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MessageBird alternative: the best conversion rate optimization tool for social commerce 2023

MessageBird alternative: the best conversion rate optimization tool for social commerce 2023

From product discovery to purchase, consumers expect a seamless customer experience when shopping online and in stores. Many businesses are looking for all-in-one software to power their marketing and sales strategies. 

An omnichannel messaging software like MessageBird is helpful for customer service teams to manage all their conversations in one inbox. However, the reality is that companies are losing millions of dollars per year due to poor internal communications. That’s why businesses are now looking for conversion-optimizing software that streamlines internal communication between sales, marketing, and customer support teams when it comes to delivering an end-to-end customer journey. 

What do I mean by ‘conversion optimizing software’? Let’s take a closer look together in this article. 

Why choose a powerful conversion rate optimization software for your business?

We need to face it: in 2023, delivering a personalized customer experience through chat is not enough. E-commerce businesses want conversion-optimizing tools to turn their generated leads into loyal customers.  

By identifying opportunities for converting leads, conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools can drastically boost return on ad spend (ROAS) and shorten the sales cycle. Typically, CRO tools have the following features: 

  • A/B and multivariate testing

  • Data analytics (i.e. user behavior, open rates, bounce rates, etc.)

  • Personalization tools

  • Customer outreach and gathering feedback

For example, Yieldify is a CRO tool that helps businesses segment customers that visit their e-commerce storefronts, empowering them to customize their business strategy and improve conversions. However, the CRO tools on the market are mainly focused on tracking consumer behavior on websites, which is limiting for social commerce businesses that conduct selling activities across various social media platforms. 

Why should you consider a MessageBird alternative?

omnichannel platform example for customer instant messages

If your business strategy is omnichannel retailing, you may want to explore using a more robust sales-accelerating platform that encourages your customers to a faster checkout without adding workload to your existing teams. 

MessageBird’s centralization of different messaging channels into one place is handy for customer service management, but it lacks comprehensive features to enhance sales and marketing teams’ performance. 

 To deliver a seamless customer experience, SleekFlow’s omnichannel social commerce platform streamlines the entire commerce process with social and sales all in one to break through your sales growth limits. 

Here are some reasons why it’s worth considering SleekFlow as the MessageBird alternative

Launching campaigns in one click 

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing, and Broadcast Messaging is the key to getting a message out to your customer database in the shortest time. 

Based on the labels you have created for your customers, for example “left a positive review”, you can add broadcast a thank you discount offer to the entire list of happy customers. These campaigns will increase their chances of making repeat purchase. 

Whether it may be for promoting a seasonal campaign or birthday discount offers via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, SleekFlow’s Broadcast feature allows your marketing team to broadcast messaging in one click. 

Sending out WhatsApp Broadcast Messages for WhatsApp Marketing

Searching for a complete walkthrough for WhatsApp Broadcast? Look no further. 

Access customer conversations from your mobile device

Without a mobile app, MessageBird’s website is not the most convenient for salespeople who are always on the go. SleekFlow’s app is available for download from App stores, which is convenient for sales with dedicated in-store phones or tablets. Sales representatives can easily retrieve customer data on SleekFlow’s Social CRM and provide timely information for customers. 

sleekflow apple app store page for mobile app download

 TKD Lingerie, a boutique lingerie brand, used SleekFlow’s app as a virtual assistant for their bra fitting specialists and scaled the brand’s footprint beyond the UAE. Read about our customer success story here

Low-cost and quick customer support 

From onboarding all the way to troubleshooting, it’s always safer to receive dedicated and reachable customer support when using any platform. MessageBird’s lowest paid support plan Coach+ Plan (500 USD per month, yearly subscription) takes up to 8 hours to resolve critical issues via email customer support, whereas SleekFlow's Priority Support Plan (99 USD per month, yearly subscription) guarantees dedicated help within 3 hours. 

In addition, SleekFlow’s Yearly Pro, Premium, and Enterprise Plans include free onboarding support as part of the subscription. For small to medium-sized businesses, SleekFlow is the more cost-efficient solution with a lower entry point that will get you to maximize your return. 

