Keep your team aligned with your customers

SleekFlow is your centralised messaging platform with customers, enabling your sales, support and marketing teams to do their best work - and create an experience your customers will never forget.
SleekFlow Software
Trusted by 1000+ companies all over the world

One user interface for all channels

Automated workflow to support and engage with customers.

Increase team productivity with multi staff access

Increase team productivity with multi staff access

Improve customer support efficiency and cross-department team workflow with a shared messaging hub.

Convert more happy prospects

Convert more happy prospects

Increase customer conversion by 32% with campaign broadcast messages powered by automation at the perfect timing.

Keep track & segment all social contacts

Keep track & segment all social contacts

Oversee all your customer information from every channel in one place, together with your calendar, online stores, forms, CRM and many more.

SleekFlow Multi Channel

Multi-Channel Communications

All channels in one single place

Forget about switching apps and checking out profiles before contacting your clients. Now you can access all messaging channels on just one platform – saving time and responding with efficiency.

WhatsApp Business API 

Use WhatsApp Official Business API or Third-Party API to instantly get onboard for company of all sizes. No matter which way you choose, we ensure a seamless transition process and make sure all existing contacts and conversation history are synchronised.

Native capabilities from messaging apps

Easily merge social profiles in one click, with each channel retaining native features such as send-read recipients, audio notes etc.

Business Team Inbox

Reply customers as a team

Improve operational performance by delivering a single interface for both staff and supervisors across multiple teams.

Multi-staff access with business features

Allow multiple staff to log in simultaneously on both web and mobile app. Facilitate efficiency with business features such as internal notes, ticketing status and quick replies.

Route conversations to destinated staff and groups

Use automation workflows to segment contacts and assign customers to designated staff. Set roles and notifications to customise for your needs.

SleekFlow Workflow

Centralised social customer relationship management

We pull data automatically from your phone and social pages to give you a complete view of your customers in one hub. Now you can keep track of all prospects and leads for re-marketing.

Segmented list

Use automation to segment customers into different dynamic lists. Filter out cold leads and send them a heart-warming message. 

Ownership of all data

No matter it’s your WhatsApp contacts, Facebook followers or WeChat subscribers, your company can finally own and export all customers and conversational data in one hub.

API integrations

Use our send message and update contact API to integrate with your stacks. Trigger messages when there’s a status update or log activities such as an online purchase.

SleekFlow Campaigns


Targeted broadcast messages

Send rich-content outbound messages to individual contacts and groups, on the channel they care the most. Messaging Campaign results in a whopping 98% open rate and 40% reply rate on average.

Customisable parameters

Insert one’s name, booking slot, membership points with parameters to personalise the message content. Reach thousands of contacts automatically on their last contacted channel.

Real-time analytics

Learn from the campaign’s sent, delivered, read and reply rate. Reach targeted audiences again from an automatically created lists based on how they reacted.


Set rules to simplify workflow

Assign staff, trigger messages or segment customers to list based on a huge variety of conditions. Run scheduled messages or drip campaign to craft your perfect customer journey, on in a single portal.

Keyword replies

Send and reply messages based on incoming message content, or even one’s language, country, time of contact and contact data etc. Assign staff to follow up and segment customers into different lists.

Trigger message with integration with 1000+ apps

Send birthday promo, booking reminders, loyalty points updates or onboarding drips to keep your customers in the loop. Integrate with thousands of apps such as Shopify, Google Sheet, Typeform, Calendly, Stripe, Salesforce etc. and let SleekFlow do the dirty work for you.

SleekFlow Automation

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