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Sleektern’s Stories: Embracing growth at SleekFlow

SleekFlow Internship Experience 2023

At SleekFlow, internships are more than just a resume booster - they’re hands-on experiences that shape both personal and professional growth. Today, we invite you to meet our brilliant SleekFlow HQ Interns ‘23 - Cheril, Nicole, Neville, Veronica, and Rudy - as they share their unique experiences and reveal how their time at SleekFlow Hong Kong has empowered them to embrace their individuality and give clarity to their career journeys ahead. 

Cheril, UX Writing Intern

SleekFlow Internship 2023: UX Writing Team

Pictured: Catching up with the entire UX Writing Team

Throughout my internship at SleekFlow, I had the incredible opportunity to be involved in the localization of the help center. It was an enriching experience working closely with teammates from different countries. The welcoming and encouraging atmosphere at SleekFlow made me feel like I had found a second home. The multicultural nature of the company truly shines through, and I'm grateful for the diversity that SleekFlow embraces.

Nicole, PR & Events Intern

SleekFlow Internship 2023: Marketing Team

Pictured: SleekFlow HQ's Marketing Team hanging out after work

My summer internship at SleekFlow was truly a fruitful experience, thanks to the opportunity I had to organize a partnership event with Meta. Working alongside Khloe, I gained valuable insights into marketing techniques, such as tracking potential customers through links and organizing events from start to finish. From creating EDM emails to designing registration webpages, I had the chance to exercise my creativity and share ideas with our partners. The best part was the opportunity to meet new people and expand my network. 

Throughout my internship, I immersed myself in various projects that transformed my perspective. From conducting marketing research to editing posts and reels for our media platform, each task brought new challenges and learning opportunities. The guidance and advice from mentors like Khloe and Sharon played a pivotal role in my growth. Their encouragement and support during moments of struggle meant a lot to me.

What sets SleekFlow apart is its vibrant and youthful atmosphere. It feels like working on a major project back in university, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a constant drive for excellence. The internship experience at SleekFlow has surpassed my expectations, providing a dynamic environment where I've been able to learn and grow.

Neville, Backend Engineer Intern

SleekFlow Internship 2023: Engineering Team

Pictured: The Engineering Team at SleekFlow's new HQ in Hong Kong

Building the email integration project at SleekFlow was an exhilarating experience for me. Guided by the expertise of Leo and Jason, I delved deep into the complexities of various email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and Sendgrid, to name a few. During the proof-of-concept (POC) phase, we explored different industry-level tools like MS Azure, Pulumi, and various design patterns. As we progressed to the minimum viable product (MVP) phase, we successfully developed a flexible hub that can integrate seamlessly with additional providers in the future. Working on this microservice project allowed me to expand my knowledge and gain practical experience with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

One aspect of SleekFlow's culture that truly stood out for me is the emphasis on every voice being heard. As an intern, I was given the opportunity to provide advice and explore business solutions alongside leaders and senior team members. It was incredibly empowering to have my ideas acknowledged and accepted, and when improvements were needed, I received patient guidance and support. This open-minded environment not only boosted my confidence but also encouraged me to take more courageous initiatives, knowing that my contributions were valued.

Furthermore, SleekFlow places a strong emphasis on personal growth. Regular team knowledge-sharing sessions provided me with invaluable insights from experienced colleagues. Learning through hands-on experiences and collaborating with talented individuals offered me a brand-new learning experience that went beyond the confines of a classroom. SleekFlow's commitment to continuous learning and development has truly enriched my internship experience and contributed to my professional growth.

Overall, my internship at SleekFlow has been a transformative journey. The opportunity to work on challenging projects, be heard, and learn from experienced professionals has allowed me to expand my horizons and gain the confidence to take on new and exciting initiatives. SleekFlow's culture of openness, collaboration, and personal growth has made my internship an unforgettable experience.

Veronica, Backend Engineer Intern

SleekFlow Internship 2023: Engineering Team

Pictured: The Engineering Team at SleekFlow's new HQ in Hong Kong

Throughout my internship at SleekFlow, my primary focus was on bug fixing and improving the stability of our product. This project allowed me to dive deep into the codebase, working closely with my teammates to identify, diagnose, and resolve various issues that were impacting the application's performance and user experience. It was a challenging yet fulfilling experience as I gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the application's architecture.

My responsibilities included analyzing log files, debugging code, and conducting thorough testing to ensure that the fixes I implemented not only resolved existing bugs but also maintained the integrity of the product. With every bug successfully fixed, I felt a sense of accomplishment that made me even more motivated to tackle the next challenge.

What impressed me the most about SleekFlow was the strong sense of collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members. Everyone was genuinely willing to impart their expertise and insights, creating an atmosphere of continuous learning. This collective commitment to improvement extended beyond individual roles, as colleagues collaborated to identify areas for enhancement and worked together to implement innovative solutions.

This culture of openness and collaboration played a significant role in my personal and professional development. It allowed me to acquire new skills, expand my understanding of the industry, and refine my problem-solving abilities. Working in such an environment of continuous learning and growth has been instrumental in shaping my internship experience at SleekFlow.

Rudy, Software Engineer Intern

SleekFlow Internship 2023: Frontend Engineer

Pictured (from left to right): Sleekterns '23 Rudy, Neville, Veronica

Revamping the website for the marketing team was undoubtedly the most exciting project I worked on during my time at SleekFlow. This project provided me with a unique opportunity to learn and grow in various aspects, including technical knowledge, design skills, and marketing sense. It was a well-rounded experience that allowed me to expand my skill set and gain a deeper understanding of how different elements come together to create an impactful website.

One aspect that truly stood out to me about SleekFlow is the company's youthful energy and strong team spirit. The positive work environment fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, making it easy for me to enhance my insights and skills with the support of others. Whether it was seeking guidance from more experienced colleagues or brainstorming ideas with the team, I always felt encouraged and empowered to contribute my best.

The combination of a positive work environment and the support of my colleagues played a significant role in enhancing my growth and development at SleekFlow. It allowed me to gain valuable insights, refine my skills, and broaden my perspectives. Working in such an environment fueled my passion for continuous learning and provided me with a solid foundation for future endeavors.

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