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Automating communications in the logistics sector

Automating Communications in the Logistics Sector

Around the streets of Hong Kong, you may often see minivans with a big orange sticker on it that says Lalamove. Since entering the scene in 2013, Lalamove has grown exponentially. Lalamove has expanded to 21 markets in Asia and Latin America, serving more than 7 million users. Find out how Lalamove uses automation to streamline their workflows.

Its goal is simple and straightforward: to make delivery services easy and fast. It provides a variety of services, including document delivery, food delivery, agency purchase services, home removal, pet transfer, airport transfer, among many others.

Lalamove prides itself on providing services around the clock. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all year round. Not only are they available all the time, but they are also very easy to reach. A user can place an order via a mobile app or a web app. The platform will then match users with drivers so that the delivery can be made instantly.


How Lalamove uses Automation

Currently, Lalamove partners with more than 700,000 drivers.

In the past, Lalamove’s account managers had to manually send and forward messages to drivers one by one. Needless to say, this was very time-consuming.

Therefore, to increase efficiency, Lalamove’s use SleekFlow’s campaign feature to broadcast WhatsApp messages to all their drivers.

This method of WhatsApp campaigning has proven to be very successful. Boasting an average open rate of 98% and a response rate of 40%, which is 6 to 7 times higher than email marketing. Thus, Lalamove has regularly used this method to reach out to drivers.

Lalamove uses automation to send information and offers to drivers at 9:00 am every other day. With one click, they can broadcast their message to thousands of Lalamove drivers.

In addition, Lalamove also regularly sends drivers updates using SleekFlow’s automated rules. They have set up a series of messages to be sent at specific times of the day and can use parameters, such as name and phone number to customize the message content, crafting a more personalized message.

Multi Log-In 

Lalamove’s built-in mobile app and website matches drivers to users. In addition, Lalamove also uses social media channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram to promote their latest offers and discounts. Among them, WhatsApp has the most active users.

In fact, Lalamove’s managers use WhatsApp regularly to notify drivers of the latest activities and offers. Interested drivers would then reply asking about the details of the event or promotion.

However, due to WhatsApp’s restrictions, there can only be one manager using the WhatsApp account at a time, significantly slowing down the response rate of Lalamove.

Through SleekFlow, multiple managers can log in to WhatsApp at the same time. Thus, managers can respond to all the drivers’ inquiries simultaneously. As such, they no longer need to take turns logging into WhatsApp to provide customer support.

By using SleekFlow on their own phones to answer the drivers’ questions, the response rate increased tenfold.


As Lalamove broadcasts so many messages, it was difficult for them to manually track open and response rates after sending a message.

Thus, this was not helpful to Lalamove’s secondary sales. This is because they could not determine which offers and promotions were the most attractive to drivers. Additionally, they also could not determine which drivers were the most active.

Now, Lalamove uses SleekFlow’s analytics to determine the open and response rate of WhatsApp broadcast messages. Based on these analytics, Lalamove now sends messages that have a higher response rate to the drivers that are more active.

SleekFlow’s analytics also come in handy when formulating sales strategies. This is because Lalamove uses past data to analyze which strategies lead to more responses and conversions.

SleekFlow’s analytics

How does the success of Lalamove inspire other companies?

To be able to provide “smooth” and “fast” services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is not an easy task.

Lalamove has been extremely successful because they have been willing to evolve and change according to consumer behaviour. 

They have increased their use of messaging channels such as WhatsApp and have also simplified many procedures by automating them.

As Lalamove uses automation from SleekFlow as well as WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, they continue to provide top class delivery services to their 7 million users.

Social commerce

Are you wondering how Lalamove is doing now? Check out their success story here.

The success of Lalamove shows a wide range of “social commerce”. Be it products or services, social platforms and online shopping are becoming more and more popular.

In fact, SleekFlow’s customers cover a wide range of industries, including beauty salons, education centres, jewellery stores, transportation companies, hotels, handbag shops, and much more. No matter what the industry is, as long as there is a need to establish a close relationship with your customers, SleekFlow can definitely help you.

It would take a whole new article to talk about the numerous features of WhatsApp Business, please click here to learn more.

Many major retail brands in Hong Kong are using SleekFlow. For anyone who is adjusting to online and remote sales, start by using SleekFlow’s Free Forever plan or contact us directly to communicate with our team!

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