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WhatsApp Pricing Calculator

WhatsApp charges WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) for hosting WhatsApp API on their cloud servers. BSP will pass that cost on to end-users. Estimate how much you are charged under the conversation-based pricing model using SleekFlow's calculator.

Calculate your WhatsApp Business messaging costs

To find out our estimated pricing, select a country or region from the list below. The cost will vary based on the country and region.

The calculator is designed based on the standard pricing set out by WhatsApp. Some BSPs charge a markup fee per conversation. Check for hidden charges if you are currently paying more than the estimated amount.

Country or region

User-initiated conversation rate

US$ 0.0088 / 24 hours

US$ 4.40

500 conversations

10,000+ conversations

Business-initiated conversation rate

US$ 0.0147 / 24 hours

US$ 7.35

500 conversations

10,000+ conversations


US$ 11.75

1000 free conversations applied

-US$ 11.75

Total rate

US$ 0.00

To learn more about WhatsApp Conversation-Based Pricing, please consult our social commerce expert.

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For countries or regions not included on the list, please check the messaging fee here.

1000 free conversations per month per WABA

WhatsApp charges a business once per 24-hour messaging session.

The charge varies depending on who initiated the conversation (the business or the end-user).


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