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Backup and restore WhatsApp chats

Don’t worry about losing your WhatsApp chat history when you move from WhatsApp Business app to the WhatsApp Business API. Download your WhatsApp conversations from WhatsApp Web and learn how to restore your WhatsApp backup on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

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3 steps for using WHatsApp BACKUP

How to do a backup on WhatsApp

Maintain important customer interactions and smooth out the migration process from personal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app to a WhatsApp Business API solution like SleekFlow.

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Install the Backup WhatsApp chat Chrome extension

Open WhatsApp Web to connect the extension to your WhatsApp account. Then, select the date range to download all text messages in personal chats for a complete record of all customer interactions.

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Download your WhatsApp backup as JSON files

Download the chat history as JSON files that include the messages, date, time, and contact phone number. Please note that WhatsApp media and WhatsApp group chats are not supported. You can use this tool to regularly backup WhatsApp to PC as well.

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Restore to SleekFlow Inbox to re-engage customers

Upload your zipped JSON file to SleekFlow, and utilize multi-user access, automations, broadcasts, integrations, and exclusive WhatsApp features that are only available for API users to engage with your customers.

step-by-step guide for whatsapp transfer

WhatsApp Transfer for iOS and Android

Discover how to backup and restore chats on the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business mobile app to prevent data loss when you switch devices, your phone malfunctions, or if your account is hacked.

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iOS to iOS

Learn how to restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone.

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iOS to Android

Learn how to backup WhatsApp chats without iCloud.

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Android to iOS

Transfer from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS app.

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Android to Android

Back up WhatsApp chats to Google Drive.

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