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Make e-commerce shopping more personalized. Deliver holistic customer journeys from start-to-end, and foster customer relationships to expand customer lifetime value.

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Payment Links

Drive conversion with live chat payments links

  • Sync with your e-commerce platforms or import a product catalog to enable product links and online payment link sharing via chat for easy checkout

  • Support seamless integration with top ecommerce platforms in the world like Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Facebook Commerce Manager

  • Eliminate manual payment, save time and manpower with in chat payments for a better customer experience

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e-commerce integrations

Singapore's Omnichannel Solution Provider

  • Add our chat widget to your e-commerce site and get a holistic view of your customers. Personalise pop-up messages on our Live Chat plugin based on the webpage they're currently browsing, or direct them to stay connected with a whatsapp chat widget

  • View details of your customers on SleekFlow's inbox, including their browsing history on your e-commerce shop, products they’re interested in, order history, and more

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Social CRM

Scalable and targeted broadcast campaign

  • Segment your customers into groups based on their purchasing behavior for targeted broadcasting campaigns

  • Connect with your customers with automated messages to re-engage shoppers and drive revenue

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Real-time Analytics

Real-time social commerce sales data analytics

  • Sync sales performance on e-commerce platforms to SleekFlow to understand how conversational commerce drives your business

  • Track how your team performs, including response time, conversion rate, and more. Get insights on how to plan and allocate resources for marketing and business strategies

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Streamlines our workflow and provides great online shopping journey

SleekFlow is suitable for B2C companies as they face a large number of customers. The automation that SleekFlow does allows them to streamline workflow in their daily operations.

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Eric Pong

Co-founder and COO, Ola Tech

ola tech


More unique features for e-commerce

Smart routing

Set automated rules to route incoming messages. Auto-assign inquiries to logistics, or after-sales teams for follow-ups. From selling products to shipping and aftersales, deliver impressive customer journey from start-to-end.

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Collaborate and co-own conversation

Co-own conversations across the teams, including marketing, sales, customer support, and more. Customers can reach anyone in the team without having to contact different numbers for help.

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Automate conversations and answer enquiries 24/7

Provide instant answers on the customer's favourite channel with chatbot and quick reply messages. Provide 24/7 customer support, even during non-business hours to grasp every sales opportunity.

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Help desk and revenue driver all-in-one

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