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2-min quick guide: all you need to know about Salesforce Live Chat integration

Customer Support

Customer service today is not limited to phone calls and emails. An established brand or a small business venture – accessible to customers using multiple platforms, such as Live Chat and social media, is the key to keeping customers happy and building a sustainable business. However, simply having an active presence on the internet is not enough. The same customer might be accessing support using multiple devices. You don’t want them to repeat themselves while they hop for another channel. That is why it’s essential to connect these customer service points and ensure a smooth flow of information.  

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This blog draws light on the most preferred means of customer service and how businesses can use Salesforce integration services to stay connected with customers.

Why is Live Chat an essential customer service tool?

Browser-based Live Chat support is often the first point of contact in a typical customer journey. Customers love the immediacy and minimal effort required to access support. In fact, Live Chat has the highest level of satisfaction (73%) compared to other customer service channels (61% for email and 44% for phone). It also offers operational benefits:

  • Lightens the load on call and email centers

  • Track and analyze user activity on your website

  • Help to manage sales lead’s contact information

  • Deal with comprehensive support queries with chatbots

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What is the benefit of Salesforce Live Chat integration? 

Routing more resources toward Live Chat support is a smart move, but before you do that, make sure you choose a Live Chat software that is compatible with CRM integration. Why?

Take Salesforce, one of the most popular CRM platforms, as an example. Live Chat Salesforce integration gives agents access to contextual data, such as a customer’s purchase history, from different sources, including your physical store, social media, and e-commerce site. This way, they can respond better and act faster. When the session ends, agents can input new updates and chat logs into Salesforce, ensuring the customer has a smooth transition along their journey from marketing to post-purchase care. Hence, working with a Salesforce integration partner is best recommended to implement your live chat support solution.

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4 things to know before implementing Live Chat integration with Salesforce

Now you know that Live Chat is not a standalone function but a part of your CRM strategy. There are other points to note when choosing the live chat software.

1. Automation

More than 30% of customers report that waiting for an available agent in Live Chat fuels frustration. To avoid customer dissatisfaction, consider using a Salesforce chatbot integration solution to create a variety of automated chatbot responses and workflows for quick reaction.

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2. Conversation continuity

You want to stay connected with your customers even after they have left your website. A customizable Live Chat app that supports popular messaging apps integration (such as WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger) can help to keep the conversation flowing - in whatever channel your customer prefers.

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3. Prompt time

Live Chat communication is context-sensitive. Set your triggers and actions according to the visitor’s website behavior to ensure you only prompt the message when help is needed. For example, when a customer does several searches in the same session, a prompt message to ask them what they are looking for and help to locate the webpage would be helpful. For around-the-clock coverage, live chat support outsourcing provides qualified agents that can engage website visitors in real-time when needed.

4. API integration

API integration makes sharing data among applications in a given ecosystem easy. If you want to send messages and files and create or update contacts automatically in CRM software and e-commerce applications of your choice, make sure the software gives you access to their API documentation.

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