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WhatsApp Business API Pricing Calculator

WhatsApp Business API charges businesses per 24-hour conversation, 
which includes all messages exchanged between a business and the customer. Rates vary depending on the category. 
Estimate your monthly charges using SleekFlow's calculator.

Calculate your WhatsApp Business messaging costs

Businesses are required to use a template message to initiate a conversation with a customer. The template category will determine the conversation category and charges.

The prices listed reflect Meta rates, but charges may vary across BSPs due to exchange rates and gateway fees.
How to classify a template message?
Business-initiated conversation
Promotions, welcoming messages, updates, invitations, recommendations, or requests to complete a new transaction
Require template approval and customer opt-in

Country or region

Marketing conversation

US$ 0.025 / 24 hours

US$ 0.00

10,000+ conversations

Utility conversation

US$ 0.015 / 24 hours

US$ 0.00

10,000+ conversations

Authentication conversation

US$ 0.0135 / 24 hours

US$ 0.00

10,000+ conversations

Service conversation

US$ 0.0088 / 24 hours

US$ 0.00

10,000+ conversations

Total rate

US$ 0.00

To learn more about conversation categories and how they apply to your pricing, we recommend consulting a SleekFlow social commerce expert.

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Respond within 24 hours

Businesses can respond to a user with a free-form message within the 24-hour window. To avoid additional charges, respond promptly and minimize opening new sessions beyond the window.

Send templates with considerations

Sending a template message incurs a charge unless sent in an active conversation of the same category. Multiple templates of the same category in an open conversation won't add charges. Be intentional when sending templates.

Leverage free entry points

Conversations are not charged when your customers contact you using call-to-action buttons on ads that click to WhatsApp or Facebook Page call-to-action buttons. Once a free entry-point conversation is initiated, no other conversation category will be opened within 72 hours, regardless of how many templates of different categories you send.


WhatsApp cost and bulk message price

WhatsApp cost and price of sending messages can be complicated. WhatsApp Business offers various pricing plans depending on the country and region. In general, sending WhatsApp messages and using the platform is free. However, if you want to use the WhatsApp Business API for bulk messaging, you may incur additional costs. Please use our WhatsApp pricing calculator above for a better cost estimate of running WhatsApp and API services for your business. Find a clear answer to all the questions around: how much does WhatsApp Business cost?

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