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Automate customer engagement for your real estate business

Too many emails, calls, and texts? Don’t lose opportunities to competitors because of slow responses. Upgrade to our WhatsApp CRM for real estate solution. Generate and qualify leads automatically for faster conversions.


Use Case

Bring more high-quality leads to your real estate agents faster

Easy exploration

24/7 property discovery and lead qualification

Create a real estate chatbot to let customers explore properties by location, price, size, and amenities. Provide instant responses with FAQ answers or property brochures. Collect buying interests to qualify leads efficiently, empowering agents to pinpoint high-intent leads and be ready to address their needs even before making contact.

Instant connection

Auto connect prospects with agents on WhatsApp for real estate bookings

Streamline property viewing appointments by routing chats to ideal agents based on areas of expertise. Create a knowledge hub within the inbox to ensure consistent and high-quality responses. Give agents easy access to essential resources, from buying to mortgage and tax guides, enabling them to engage prospects in a snap.

Timely engagement

Keep conversations alive with timely follow-ups

Create marketing automation for real estate workflows to move prospects from browsing listings online to getting keys in hand. Send reminders for property viewings and provide timely information on offer negotiations, lease agreements, and financing options. Win customers with continuous support throughout their journey.

Effective retargeting

Reengage cold leads at scale strategically

In search of marketing automation for real estate lead nurturing? Segment them into different lists and reengage at the right cadence. Schedule periodic messages to share market updates with bulk recipients, such as changes in property prices or new listings, and invite them to property seminars.

98%message open rate
2000new leads for 1 campaign
ibilik (for solution)
3Xincrease in reply rate
mudah.my (for solution)

Capture demand from multiple touchpoints into a single platform

Instantly convert ad interests into sales opportunities with click-to-WhatsApp buttons, links, widgets, and QR codes. Automatically enroll Facebook leads into WhatsApp chat flows and save their info using a social CRM for real estate. Easily identify messages from these ads and engage with all the relevant details.


Create marketing automation for real estate targeted campaigns

Set up workflow automations for auto replies, lead distribution, and drip campaigns. Split traffic into multiple branches, tailoring actions based on customer responses and identifying the most effective lead nurturing paths. Automatically send a nudge if they go silent, to ensure the continuity of the flow.


Omnichannel mobile inbox for agents, managers and partners

Use SleekFlow mobile app to engage customers anytime, anywhere. Make conversations accessible only to assigned agents, while safeguarding all chat histories as company assets. Easily configure WhatsApp for real estate managerial settings to track response times, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.


Integrate with your software for smooth operations

Achieve a 360° view of your customers with our built-in two-way integration for Salesforce and HubSpot. For more customized needs, integrate SleekFlow with property management software, CRM for real estate software, listing platforms, and more using our low-code API and webhook steps.


User-friendly tool for marketing and team collaboration

With SleekFlow, I can now craft my messages for people from different communities to generate results for highly targeted campaigns.

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