April Product Updates: SMS, Multiple WhatsApps & Twilio

Product Updates
April Product Updates: SMS, Multiple WhatsApps & Twilio

More channels, more possibilities! 

We’ve received fantastic feedback since exiting beta 2 weeks ago and we’ve been absolutely encouraged by all the messages and ideas given to us. In April’s product updates, we have added SMS as a channel, enabled multiple WhatsApp numbers, and partnered with Twilio!

A common request was to include more messaging channels and we are working on including popular channels from all over the world. We promise that it’s in the pipeline! Keep your eyes peeled 

Here’s what’s new this April 👇

“SMS has joined the chat”

That’s right! Good old SMS has joined the party and you can now add it as a channel on SleekFlow.

Send text message broadcast campaigns with ease and control all your messaging channels with a centralized inbox! 


Multiple WhatsApp numbers

We heard you and we’re here to deliver the good news: You can now add multiple WhatsApp numbers into a single SleekFlow account! 

This definitely has been one of our most-requested features since exiting beta and we’re glad to have built it.

This is great for larger enterprises and teams who want their agents to be able to provide a more personal touch when interacting with customers. ✌


We’ve made it Official

At SleekFlow, we are constantly on the lookout for partnerships and solutions to add value to users like yourself.

We’ve partnered up with Twilio to not only provide you with more messaging channels but also to help you expedite the approval process for a Twilio account and template messages.

That’s not it! Twilio offers integration with the Official WhatsApp Business API, providing stable and reliable service for your messaging needs.

Twilio API for WhatsApp

Your wish is our command!

Have an idea? Want a new feature? Holler at us at https://feedback.sleekflow.io/features/ and we’ll be more than willing to hear what you have to say!

Still not on SleekFlow?

Customer support, mobile marketing, and sales prospecting doesn’t need to be a messy affair. Get started with SleekFlow for free here.

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