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Connect with HubSpot contacts on messaging

Integrate HubSpot CRM with popular messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc.) Broadcast messages to HubSpot contacts. Automate HubSpot field updates based on customers' responses.

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What can you do with SleekFlow HubSpot CRM integration?

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Automate HubSpot contact export

SleekFlow automates the filtering, mapping, and export of your HubSpot contacts. Account owners can view their own HubSpot customer profiles on SleekFlow. No complicated deployments and learning curves. HubSpot data sync is much easier than importing contacts yourself.


Unlock multiple use cases to empower your sales, marketing and support efforts


An extensible social CRM platform

Customise your own social commerce hub on SleekFlow. Centralize message communication with HubSpot and Salesforce contacts on one platform to unify your social commerce strategy. Create workflows to support automation for the complete sales process.

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A robust virtual service desk

Engage HubSpot contacts on SleekFlow to boost Shopify sales. Connect your Shopify store natively to sync product catalogs and customer purchase history. Draft and modify orders on mobile. Send abandoned cart recovery messages. Create product-specific retargeting campaigns.

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An e-commerce revenue engine

Collect payment from your HubSpot contacts by credit card on SleekFlow. Create custom shopping carts in chat and send trackable Payment Links powered by Stripe for faster conversion. Complete orders and update HubSpot deal statuses on SleekFlow.

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A social media management tool

Monitor keyword mentions and automate comment replies on SleekFlow. Create a frictionless buying experience with our HubSpot Instagram integration and HubSpot Facebook Messenger integration. Close deals in DMs and analyze interactions on HubSpot.

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Inbound marketing made easy with SleekFlow

HubSpot without SleekFlow

HubSpot with SleekFlow

Lead nurturing


Contact export


Two-way synchronization

Broadcast messages
Sales dashboard
Chat history
Payment integration
E-commerce integration
CRM integration


Trusted by brands worldwide

SleekFlow is a great platform for CRM.

SleekFlow is very convenient and easy to use. It’s very useful especially if you need CRM.

Tak Fai

Customer Relationship Management Admin


Very easy to use and easy to organize

What I like best is how easy the format is and how visually pleasing the dashboard is. SleekFlow helps manage large amount of workflow.

Chase P



Lots of channels choices and great integration

Lots of channels can choose, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Live Chat, SMS, and Emails. Great integrating with eCommerce platforms and payment gateways

Eric C

Software Engineer

Sleekflow Image
Sleekflow Image

Connect your HubSpot CRM to SleekFlow

  • Convert your HubSpot contacts with instant messaging

  • Send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot

  • Record conversations from various messaging apps on HubSpot

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