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Live Chat solutions for Businesses

Free Live Chat widget combines your customers' favorite social messaging channels into our all-in-one platform with advanced functions. Stay connected with your customers even after they leave your website.

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Why Live Chat with SleekFlow?

integrated social messaging apps for live chat solutions

All-in-one social live chat widget for your website

SleekFlow supports code-free integration for all social channels. With this free widget installed, you no longer have to display separate chat buttons for every messenger on your website. Manage conversations from all messaging platforms with different real-time customers on your website all in one place.


customers who use chat are

more likely to convert than those who don't.

An omnichannel platform that helps boost conversion and sales.

What is so special about the Live Chat is the pop-up message. A message will pop up every time people visit our website. For instance, we sent out messages to remind visitors that they can use the consumption voucher which the government has just implemented. All messages can be tailor-made for each webpage, capturing the customers' attention at the right time.

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Feature Comparison

Other Live Chats vs. SleekFlow Live Chat

Live Chat without SleekFlow

Live Chat with SleekFlow

Mobile application for replying messages and enquiries
Widget customization
Tracking and analytics
Integration with social channels (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and LINE)


Trusted by brands worldwide

SleekFlow is a great platform for CRM.

SleekFlow is very convenient and easy to use. It’s very useful especially if you need CRM.

Tak Fai

Customer Relationship Management Admin


Very easy to use and easy to organize

What I like best is how easy the format is and how visually pleasing the dashboard is. SleekFlow helps manage large amount of workflow.

Chase P



Lots of channels choices and great integration

Lots of channels can choose, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Live Chat, SMS, and Emails. Great integrating with eCommerce platforms and payment gateways

Eric C

Software Engineer

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live chat integration with messaging apps like whatsapp

Set up Live Chat with SleekFlow

Integrate your Live Chat with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other channels. Discover an all-in-one tool for helpdesk, lead generation and website tracking tool. Get support from our localised team of experts. Set up for free and enjoy your Live Chat solution in UK and worldwide.

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