleekFlow 2.0.

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Single sign-on

Access SleekFlow using your accounts from other identity providers.

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Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your account in addition to a password.

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Enterprise level security

Certified under ISO27001 to meet the highest security and compliance standards.

SleekFlow Ticketing System

Accelerate your customer support 
and issue resolution process

Manage multichannel support requests at scale on a centralized system. Set up automatic ticket creation, rule-based assignment, and get real-time analytics for tracking and performance. Prioritize tasks and manage service level agreements effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions