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What’s new in SleekFlow: Payment Link is here in Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK

SleekFlow payment links in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and UK

We are so glad that the Payment Links have succeeded in Hong Kong, driving higher customer loyalty and satisfaction. Therefore, we have expanded the ability to send Payment Links to Singapore, Malaysia, and UK merchants!

You may have noticed us removing the "Beta" tag. We have been upgrading your social selling arsenal in the past few months. We added the HubSpot integration to help you drive more leads, the Salesforce integration to help you close deals faster, and a Sales Dashboard to hold your team accountable. And today, we are adding the refund feature to the list. You can create an easy return policy and track the return habits of consumers. 

With this major update, let us show you how we bring in the ease of money transfer while chatting without switching windows.

How to use SleekFlow’s omnichannel payment solution

We are putting omnichannel and payment together in our services. It means we are giving you a single view of your customer interactions and providing a revenue-driving solution across all messaging channels. Here's how you can use SleekFlow's omnichannel payment solution to deliver a personalized and engaging online shopping experience.

1. Launch in-chat online store in minutes

Whether you want to build a WhatsApp shop, Telegram shop, or Viber shop, we have shortened the launch time of your in-chat online store from days to minutes. You can build the social selling experience directly on top of your current e-commerce solution. Connect to your Shopify, Magento, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores to sync customer contacts and orders.  

SleekFlow payment connect to ecommerce solution

2. Share catalogs and individual products easily

Do you have more than one online retail brand? Import as many product catalogs as you want and sync them with SleekFlow in-app catalog. The product name, description, and the price will be listed clearly on SleekFlow, and multiple items can be added to the cart all in the chat room. Using a centralized catalog from your e-commerce platform ensures the pricing and inventory for each product and its variants are always updated.

SleekFlow payment links share product catalog

Share product details with your customer in the SleekFlow omnichannel inbox. Select products in chat and auto-generate branded checkout links. Let your customers pay via credit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Get notifications of a successful payment and get money deposited into your bank account.

Le Dessert activates payment on WhatsApp with SleekFlow

4. Automate order processing and streamline order tracking 

Let your customers choose their shipping method. Tell them how many days they can expect the arrival. Set conditions for shipping rate depending on the order price range. SleekFlow automatically captures the payment and updates the fulfillment status on your e-commerce platform. Send automated order processing messages (payment confirmation, ready-to-dispatch notifications) and provide real-time order tracking via SleekFlow.

5. Track sales with a real-time dashboard

Track your sales team’s performance, including the product links shared, payment links shared, click-through rate, conversion rate, and converted amount with SleekFlow’s dedicated dashboard. 

SleekFlow payment links sales dashboard

6. Win customer loyalty with an easy refund process

Received a refund request in chat? There’s no need to go back and forth with the billing department. Your sales associate can make multiple partial refunds or full refunds on SleekFlow. You can customize the refund period to match your return policy. Note that processing fees from the original transaction won't be returned. 

SleekFlow payment links refund feature

Soon, you will be able to automate refund-related communications to customers as well.

SleekFlow has a real impact on business growth. Our online sales have doubled since we started to use SleekFlow.

Julien de Préaumont

Julien de Préaumont

Founder of Le Dessert

How is the payment information protected?

We partner with Stripe, a modern and flexible payment processor, to offer a seamless payment-in-chat experience. Your customers will be directed to Stripe upon clicking the payment link. Stripe manages the transaction and keeps your customer's information secure. No customers' card information and details are stored or retained in the SleekFlow app.

SleekFlow-Stripe partnership

Stripe specializes in omnichannel payment and data security. Here are some of Stripe's security measures:

  • PCI Service Provider Level 1 certification

  • Money Transmitter Licenses

  • SSAE18/SOC 1 type 1 and type 2 and SSAE18/SOC 2 type 1 and type 2 reports

  • PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant

  • E-Money Licenses in the EU and the UK

  • Know Your Customer and AML checks

10 benefits of SleekFlow omnichannel payment solution

An omnichannel payment platform breaks down the silos of shopping experience between physical stores, social media, messaging apps, and website live chat. Your customers can start their shopping journey with one channel and finish at another without repeatedly providing the same information. And you don't have to worry about losing sales opportunities when a customer hops channels. 

Walking in your customer’s shoes, here are 5 reasons why they would love the in-chat payment experience:

  • Interactive: They can pay in whatever social and messaging apps and get assistance instantly from human agents when making purchases

  • Flexibility: They get to choose from a wide range of payment options, including Visa/Master credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

  • Convenience: They can checkout fast without navigating the digital aisle and signing up for a new account on the website.

  • Speed: They don't have to wait for a separate confirmation regarding the status of that bank transaction or digital wallet transfer.

  • Borderless transactions: They can buy from you anywhere in the world. 

And why use SleekFlow's omnichannel payment solution? Here are 5 advantages:

  • Monitor revenue and cash flow: Receive payout quickly and track the amount of money your team actually brings into your bank account, not just the estimated conversions.

  • Diverse distribution channels: Branch out your sales by displaying your products on as many messaging channels as possible.

  • Global outreach: Expand your customer base, irrespective of geographical limitations.

  • Quick and easy setup: Connect your Stripe account to SleekFlow to create a complete payment page without writing codes. All you need to do is fill in the information and proof of the company, business owner, accounts manager, and company bank account for payout. 

  • Low transaction cost: SleekFlow payment link charges HKD 2.8 / SGD 0.58 / MYR 1.73 / GBP 0.29 + 3.4%. Only pay when a successful card charge is incurred. 

Find out how Le Dessert doubles online sales with SleekFlow Payment Links.

About What’s new in SleekFlow

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