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Generate smart AI Response in chats

Train your own conversational AI by uploading information about your company, products, or services. In just one click, you get AI-powered responses tailored to the context of each chat, all aligned with your business goals.

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Train AI to be your expert, respond to customers faster than ever

Build an AI knowledge base from any documents
AI Smart Reply
AI Writing Assistant

Build an AI knowledge base from any documents

Build an AI knowledge base from any documents

Transform internal training documents into an AI knowledge base that SleekFlow AI learns from exclusively, providing accurate responses to every customer scenario. Scale your customer service with reduced agent onboarding time and lower costs.

Support uploading of PDFs
Control the source of information to safeguard against off-topic or misleading questions
Easily edit the knowledge library to keep AI-powered responses up-to-date

AI Smart Reply

Generate AI-powered responses with 1 click

Empower your teams to reply within seconds. SleekFlow AI understands the intent behind every question and applies your knowledge base to generate relevant replies. No prompting skills needed.

Understand the complex nature of customer inquiries and provide targeted solutions
Make conversations flow naturally with reliable, clear, and engaging AI responses
Deliver AI-powered omnichannel customer experience across WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

AI Writing Assistant

Improve your writing with a personal AI assistant

Communicate effortlessly on your customers' terms. Refine the AI-generated responses to precisely meet your customers' needs, ensuring your message is not just heard but felt.

Elevate your professionalism with grammar and spelling corrections
Adjust your communication style to enhance understanding across all interactions
Connect with customers worldwide by translating your responses into their local languages
Explain complex information easily through optimized language, formatting, and length adjustments


Meet Sleekflow's own AI Chatbot

This AI chatbot learns directly from SleekFlow’s website to offer free marketing campaign consultancy services via WhatsApp. It’s programmed to recognize and respond exclusively to topics related to our brand with accurate and helpful information. Experience the power of SleekFlow AI for yourself!

We are working towards integrating this feature into our platform. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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