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What’s new in SleekFlow: HubSpot data sync to boost work efficiency

Hubspot integration solution by SleekFlow

When you're messaging customers, are you finding it difficult to access customer data from HubSpot? Although HubSpot is an extremely powerful tool for inbound marketing, it can be challenging when HubSpot resources are required on other channels (such as WhatsApp), as the information still needs to be exported in a spreadsheet. Once edits are made, the data needs to be re-entered, modified, and exported all over again, making it time-consuming and inefficient. It even increases the risk of having errors or mistakes in the database. 

Social CRM for Customer Care Needs

We understand that social commerce, which relies heavily on chats, is new to many merchants. Establishing new customer relationships on WhatsApp, Instagram, or other social channels may not be easy. Hence, SleekFlow has rolled out more CRM integrations for your business to interact with existing, loyal customers through instant messaging apps.

On SleekFlow, you can now sync HubSpot contacts to ensure all edits are updated simultaneously. With a simple step, you can have your customer data on HubSpot and SleekFlow in sync within a few minutes. Afterward, you can easily pull data from HubSpot, and implement your social commerce strategy with HubSpot WhatsApp integration, HubSpot Facebook integration, HubSpot Shopify integration, etc.

Soon, SleekFlow will also launch a series of tools that allow merchants to access conversations, workflow, and analytics on SleekFlow from HubSpot, ensuring that you can monitor each team’s progress, customer details, and insights easily before making the most appropriate decisions for your business.

How to sync HubSpot contacts on SleekFlow?

The whole process of syncing SleekFlow and HubSpot contacts only takes 15 to 20 minutes. Firstly, select the ‘Add’ button that connects to HubSpot under ‘Channels’ on SleekFlow. After that, grant SleekFlow permission to access HubSpot resources and select the HubSpot account that you’d like to connect. 

How to connect Hubspot and SleekFlow

It is a two-way contact sync, so you can freely configure the contact properties on SleekFlow and HubSpot.

Following that, you can map SleekFlow and HubSpot account users for syncing to ensure that the work distribution among the teammates is clear and even across all channels.

Mapping HubSpot account owners to SleekFlow

To focus on specific customer groups on SleekFlow, you can also set up filters to sync selected contacts to SleekFlow.

From there on, the order history, browsing history, email communications, and more can be retrieved from SleekFlow’s omnichannel inbox.

More comprehensive social CRM features to come

Contact syncing is only the beginning of this powerful integration. In 2023, SleekFlow will be introducing more HubSpot integration features.

Backup SleekFlow’s chat history on HubSpot

Since most customer interactions now occur through instant messaging, HubSpot’s inability to access these messages may result in lost leads. With the chat backup functionality soon to be available on SleekFlow, you can then track customer communications from various messaging apps like an email thread on HubSpot.

Automate WhatsApp messages in HubSpot workflows

Looking to incorporate the sales-accelerating WhatsApp strategy into your existing marketing model? SleekFlow has it all planned out with a feature that allows your team to send out WhatsApp messages in the HubSpot workflow. 

👇🏻 What you can expect for the upcoming HubSpot WhatsApp integration solution:

Send WhatsApp Message in HubSpot workflow

For example, once the customer’s lifecycle stage on HubSpot transitions from Opportunity to Customer, a WhatsApp greeting message can be sent automatically via SleekFlow. This means that merchants can broadcast WhatsApp messages on HubSpot to a large number of contacts effortlessly, set up a chatbot for automatic replies on SleekFlow, and monitor the results through the analytics dashboard. A Hubspot chatbot integration allows you to add relevant data from your CRM to build personalized conversations at scale.

Connect your HubSpot CRM to SleekFlow now.

About What’s new in SleekFlow

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