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The ultimate guide to make money as a Shopify Partner in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Make Money as a Shopify Partner in 2023

Profit from Shopify even without having an online store! 

Everyone knows Shopify as one of the top-notch e-commerce platforms for businesses, but did you know that there are actually other ways to generate revenue from Shopify?

Yes, you can now earn more from Shopify with the skill sets you own or the services you provide. In efforts of bridging the Shopify merchants and experts who are capable of boosting business sales, Shopify has launched this initiative for talents across countries including the United Kingdom to make contributions to the ecosystem of Shopify UK and yield earnings using their striking capabilities.

Let’s learn more about the Shopify Partner Programme and start having multiple streams of income!

Join as Shopify Partners

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What is the Shopify Partner Program?

The Shopify Partner Program is an opportunity for developers, designers, marketers, and affiliate marketers such as influencers and content creators to become collaborators of Shopify. It recruits individuals or organisations with expertise in building, designing, marketing, and creating content. Essentially, as a Shopify Partner, you make earnings with maximum flexibility through:

  • Referrals of paying clients joining the Shopify platform

  • Designing apps and themes, selling them on Shopify marketplaces

  • Developing e-commerce stores for Shopify merchants

So, if you are looking to fill in gaps in between your scheduled projects, there is no reason for you to miss this opportunity. Don’t waste your talent and thrive on each and every second!

Become a Shopify Partner

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Benefits of becoming a Shopify Partner

According to a statistical report from the Office of National Statistics, the average disposable income in households has dropped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most have turned to a secondary income stream, and one in every four UK adults is working more than one job to manage their living expenses.

The most popular secondary sources of a secondary income were selling items online and baking.
- The Independent, UK

No matter if you are a freelancer scouring for more projects or a well-established agency pushing to elevate your performance, becoming a Shopify Partner will offer great benefits such as practical incentives.

Shopify Partners Dashboard

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Extensive Tools and Resources

Shopify Partner Academy offers an exclusive collection of training courses from professional leaders and entrepreneurs to accelerate your success as a Shopify Partner. So, if you are concerned about being not familiar enough with Shopify tools, Shopify Partner Academy got your back!

Multiple Revenue Streams

With e-commerce and social commerce flourishing since the start of the global pandemic, there has been a spike in users who engage in online and mobile shopping. Undoubtedly, Shopify has noticed the need to secure more talents to attend to the livelihood of this Shopify community. This has in turn granted us the prospects of generating multiple revenue streams.

Certification exams

Certification will be presented with each examination passed! Not only that you will be equipped with an adequate grasp on the knowledge of the product and business fundamentals on Shopify, but the endorsements shown on your dashboard will also make it more likely for Shopify merchants to opt for your service. 

Easy-to-use interface

To shorten the learning curve, Shopify has laid everything out clearly to improve the user experience and ease day-to-day management. The simplified interface and navigation propose better functionality, enhanced security measures, and an optimised workflow.

Strong commission structure

Obviously, the commission structure for Shopify Partners is attractive. Since setting up an account as a Shopify Partner is free, these competitive rates give no reason for us to abandon this pathway to yielding more earnings.

All in all, being on the Shopify Partner List provides you with a more reliable and trustable outlook for potential clients even outside of Shopify. It is similar to having an extra badge or award that helps you stand out from the crowd as clients make comparisons before deciding to use a service.

Want to boost sales for your Shopify merchants? Talk to our experts for more.

Who is eligible to become a Shopify Partner?

The great news is, anyone can apply to join Shopify Partner. The question to ask here should be, what are the types of services that you can offer?

When you sign up for the program, there are generally a few options for you:

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Marketing Partners

  • Affiliate Partners

Even if you do not have technical expertise in web or design development, you can refer Shopify to your families and friends who are selling online or intend to start online businesses. Just flex your social skills!

Earn extra income online

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How much can a Shopify partner make?

Commissions are highly dependent on the programme you’ve chosen to join; in other words, the type of services you deliver.

Web designers and developers can obtain 20% of Shopify’s subscription plan by creating new online shops or improving existing stores for merchants. A monthly basic and advanced Shopify plan is £24 and £259 respectively; hence, building 10 online stores, for example, can gather a sum of £50 to £520 per month.

App developers who build Shopify apps to increase the conversion rate earn 80% of the sales from the app’s monthly subscription fee. Depending on the function of the app, from store designing, order fulfilment, marketing to shipping and customer service, the price ranges from £7 to £150+. An average of £6 to £120 is the estimated amount of profit.

If you are a theme designer, contribute and gain 70% of sales from the themes sold. Browse through Shopify Themes and you will notice that the price ranges from £115 to £267, so around £130 can be earned for each theme sold. 

Influencers or affiliate marketers are encouraged to utilise their connections and have their audiences join as Shopify merchants. First two months of the merchants’ monthly subscription plan will be delivered to your pockets for each paying Shopify merchant you brought in using your unique affiliate links. However, do keep in mind that Shopify Plus offers a distinctive commission structure!

According to the numbers above, the summarised average earnings can be roughly estimated as below:

Type of service

Estimation of Earnings Per Transaction (GBP)

Web Designers or Developers

£5 - £52

App Developers

£6 - £120

Theme Designers

£80 - £187

Influencers or Affiliate Marketers

£48 - £518

Note that the revenue is highly dependent on the price of apps and themes or the subscription plans of the Shopify merchants you work with. Learn more about Shopify UK Pricing and Plans.

How do you get paid as a Shopify partner?

Work more, gain more! The more Shopify merchants you support, the more commission payments you’ll earn. Same goes for the referral plan. 

Taxes is another aspect to take into consideration. They are charged according to their respective countries and regions. For more information about earnings as a Shopify Partner, visit Shopify Partner Support.

Also, Shopify fee invoice records all your earnings. Just visit your Shopify Partner dashboard to check all your commission and processing fees imposed. As simple as that!

4 steps to join the Shopify Program

  1. Sign up for a Shopify Partner account

  2. Choose your business type

  3. Get certified with Shopify Partner Academy

  4. Start earning!

Already a Shopify Partner? Learn more about how to manage your customers through chats on Shopify and social media! 

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Metrics and analytics from Shopify on SleekFlow

What metrics are important to a Shopify partner?

Achieving success in Shopify partnerships can be difficult to track and measure, but there are actually specific key points to note when assessing the effectiveness of collaborations.

  • Lead Count and Conversion Rate

The number of enquiries or sign-ups you receive for your business represents the amount of attention gained. An increase in leads that successfully become clients indicates a rising conversion rate.

  • Lead Velocity Rate (LVR)

This is a calculation intended for the prediction of sales and revenue growth based on qualified leads. The monthly comparison over time is extremely useful for performance analysis.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Based on the MRR derived from the average monthly and the number of clients, the measurement of profitability and business growth can be obtained. 

  • Churn Rate

It is completely normal to lose clients or have a declining revenue over a certain period of time. Calculating the churn rate is a vital step to be completed before making decisions related to marketing directions and initiatives.

  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

How much money is each of your users bringing in? This metric is great for determining the successes and failures of your past and ongoing campaigns.

  • Lifetime Value (LTV)

LTV is the value that demonstrates the total amount spent by the clients and consumers of your business. Sometimes, it may be necessary to go beyond sustaining the revenue from existing clients and expand by taking in more new customers. 

To fully understand each and every aspect of these metrics, it is essential to research more through online resources or contact Shopify Partner Support. Alternatively, you can reach out to a Shopify Partner to assist you!

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