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WhatsApp Business API pricing model UK 2024

WhatsApp Business price and costs 2023

In 2022, WhatsApp is the most used messaging service in the UK with 40.41 million users

In addition to being the go-to instant messaging app for casual conversations between family or friends, many UK businesses use it for customer engagement, launching marketing campaigns, and sales retargeting. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about using WhatsApp Business API in the UK, what it can do for your business growth, and how you can get started. We will show show the WhatsApp Business account price and costs associated to it for a business owner.

How to set up WhatsApp Business API in the UK

When UK consumers spend an average of 28 minutes on WhatsApp messaging their friends and family daily, it’s a wise decision to leverage this powerful platform for engaging customers.  

Responding to this demand, Meta has tailored WhatsApp Business API to equip businesses with features for more efficient selling. Let’s take a look at a simple comparison: 


WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business API / WhatsApp Business Platform

Verified Business Profile (green tick)



Multi-agent access


up to four linked devices


Broadcast messaging


At risk of suspension


Managing multiple numbers in one view



Integration with other software



CRM, e-commerce software

Application method

Download from Apple App Store / Google Play Store

Download from Apple App Store / Google Play Store

via SleekFlow

In order to use WhatsApp Business API, users are strongly encouraged to partner with global business solution providers (BSPs) that are messaging experts in the field of enterprise businesses and customer communications, for example, 360dialog, to connect with customers via WhatsApp. 

Once you have access to WhatsApp Business API through a BSP,  businesses can utilise WhatsApp links to make it easier for customers to contact them, and use a WhatsApp Manager to better manage the surge in conversations! 

Check out our article here to read more information about the Official WhatsApp Business API, or head to our Youtube video for a more detailed overview: 

Factors that affect the WhatsApp Business API costs

If you’re an existing WhatsApp Business API or prospective user, you should pay attention to the two following factors that may affect your monthly spending on the app. Here are the WhatsApp Business account price and costs in the UK.

Factors to consider for WhatsApp Business API pricing

1. WhatsApp Business API costs for the UK

Starting on 1 February 2022, WhatsApp has announced a new pricing model, switching from notification-based to conversation-based. In other words, businesses will be charged per conversation instead of the number of notifications sent.

And to begin with, the first 1000 conversations each month are free! Following that, conversations will be charged according to the two categories divided, which are user-initiated and business-initiated. Rates for the two categories vary by market. 

However, you have to take note that there is a customer care window in which user-initiated conversations will end 24 hours after the last message your customers sent. After this 24-hour window, businesses will have to begin a new conversation with a template message.

In the UK, the cost per conversation in USD is:


Business-initiated rate for utility conversations (USD)

Business-initiated rate for authentication conversations (USD)

Business-initiated rate for marketing conversations (USD)

User-initiated rate for service conversations (USD)

Hong Kong

$ 0.0472


$ 0.0732

$ 0.0224


$ 0.0472


$ 0.0732

$ 0.0224


$ 0.0200


$ 0.0860

$ 0.0220

United States

$ 0.0150


$ 0.0250

$ 0.0088

United Kingdom

$ 0.0398


$ 0.0705

$ 0.0388

  • Business-initiated: USD 0.0647 (equivalent of GBP 0.057*)

  • User-initiated: USD 0.0388 (equivalent of GBP 0.034*) 

*Exchange rates will fluctuate daily. The listed exchange rates were calculated on 6 Oct 2022. 

Let’s say that you are planning to send 1 template message to 10,000 customers every month. After deducting the 1000 free conversations, the approximate monthly cost will be GBP 513. 

Don’t forget to buffer in some fees for user-initiated conversations!

Want to learn more about the conversation-based pricing model? Here’s a video for you: 

2. WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) pricing in the UK

WhatsApp Business API provider




Price (USD)

~$15 /month

$5-25 /month (depending on volume of messages or partner discounts available)

$0.005 /message

The above table represents the price determined by each WhatsApp Business Solution Provider with their own service pricing. Other than authorised providers like Twilio, there is also 360dialog, an official WhatsApp BSP with user-friendly pricing.

For Twilio, they charge an additional USD 0.005 (GBP 0.0044) on top of WhatsApp Business API’s conversation charges.

For a more cost-effective alternative, 360dialog requires a monthly fee of USD 12.50, which is around GBP 11.03. 

Find out how to get started with WhatsApp Business API through SleekFlow.

Calculate your own WhatsApp API costs for sending messages

Did you know that you can calculate your WhatsApp messaging cost using SleekFlow's WhatsApp pricing calculator?

WhatsApp Pricing Calculator

You may also visit Facebook’s website for more information.

Try out our WhatsApp Pricing Calculator for your broadcast cost!

Understand the billing process

Once your business starts implementing the WhatsApp Business API, it is of utmost importance for you to learn how to view payments and understand the invoice.

When creating a WhatsApp Business account, the system requires you to apply for a line of credit. After the application has been approved, a monthly invoice will be shown in the 'Payment Settings' section within your WhatsApp Business Manager.

As mentioned above, the invoice that includes all spending associated with the same WhatsApp Business Manager will be emailed to users during the first week of each month. The payments can then be settled by bank transfer to the Facebook bank account listed on each invoice. To avoid late payment charges, fees should be paid within 30 days following the invoice date.

The billing process is even simpler for SleekFlow customers! 

All you need to do is top up your WhatsApp credits through the SleekFlow platform and the WhatsApp fees will be automatically deducted depending on your usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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