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What’s new in SleekFlow: sync Salesforce contacts, leads, and opportunities for performance and productivity

Sync Salesforce contact with SleekFlow

Upgrading SleekFlow’s social CRM with the latest feature! By integrating with Salesforce, the largest CRM service provider in the world, users can import Salesforce contacts, leads, and opportunities into SleekFlow and communicate with customers directly through WhatsApp Business API, WeChat, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more to drive conversions from existing customers, conduct effective retargeting campaigns, and offer instant customer support with high accuracy. 

With this new feature, you will no longer need to worry about customers missing the broadcasted emails or losing track of cross-channel sales. Based on the preferences of your customers, you can select a communication channel of their choice to send messages. Still thinking about how to fascinate customers with interesting content for these messages? Simply refer to the records, and analyze their buyers’ journey and purchase intent to create the perfect, personalized customer experience. Apart from that, you can also monitor the sales generated from the conversations and view all traces of online and offline interactions on a single interface right next to the chatbox. Read on to find out more about how to achieve your social commerce goals by tailoring the best strategy using analytics!

Engaging in social CRM can increase customer loyalty and sales revenue by 55% and 54% respectively. - Salesforce

Utilize the Salesforce database to power up your social commerce strategy on SleekFlow

Since Salesforce’s standard packages do not provide integration for messaging apps, do you find yourselves with these problems below?

  • Extremely low reply rates for email campaigns, leading to difficulty in filtering high-quality leads. Customer resources are not being effectively distributed to your sales teams.

  • Once the customer switches to another communication channel (for example, from email to WhatsApp), you end up being constantly on edge about losing the opportunity to drive more conversions from these existing customers

  • When in-store customers drop a private message to the salesperson, the sales activity and progress do not get recorded, conversions fail to get tracked

  • Slow or inefficient online customer service due to the lack of details for existing customers

To solve these problems, SleekFlow has developed this latest feature for users of Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Developer Edition, Performance Edition, and Professional Edition (with API integration add-on purchased) to connect to SleekFlow with the benefits of convenience and productivity.

Collect customer details simultaneously on Salesforce and SleekFlow with data syncing

By integrating your Salesforce CRM with SleekFlow, the contacts on both platforms can be synced, successfully expanding the CRM database for your company.

Mapping Salesforce and SleekFlow contacts

Syncing the contacts on SleekFlow and Salesforce is a simple process as you would only need to connect to your Salesforce account on SleekFlow channels and allow SleekFlow the permissions to import and store information from Salesforce. SleekFlow will then use the customers’ phone numbers or email addresses as primary properties and automatically combine duplicated contacts.

From the customization of settings, you can also edit the specific fields mapped between Salesforce and SleekFlow; for example, the ‘Membership’ category on Salesforce can be changed to the ‘VIP’ category on SleekFlow. Whenever the customers’ membership status is modified on Salesforce, the updates will reflect on SleekFlow automatically, and vice versa.

Access Salesforce customer details beside the SleekFlow chatbox

On the interface of the SleekFlow chatbox, users will be able to check on the chat history as well as the existing data saved on Salesforce, including the lead source, the lead status, the account owner, the opportunities stage, and the opportunities’ close date.

Contact Salesforce opportunities on SleekFlow

As a single Salesforce contact can bring in many ‘opportunities’ depending on their purchase interest, SleekFlow’s omnichannel inbox eases the process down the sales funnel by showing all the ‘opportunities’ in one single interface, unlike the email inbox, which does not display the complete customer profile.

Connect your Salesforce account to SleekFlow and sync all contact updates simultaneously to increase conversions and accelerate sales.

Benefits of Salesforce and SleekFlow contact sync

1. Convert opportunities into revenue fast

A sales cycle that is too long will easily result in lost leads. As the buyer’s journey includes product discovery, inquiry and exploration, testing, brand comparison, and many other steps, a delay in any part of the process often causes conversion loss, especially for retailers involving the sales of automobiles, furniture, electronics, and high-end luxury goods.

80% of WhatsApp messages are read 5 minutes after they are sent, and research has shown that most reply to WhatsApp messages within 60 seconds. On the contrary, the average open rate for emails is only 20%, and email recipients generally take 10 hours to reply.

With the integration of Salesforce, businesses can now contact the leads gathered from various channels on SleekFlow. Since messaging apps are effective for understanding the consumers’ purchase intent, it helps with filtering out potential customers effortlessly. No matter if the leads are sourced from the website, the physical store, or advertisements, SleekFlow’s comprehensive features will be able to capture their attention in time.

