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Omnichannel messaging platform

Use a shared inbox for teams. Integrate all messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram into an omnichannel platform for better customer experience management and collaboration.

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All channels are merged to one platform

Before using SleekFlow, each colleague was responsible for one messaging platform. It was not centralized. After using SleekFlow, messages from all channels are merged to one platform.

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Man Leung

Executive Director, CityLink

Multichannel Management

Unify chats from multiple instant messaging apps

Engage with customers using their preferred messaging channels. Sell on different social media to reach more leads across Singapore, Malaysia and other SouthEast Asia countries.

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Facebook Messenger




Live Chat




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Business Workflow Automation

Streamline work processes with automations

Create a frictionless customer experience with automation tools. Boost productivity instantly with team collaborations and auto-reply.

Implement efficient leads routing

Assign conversations automatically to co-workers for immediate assistance.

Collaborate seamlessly across teams

Write internal notes enabling colleagues to take over conversations without hassle.

Work together simultaneously

Add collaborators to the same chat to receive shared notifications and provide prompt support.


Connect our platform to your existing CRM

Link your account to your existing customer relationship management tools.

Connect to Shopify

Integrate your Shopify stores and synchronize all your customer information. Show purchase history and order status alongside the chat room.

Connect to Zapier or Make API

Use automations tools to create workflows, connect apps and integrate data for your existing contacts list. Simplify processes to save time to your team.

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A team of experts who are able to take care of you well

Local IT Support & onboarding team

Help you get onboard smoothly with 24/7 support in Singapore.

Global scalability

Scale up and address the increasing demand anywhere.

Enterprise-level security

Secure your conversations and keep them between you and your customers.

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