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3 communication problems companies make on messaging


Oftentimes, companies face tons of communication problems when messaging with customers, whatever the channels are.

Instant Messaging has redefined the way people communicate amongst each other since the time of its inception. Currently, Instant Messaging apps have over 3 Billion active users when combined and the average user opens IM applications at least 23 times a day!

Instant Messaging apps such as WhatsAppMessenger and WeChat have taken the world by storm, and the world’s sales force isn’t far behind! This doesn’t come as a surprise though, as Instant Messaging allows you to connect with a more substantial amount of people in a shorter amount of time!

Sadly, more often than not, there are communication problems that accompany the advantages that Instant Messaging has to offer.

Communication problem #1: more apps = more hassle 😱


Due to the various applications available to consumers today, companies cannot satisfy all customer needs by just using one messaging channel. To ensure that all business opportunities are captured, most companies use different messaging channels to target customers based on age and geography. For Example, WeChat is used mostly in China, while WhatsApp is used worldwide.

Furthermore, nowadays, multichannel communication is becoming more and more common as consumers start to use various modes of correspondence.

However, managing conversations across disconnected channels is complex. It is time-consuming for companies to switch between applications and the poor organization of messages often makes managers confused and leads to a higher chance of mistakes.

Communication problem #2: no teamwork on instant messaging with clients 😢 


It is also frequently the case that the team is out of sync because of a disorganized workflow, due to difficulties such as there being only one method to communicate with the customer for a group of multiple people. There are funny instances where one phone is being passed around a team of managers! There is a need to have a many-to-one conversation as compared to the one-to-one conversation system that companies are using these days!

Communication problem #3: sorry! customer data not found ❗❌

FINAL Segmentation

For a company to productively use Instant Messaging as a method of communication with customers, there is a strong need for integration, such that all messages and communications from different channels are available in a single place. This leads to many benefits which help the company directly. For example, it allows the company to easily keep track of engagement records which is crucial for delivering the personalized experiences that consumers expect. 

By storing and managing all conversation histories, companies can gain deeper insights into their customers, allowing them to create the perfect customer journey. Integration also helps in creating a more transparent and smoother workflow by making the conversations accessible to all the team members. 

Furthermore, it allows for cross-team collaboration on projects which may require expertise from different areas!

Is there even a way to counter these communication problems? Or will humanity consistently be unable to use the power of Instant Messaging?

The solutions to all communication problems

Although integration of all instant messaging apps may seem like a complicated task, there is software such as SleekFlow which helps companies in managing all IM conversations with customers in one place. 


SleekFlow Team inbox streamlines all customer data in a clear flow and unifies all customer interactions from WhatsAppFacebook MessengerWeChat, and other messaging channels into a single platform, allowing companies to engage with their customers using a single messaging hub directly. Managers can keep track of all consumer engagement history and create customized consumer profiles with available data stored in a personal cloud.

Communication + collaboration=😁 customers

It also helps in improving internal communication and team collaboration by making all engagement records available to the whole team so that managers can easily access customer information and carry out follow-up actions. Managers can send internal notes to team members and can automatically assign tasks to appropriate operators by setting up a smart assignment rule based on categories! Our Dashboard coming next year will also allow managers to optimize productivity by conversations made at different times of the day.

FINAL Dashboard

Customers want attention! 💅💁

SleekFlow allows for creating a personalized customer experience by sending automated messages! Instead of spamming the customer, SleekFlow focuses on a one-to-one customer experience by providing a unique experience for each individual. Managers can set triggers based on their customer profile and customer lifecycle to automate the message sending process. They can also create personalized templates based on customers' demographic profiles and broadcast sales messages accordingly.

In closing

Personalized customer experience is brought about by a complete customer relationship management system so that one can fully understand their customer’s needs and communicate and work effectively as a team while engaging with consumers.  

Team collaboration and workflow along with integration are crucial if a company wants to harness the power of instant messaging in their customer interactions and software like SleekFlow manages to eliminate the communication problems faced by companies on a daily while giving a seamless customer experience. 

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