To save you time, here's a glance at Messagebird and SleekFlow's support plans:

SleekFlow is Messagebird's best alternative for customer support
SleekFlow is Messagebird's best alternative support plan

Upfront pricing and scalable plans

When choosing software to integrate into your daily workflow, it’s important to know how much the platform is going to charge you upfront. The pricing structure of MessageBird is ambiguous with a “pay-as-you-go” model. On top of a one-time 600 USD setup fee, your business has to pay for each channel (excluding SMS) you’re using separately, per message charges, and add-on support costs. This means that you must contact their sales team to get build a personalized quotation of your fees, rather than choosing an all-inclusive plan on your own. 

When running an omnichannel business, it’s clear that you will need to manage across multiple channels. Even with SleekFlow’s free Startup Plan (Free forever!), 3 messaging channels and 100 broadcast messages are included. The next level up would be SleekFlow’s Pro Plan (79 USD per month) with 5 messaging channels and 5,000 broadcast messages included, both of which are less expensive than MessageBird’s setup fee. 

SleekFlow vs. MessageBird for social commerce: a detailed comparison



Pricing Plans

Free plan or 79-349 USD per month (yearly subscription) for 3 users min. (with features for both sales, marketing and customer services).

600 USD setup fee + “pay-as-you-go” monthly fees, per message costs, and per channel charges.

Support Plans

Free for Pro, Premium, or Enterprise Plan (yearly subscription). Priority support is 99 USD per month. Guaranteed response within 3 hours.

500 USD min. per month via email only. Requires up to 8 hours to resolve critical issues.

Messaging Channels

Connect to all messaging channels for free with a few clicks, except for WhatsApp.

Charge a processing fee for all social media messages sent, in addition to channel fees.

CRM Integrations

Native HubSpot and Salesforce integration for customer database sync

Requires developer resources or uses third-party integrations at an additional cost.

Free Add-on Trials


Not available

Mobile App


Not available

Payment Links Features: enabling sending or refunding payments in chat

Native Stripe integration

Not available

MessageBird: SleekFlow as a conversion optimization software

Highlighting SleekFlow features that are key to optimizing conversions: 

Automation and workflow

  • Co-own conversations with teammates for quick re-routing and streamlining internal communications

  • Monitor sales agents with a sales performance dashboard


  • Manage conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, SMS, and more in an all-in-one inbox

  • Access the latest WhatsApp Business features on Meta’s Cloud API

CRM management

  • Track cross-channel sales effortlessly with Salesforce and HubSpot customer database integration

  • Label customers within our social CRM for launching data-driven retargeting campaigns

Marketing campaigns

  • Personalize broadcast campaigns with an open rate of over 90%

  • Use our social CRM to refine segmentation strategies

Payment solutions

We built these features to not only help businesses like yours to improve customer engagement but to empower your customers to shop on social media channels more conveniently and enjoyably. These time-saving features will also allow your team to enhance its productivity and capacity to handle larger volumes of orders and customers. 

Need more stats to be convinced? Take a quick read at our success story below.

TKD Lingerie achieved 40X return on ad spend (ROAS)

Here’s an example of how SleekFlow serves as a MessageBird alternative by powering O2O retail strategies. For TKD Lingerie, a boutique apparel retailer in UAE, utilized SleekFlow’s Automation and Campaign feature to boost its “3-for-2” WhatsApp broadcast campaign. Over one week, the campaign on WhatsApp reported: 

  • 74% message open rate

  • 78 closed online-to-offline sales attributions

  • ROAS of 40X

Switch to SleekFlow without switching WhatsApp API numbers

If you’re already using WhatsApp Business API, you can keep your existing WhatsApp number and migrate your account to SleekFlow hassle-free. Our local support team will provide you and your team with efficient support. 

Check out our YouTube videos to learn more about how your business maximizes SleekFlow’s platform. 

Drive conversions for your social commerce business with SleekFlow today

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, you need to equip your team with a comprehensive suite of tools to guide your customer from product discovery to checkout. A tool that can only provide customer support just isn’t going to cut it. Serving the needs of all your teams, SleekFlow, the best MessageBird alternative and conversion rate optimization software, merges everything your teams need to deliver a world-class seamless social commerce experience into one platform. 

Start free at SleekFlow and begin your social commerce journey today.

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