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Social CRM

Customer relationship management

Streamline all interactions your customer has with your brand. Segment, track, and analyze your customers across channels in one platform. Make tab switching a thing of the past with a social media CRM.

Smart 'virtual concierge'

I would describe SleekFlow as the ‘virtual concierge’ because it can help me organize all the data and conversations. The backend analysis is of the e...

Cheuk Ying

Cheuk Ying

Founder, Weirdo Beauty


Integrate your Salesforce CRM

Upgrade your CRM capabilities with a consolidated database. Sync Salesforce contacts, leads, and opportunities to propel omnichannel communication and marketing strategies while tracking cross-channel sales effortlessly.

Data Analysis

Compile all the information you have

Glean insights from data to conduct experiments and adjust strategy to scale faster. Use CRM Social Media integrations to do it faster.

Measure your team's performance

Adopt a social media CRM strategy to collect data as your team speaks to customers. View numbers of active conversations and more data to drive better results.

Track your customers' activities

Keep an eye on what your customers do on every social media platform and website. Connect with tools like HubSpot to get a full picture. With our Social CRM, you can consistently plan for your marketing strategies.

Simple Segmentation

Categorize contacts for refined targeting

Import your existing data. Place your contacts into groups, and run targeted messaging campaigns or send personalised messages. All easily done in minutes.

Label your contacts

Group customers easily across messaging channels according to teams, purchasing behaviours, and demographics. Social customer relationship management provides comparative analytics to help manage and understand your audience better for effective targeting.

Target your customers with automated messages

Integrate with third-party software such as Shopify. Filter customers based on order histories and purchase preferences, and create lists for retargeting.

A true companion for your conversation commerce strategy in Singapore

360° customer profile

Understand your customers from all dimensions on every messaging touchpoint.

Analytics dashboard

Keep track of every team member's conversation history for evaluation and training.

Actionable insights

Make data-driven decisions and improve your social selling strategy.

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