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Lalamove's business has soared in recent years. Its value is comparable to those traditional big-names which are already in the stock market for decades. Partner drivers are ubiquitous with the bright orange stickers being too big to ignore. How this billions-valued unicorn leveraged SleekFlow to quadruple its effectiveness?

Lalamove communicate with labour

How was the workflow before SleekFlow?

J: Before SleekFlow, the communication between drivers and our staff was way too hands-on. We need to call them one by one or use an SMS blast. It required a lot of human resources to make hundreds of phone calls. Besides, there was no chat history. Not all the conversations could be dealt with simultaneously and the workflow was not standardized at all as verbal conversations tend to vary. With SleekFlow, a corresponding template message could be sent according to various situations. It is standardized.

Handle several drivers' conversations

What’s the biggest advantage?

J: It saves manpower and we can interact with drivers effortlessly when comparing to phone calls. Through SleekFlow, our staff members can handle 3-4 conversations at the same time instead of one to one. The result is quadruple.

Through SleekFlow, our staff members can handle 3-4 conversations at the same time instead of one to one. The result is quadruple.

Jeremy Tong

Managing Director, Lalamove

Lalamove Director speaks of his favourite feature of SleekFlow

What’s your favorite feature?

J: I think it’s its end-to-end feature. Our team members can hence swiftly handle a large number of inquiries.

A colleague follows up another colleague's conservation

Assuming one driver contacted our team member. Team member A could not solve the problem right away. The next day, A is having a day off while team member B can quickly take over this inquiry ticket by reading the chat history and the driver’s history on the SleekFlow platform.

Jeremy Tong

Two colleagues are using the WhatsApp broadcasting function

Another feature I found quite impressive is the WhatsApp broadcasting function.

J: Many of our clients are heavy WhatsApp users. It’s easier to build trust and relationships with them via WhatsApp. Traditional phone calls take way too much time while SMS blast is more like a one-time thing instead of a chatroom.

Text messages appear to be more official and distant. Partner drivers are simply “notified” while the phone call is too time-consuming. Social messaging is more scalable and with a social element.

Jeremy Tong

Managing Director, Lalamove

Two colleagues work by using SleekFlow

What industry would you recommend using SleekFlow?

J: Social commerce. I think their customers often send inquiries via WhatsApp. When the business is scaled up with a more extensive customer base, they cannot take care of the large volume of questions through basic WhatsApp Business. It is essential to understand the customer status, whether it’s still at a price negotiation stage or already a conversion sorting out the logistics. You can easily comprehend the whole picture with SleekFlow. Besides, some agent platforms like us should make good use of SleekFlow. Since the agent platform needs to handle a lot of freelancers plus orders and do the matching, SleekFlow can streamline the process. Just like broadcasting the announcement, it can be as simple as one click.

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