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Reach billions of Facebook users and boost sales through instant comment and chat replies on posts, stories, and live streams. Employ smart tools to amuse customers through personalized interactions even without an extra ad budget.

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Why Facebook with SleekFlow?

Broadcast Campaign

Broadcast on Facebook Messenger using OTN and Message Tags

Send personalized messages in bulk to your customers on Facebook Messenger. Make your customers feel like talking to a friend who knows them.

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Automated comment & chat replies

Boost organic engagement with your customers with an automated workflow for Facebook comments and messages across posts, stories, and live streams. Tailor intelligent workflows based on scenarios for your Facebook page to go viral.

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Social CRM

Turn Facebook conversation into customer loyalty

Integrate with Facebook Lead ads to retrieve contact information. Learn the customer behaviour with analytics to outline a strategy that fits the most.

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Why integrate Facebook with SleekFlow?

Increase brand awareness without paying ads

Establish a presence for your business on the most popular social network by starting with a conversation, be it a comment or a message. Attract new customers and grow your client base organically.

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Understand your customers

Understand your customers and use smart measurement tools to discover ways to optimize. Spend your time and cost efficiently with targeted campaigns.

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Engage with loyal and potential customers

Build personal relationships with marketing. Increase engagement - likes, shares, comments, video views or follows, and organic reach.

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Trusted by brands worldwide

SleekFlow is a great platform for CRM.

SleekFlow is very convenient and easy to use. It’s very useful especially if you need CRM.

Tak Fai

Customer Relationship Management Admin


Very easy to use and easy to organize

What I like best is how easy the format is and how visually pleasing the dashboard is. SleekFlow helps manage large amount of workflow.

Chase P



Lots of channels choices and great integration

Lots of channels can choose, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Live Chat, SMS, and Emails. Great integrating with eCommerce platforms and payment gateways

Eric C

Software Engineer


Better experience on SleekFlow

Facebook without SleekFlow

Facebook with SleekFlow

Send personalized bulk messages on Facebook Messenger
Send automated comment and chat replies
Add Messenger to your website
Integrate with your e-commerce stores
Manage conversations from Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more in one place
View purchase history and order status alongside the chatbox
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Connect your Facebook account to SleekFlow

  • View and reply to messages and comments in your team inbox

  • Retrieve contacts and send messages just in time

  • Send automated direct messages with pre-set rules

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