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Flow builder

Automate customer interactions, everywhere

Build auto-reply chatbots, route conversations, enable marketing automation, and integrate with external software using our visual flow builder. Automate complex, multi-step tasks without any coding.

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Intuitive auto-reply chatbot builder for 
marketing, sales and support


Initiate a workflow as a specific event happens

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Integrate popular softwares into your flows

Configure webhook and API calls

Simplify customer engagement with automated data syncing between SleekFlow and your current tech stack, giving you a 360-degree view of customer behavior.

Connect to Shopify, HubSpot CRM, and Salesforce CRM

Engage, sell, and support your customers from these e-commerce and CRM platforms on messaging apps automatically.

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Design, test, learn and iterate for better performance

Test run your flows

Identify and troubleshoot any errors in the Flow with detailed information. Modify them within the builder before deploying into real world scenarios.

Simulate end users’ point of view

See how the flow is working for various stakeholders and customers across different branches. 

Refine your flow at anytime

Check execution rate and reallocate resources easily. Modify specific branches or layers of your automation after deployment, all without affecting the overall process.

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Get started quickly with use case templates

Build an auto-reply chatbot using a template and customize it to meet your specific goals.

Create automated out-of-business-hours response, keyword replies, and welcome messages.

Check in on unresponsive customers, or prompt customers to provide valid responses.

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Flow builder

Streamline all types of messaging workflows on one platform

Chat Routing
Drip Marketing
External actions
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Easy customer segmentation and conversation routing

The WhatsApp chatbot helps categorize customers and collect contextual information, enabling sales reps to quickly understand and address customer inquiries.

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Henry Lee


Why choose SleekFlow to minimize manual operations?

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Omnichannel solution

One platform for automation across various popular message apps.

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Trusted WhatsApp BSP

Onboard to your WABA in 3 minutes and start sending bulk messages right away.

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Enterprise-level security

Certified under ISO27001 to meet the highest security and compliance standards.

New to workflow design?

Get started with a simpler approach using rule-based automation.

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