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WhatsApp Business API

Singapore's WhatsApp Broadcast software. Empower customer communication with rule based automation. Send bulk messages through WhatsApp and manage WhatsApp messages easily with a reliable business profile using API technology.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

Why WhatsApp Business API with SleekFlow?

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Multiple WhatsApp logins

Reply to customers simultaneously - collaborative effort equals efficiency. Salespersons, customer service, and more will no longer need to create a group chat for every customer, as team members in different locations and timezones can access the same chatbox and co-own the conversation.


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General WhatsApp Account

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Official WhatsApp Business API Account

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Trusted by brands worldwide

SleekFlow is a great platform for CRM.

SleekFlow is very convenient and easy to use. It’s very useful especially if you need CRM.

Tak Fai

Customer Relationship Management Admin


Very easy to use and easy to organize

What I like best is how easy the format is and how visually pleasing the dashboard is. SleekFlow helps manage large amount of workflow.

Chase P



Lots of channels choices and great integration

Lots of channels can choose, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Live Chat, SMS, and Emails. Great integrating with eCommerce platforms and payment gateways

Eric C

Software Engineer


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3 things about our service and support

  • Privacy and security

  • 24/7 tickets

  • Localized experts

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Explore WhatsApp Integration with SleekFlow

Automate customer support, notifications, and promotional messages for your business using powerful triggers and actions. Migrate your account seamlessly with no downtime, or add WhatsApp button to website. Tap into Asia's WhatsApp API solution provider for maximised conversation leads.

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Calculate your WhatsApp messaging cost

With the switch from notification-based pricing to conversation-based pricing, businesses are now charged per conversation, which includes all messages communicated within a 24-hour period.

  • 1000 free conversations per month per WABA

  • Best WhatsApp price per message with SleekFlow as the WhatsApp BSP

  • WhatsApp charges a business once per 24-hour messaging session

  • The charge varies depending on who initiated the conversation (the business or the end-user)

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Messaging API for WhatsApp Business

Connect your enterprise system to WhatsApp using SleekFlow’s programmable messaging API. Build a native experience with WhatsApp, such as using it as a shopping assistant or sending one-time passcodes (OTPs), 2-factor authentication (2FA) messages, notifications, and more via a WhatsApp BSP verified by Meta.

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  • Embed WhatsApp messages into workflows on any apps or services

  • Retain 100% control over customer data

  • A free trial of 1000 conversations with free WABA numbers for testing

  • Priority Support with predefined SLAs & escalation path for yearly plan users

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