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Drive personalized journeys with a 360° customer view

Capture contact information across channels to build comprehensive customer profiles. Integrate with external platforms to view messaging conversations and customer activities, such as orders and bookings, side by side. Easily build customer segments for effective targeting.

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Customer relationships and data management all in one tab


Unify and grow your customer base via chats

Quickly import your existing customer base from CSV files or APIs to instantly engage with them. Add customers to automated marketing flows or broadcast audience lists for personalized outreach.

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Manage CRM data with a side-by-side conversation view

Create custom objects to organize data records specific to your business, such as managing bookings, orders, events, or any other data entities you require to engage customers in chats effectively.

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Create customer segmentation to power personalized journeys

Apply unique labels to contacts for easy inbox filtering. Easily group customers by demographics, buying behavior or preferences for automated campaigns to guide them down the marketing funnel.

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Engaging 10,000 members and doubling the average order value

With SleekFlow, we can swiftly access customer data and offer tailored recommendations. As a result, the average spend of our loyal customers has doubled over two years.

Cindy Chu

Cindy Chu

Founder, Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut

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