One User Interface for All Channels.

Automated Workflow to Support and Engage with Customers.

Increase Multiple Teams Productivity

Increase Multiple Teams Productivity

Improve operational performance and team workflow with a business-class team inbox.

Convert More Happy Prospects

Convert More Happy Prospects

Increase paid conversion rate by 45% by sending the right messages at the right time with automated rule.

Support Users Through Every Step

Support Users Through Every Step

Watch your customer satisfaction soar with the best customer-agent experience, paired with powerful routing and ticketing modules.

SleekFlow Multi Channel

Chat on Every Channel.

SleekFlow lets your staff manage tasks across multiple channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, SMS and Live Chat, all from one UI. Agents can save valuable time serving customers without being boxed into a channel, or spread across dozens of tabs.

Work as a Team.

Improve operational performance by delivering a single interface for both staff and supervisors across multiple teams with programmable routing rules, powered with business features such as internal notes, segmentation, ticketing status and quick replies.
SleekFlow Workflow
SleekFlow Campaign

Targeted Messages at Scale.

Send customised rich-content outbound messages to customers with a dynamic filtered list, on the channels they care the most, and measure the metrics. On average, we see on average a whooping 98% open rate and 40% reply rate.

Automate Workflow.

Set automation rules to assign conversations to different staff based on parameters such as countries, time, channels and keywords. Agents can also send a series of scheduled messages to audience with specific data at different times, or trigger messages after they filled a form, replied to previous messages or upon a change of state in your CRM.
SleekFlow Automation
SleekFlow WhatsApp Chatbot

Chatbot Everywhere.

From getting more leads to better customer support, whatever you do with messaging, you can do it in SleekFlow ChatBot for Enterprise on all your channels. Help your customers find what they want and assign to human agents at real-time seamlessly.

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