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Integrate automated messaging into your Salesforce strategy to drive conversions efficiently. Set up WhatsApp drip campaigns in Marketing Cloud, sync CRM data, and shorten sales cycles with messaging via native Commerce Cloud integration.

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What you can achieve with SleekFlow integration on Salesforce

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Automate WhatsApp messaging campaigns on Journey Builder

Create WhatsApp Cloud API template messages in your Salesforce Marketing Journey Builder to automate welcome messages, booking reminders, birthday greetings, and feedback requests via SleekFlow. Customize user journeys to generate impressive results.

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Customize WhatsApp message variables with Salesforce data

Tailor WhatsApp messages for your Salesforce automation journey with ease. Fill message variables with customer information from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud database.

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Track message data and metrics on Salesforce

Get in-depth understanding of your campaign performances by tracking conversions using Salesforce's UTM links.


greater YoY customer retention rates with omnichannel strategies


of customers expect consistent interactions across channels


increase in sales revenue with social CRM


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Import Salesforce data into SleekFlow and communicate with customers directly through different social platforms. Claim features for your Marketing Cloud Journey Builder as a complimentary add-on and include WhatsApp as part of your Salesforce automation journey.


Trusted by brands worldwide

SleekFlow is a great platform for CRM.

SleekFlow is very convenient and easy to use. It’s very useful especially if you need CRM.

Tak Fai

Customer Relationship Management Admin


Very easy to use and easy to organize

What I like best is how easy the format is and how visually pleasing the dashboard is. SleekFlow helps manage large amount of workflow.

Chase P



Lots of channels choices and great integration

Lots of channels can choose, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Live Chat, SMS, and Emails. Great integrating with eCommerce platforms and payment gateways

Eric C

Software Engineer


Accomplish better with SleekFlow

Salesforce without SleekFlow

Salesforce with SleekFlow

Integrated customer database with two-way sync for contacts, leads, and opportunities
Track sales and conversions across online and offline channels
Automate highly effective O2O and retargeting campaigns with quality leads
Monitor agent or team-specific sales performance
Manage conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and more in one inbox
View lead source, campaign details, and customer journey alongside the chatbox
Contact information masking
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Connect your Salesforce to SleekFlow

Track sales pipelines across various touchpoints

Capture hot leads and shorten sales cycles for large deals with messaging

Conduct profitable campaigns with accurate retargeting

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