For example, as your customer, John, fills in the lead form from Salesforce on your website to inquire about the set of sound systems on sale, SleekFlow will send a personalized WhatsApp message automatically,  saying, “Thank you for your inquiry, John! We have received your request. Our professional customer service agent will reach out to you within the next 24 hours.” The automated setting will also assign the conversation to specific teammates to follow up by sending product catalogs or making an appointment for audio testing.

Messaging Salesforce leads with SleekFlow

Other than that, the SleekFlow Chatbot can also be synced with your Salesforce database. By setting up some simple FAQs, you can fully comprehend your customers’ intent, whether they would like to purchase a new car or make appointments for car servicing, the car models they’re interested in, their budget, location, etc. On top of that, the customer information collected by the chatbot can be utilized for proper segmentation and communication. Once they leave the website, the conversation will get assigned to colleagues from the most appropriate outlet where the salesperson can interact further with the customers on their preferred messaging channel via SleekFlow.

2. Develop effective retargeting strategies from existing customer data

In 2022, consumers spend an average of 147 minutes on social media daily. As a brand owner, are you also trying to maintain close relationships with existing customers through social media?

The challenge here is to attract and connect with your customers on these social media platforms.

Through SleekFlow, you can broadcast personalized messages to your Salesforce contacts. Such a strategy maximizes convenience for customers as it allows them to communicate with their favorite brands through their preferred social media channels. For instance, a customer who purchased a new car two years ago very likely needs servicing at the moment. Broadcasting messages through a Christmas-themed campaign and attaching the latest accessories or discounted spare parts for his/her car model will open up new sales opportunities, other than developing a near-perfect brand experience.

Research has shown that the success rate for customer acquisition generally ranges from 5 to 20%, but rises up to 60 to 70% for retargeted customers. With every 5% of customer retention, the profit can be increased up to 25%.

3. Track campaign results across channels

Here’s a scenario that should not be unfamiliar to you:

A customer placed his order through WhatsApp or WeChat after comparing the prices from multiple physical stores. Although the transaction has been successfully completed, there is just no way of knowing which salesperson was the one who convinced him. In this case, which outlet should the sales fall under?

86% of consumers shop through at least two channels. - CommerceHub

The Salesforce integration enables users to check all related ‘opportunities’ of a specific contact on SleekFlow, including the outlet they visited or the products they tested. This then allows the project manager to get looped into the online conversations, providing details of the customer’s journey for the salesperson to offer prompt assistance consistently while tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across online and offline channels.

Imagine having a customer at your furniture exhibition. After trying out the mattresses, she contacts the salesperson through WhatsApp for inquiries. The salesperson receives the message on SleekFlow, acknowledges that the customer is now at the opportunity stage of ‘Negotiation/Review’, and offers information about the free delivery and installation. Once the customer confirms her order, the salesperson can instantly send a payment link via the SleekFlow inbox. After the transaction is completed, it will be marked as a ‘Closed Won’ opportunity on Salesforce. 

As illustrated above, the entire sales process across online and offline channels can be tracked and recorded, from mattress testing to payment, including the time taken and the resources spent to complete the sale.

Customize your WhatsApp QR code

Customize a WhatsApp QR code where customers can contact a specific salesperson upon scanning, as their details are saved on SleekFlow and Salesforce simultaneously.

4. Offer instant customer support with high accuracy

When the existing customers reach out to the customer support team on social media, your customer service agents will be able to access all the latest information on the SleekFlow chatbox without missing out on certain updates, offering support with efficiency and accuracy.

Premium WhatsApp customer support with Salesforce sync

Bonus feature: contact information masking for data protection

Every bit of information communicated between customers and salespersons is an invaluable company asset. This is why SleekFlow provides the contact information masking solution so that the salesperson can continue working smoothly without accessing the customers’ phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal details. Therefore, even if the salespersons jump ship, the customer contacts and conversation history will remain with the company. Moreover, the precious data and metrics such as products of interest and preferred communication methods will be secured on Salesforce and SleekFlow for analyses, ensuring that the business is in full control of all customer information.

Start free: sync your contacts with Salesforce CRM integration on SleekFlow

You can now connect your Salesforce account to SleekFlow on Salesforce AppExchange

A 1-month free trial for Salesforce CRM integration is now available for SleekFlow users! Communicate with your Salesforce customers on their preferred social channels and access contacts, leads, and opportunities right next to the chat box with Salesforce contact sync on SleekFlow.

Note: Upon completing your 1-month free trial, charges will automatically apply for using Salesforce CRM integration. To avoid unwanted charges, please cancel the add-on feature during the trial period. This free trial is only available for new subscriptions.

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