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Get paid in chat with online payment links

No matter if you own an e-commerce shop or offline service in Singapore, make online payment options flexible. Generate a payment link in seconds, and send it to customers via WhatsApp. Make payment easy.

example of payment link on messaging chat


Accept payments in
just a few clicks

Higher conversion rate

Provide a hassle-free checkout experience for customers and boost conversion.

Track sales attribution

Get real-time analytics on sales performance individually and as a team.

Top-notch security

Security is of paramount importance. Our system is well-tested and certified.

Low transaction fee

No hidden fees - grow your business without worrying about high transaction fees.

How it works

Deliver a seamless chat-and-pay experience with SleekFlow Payment Links


Create online payment links in chats with just a few clicks

Connect to your e-commerce store and select products in chat to create secure payment links. You can also upload your product catalog to SleekFlow or create an online payment link manually.

Create payment links in chats with just a few clicks

Share links to customers

Whether it’s product links or direct payment links, simply send them in the chat or embed them anywhere. Customize links and personalize the experience for your customers.

Share links to customers on whatsapp or other chats

Get paid instantly

Collect payment from customers with live chat payments. Customers can choose to pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card. Get everything done in the web chat.

transaction completed via payment links on social messaging apps

Track and manage orders

Manage orders on your e-commerce store or SleekFlow. Track payment statuses, fulfillment updates, and other follow-ups all in one place.

Track and manage orders with an omnichannel platform

Available Regions

Explore your business potential with SleekFlow

We're expanding to other countries and regions. Accelerate your business together.

Hong Kong SAR

United Kingdom



United Arab Emirates

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E-commerce Integration

Code-free social media and e-commerce integration for all.

We support e-commerce integration. Connect and begin your chat-and-pay experience with SleekFlow.


Integrate your Shopify store to SleekFlow.

Custom Catalog

Import up to 500 products to the inbox and sell through chats.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Import Salesforce contacts into SleekFlow and sync updates.

Magento 2

Connect your Magento 2 account to SleekFlow.

Coming Soon

Facebook Catalog

Connect your Facebook store to SleekFlow.

Coming Soon

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