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SMS blast: How to get a 98% open rate within a click

SMS Blast open rate of 98%

Are you still using EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) to target potential clients? Let’s check out these astonishing findings. Emails are opened at a satisfactory rate of 20-30%, but guess what? SMS open rates touch 98%, and even more, 90% of them are read within 3 seconds.

What is SMS Blast?

SMS blast is a common practice of sending a single text message to a large batch of customers in marketing & e-commerce.

Imagine, emails can stay unread by recipients for hours, phone calls from suspicious numbers can be ignored or unanswered. What about SMS? They are almost always read at the moment they are sent. As SMS is rarely viewed as spam, you can be pretty sure that the text message will grab the attention and be read instantly.

girl blasting sms on marketing platform

Let’s tell you more about SMS Marketing

Nearly everyone has got one or more mobile devices that can receive SMS. Among them, 91% keep their mobile devices within reach at all times. This reliance makes SMS marketing more effective at reaching people when compared with mass media broadcast on TV or radio, social media flooded with ADs and branded content, the Internet, and print media. SMS continues to have a higher engagement rate out of all Marketing mediums. It takes someone 90 seconds to reply to a text message, whereas email generally takes 90 minutes to get a response.

Iphone icons

Why is SMS marketing tool so vital? Why not?

SMS is used massively in Marketing and E-commerce, to send important updates to customers about their orders, keep shoppers engaged, and drive them to the sales funnel. There are statistics showing customers prefer text updates over email. Texting is easy, fast, and personal. It is also direct-to-customer, permission-based, and easy to track. Despite all its benefits, 61% of marketers still haven’t used SMS marketing tools or softwares and underrate its efficacy. If you are one of them still sitting on the fence, it’s time to take action and go for it! SMS marketing is definitely going to be a huge hit, and SMS marketing tools and platforms using automations to blast automatic texts are the new tactic to really scale up your marketing campaigns and improve customer conversations.

social media icons on mobile phone as communication tool for customers

Still, sending SMS one by one? Try the SMS Blast with a software

A SMS blast software saves time and money. At an affordable rate per message, text blast becomes a very cost-effective channel for businesses to connect with their existing or potential customers. Sending bulk SMS messages allows message recipients to reply privately and consequently flow into a conversation chat for 2-way texting. It is particularly good at capturing attention and bringing response and interaction. SMS automations and SMS marketing tools can also support to make this process faster.

Top view of using phone for blasting SMS

Step-by-step Guide: How to send an SMS Blast with a click with a SMS Blast software like SleekFlow

Of course, you would not send a thousand messages with a single cell phone. Instead, you need a platform that can centralize and streamline everything. With a SMS marketing software, sending an SMS blast is simple and does not require any technical expertise or someone from your company to build a platform from scratch.

Here are the steps.  

Set up a mass texting campaign.

Click on “Campaigns” on the top menu bar and then click on “Create Campaign” on the top right-hand corner on top of the campaign table.

SleekFlow SMS marketing software: Create a SMS Campaign

Create a campaign

Fill in details such as the title of your campaign, the channel you want to send your messages through, the recipients of the message, and finally, the message itself.

SleekFlow, sms marketing software, Interface for blasting SMS
  1. Create a contact list and add selected contacts to it. 

    How to create a list 

  2. You can move on with composing the SMS message with personalized variables you can find in marketing tool.

Using variations and automation for SMS marketing SleekFlow tool

3. Choose a desired social communication app channel, such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, or any others.

sms and social messaging blasting options on SleekFlow

Additional Channels

If the recipient’s last contact channel matches the additional channel, then the message will be sent through there.

At this point, you can optimize the blast software to send through recipients’ last used channel. This ensures that the messages are sent to recipients’ frequently used apps. Finally, click to send the message instantly or schedule it at a specific date and time. After each campaign, statistics are available to track the result, including the read and reply rates, which helps to evaluate and improve future text campaigns and marketing messages.

Everyone else is doing better! Learn from them.

Like Everyone Else

SMS Blast has a great performance in marketing sales promotion or new offers, event updates, emergency alerts, and payment reminders. There are some insider tips for SMS Blasts and the advantages to have a blast SMS marketing platform .

⬇️ Scroll down to see how SleekFlow users make good use of SMS Blast. ⬇️

Getting consent from recipients to send for a specific purpose, either digitally or written is fine. Once you get the consent at the very beginning, you can start sending a text blast to them but be reminded to state clearly how they can opt-out if they hope so. An easy reference is “Text QUIT to opt-out.”.

2. Keep the message short

Text messages have an inborn 160 character limit. Respect this rule and try to keep text messages simple and direct, in other words, easy to consume. Marketing jargon is certainly undesirable to use in a text blast. Write in a way layman can understand and digest. As text blast is a permission-based strategy, do not deviate from the messaging clients opted into. It can be awkward and violate the intention of getting consent.

3. Timely content

Text messages are best used for time-bound and important messages. For , let’s say, limited-time sale, payment reminder before a certain due date, or follow-ups after overdue, a text blast is the best option. It’s more sophisticated if you can leverage interactive content in the messages. Embedding a hyperlink to allow for quick access in the updates helps to improve conversion. For example, when clients haven’t paid on time, other than the reminder note, redirecting them to where they can make the payment on mobile is useful.

4. Address your customers

Instead of sending the same message to everyone, tailor the message to the individual as much as possible to show it’s personal and intimate. If you really can’t think of how to personalize it, at least customize the message by using their names. Also, be cautious about the timing of the message. I reckon no one wants to be interrupted in the middle of the night. Sometimes recipients are living in a different time zone, so better take this into account or else your brand may be blacklisted. The frequency of text blasts should not be too frequent and make recipients feel annoyed. It actually depends on how you’re using text blasts in your business and how much value each message carries. “Less is more” is always a good “rule of thumb”.

Use case of SleekFlow: the one app you need for social messaging

Thanks for reading the blog! (I know, it’s kind of long so it’s an achievement that you made it.)

We are a software solution for customer servicesales coordination, and marketing automation. SleekFlow combines all your social messaging including SMS so that you can do your campaigns/ tracking on one easy-to-read and friendly-to-use platform. If you are already communicating with your customers through WhatsApp, Live Chat, or other means separately. Why not all-in-one?

SleekFlow SMS marketing platform example

The quick guide on using SMS from zero

Before setting the SMS blast campaign, you have to be on board with our SMS marketing tool function.

  1. Provide us with your Business Registration. Within 1 business day, you will be given a telephone number with which you can send out messages.

  2. You need to top up through our platform before sending a message

Practical SMS use cases

  1. Transactional message reminder
    It is no surprise that once you order something online, you receive a confirmation right away via email. Companies nowadays can also make good use of SMS campaigns and automated messages. Sending SMS about order confirmation, logistic reminders etc.

  2. Integration with platform e.g. Shopify
    When customers add something to the cart but don’t check out. A reminder about this abandoned cart can be sent through automated SMS after a certain period of time such as a two days letter. Tailor-made messages can be sent or even a promo code could be embedded. Customers can check out through one click.  

Need a helping hand in setting up SMS marketing campaigns or automated messages?

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