Engage seamlessly with students and parents

Foster meaningful relationships with students and prospects by providing seamless support. Automate conversations and route enquiries with a personalized chatbot.

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increased conversion


shortened response time


reduced workload

Engage and convert prospects and students on their favorite messenger channels

  • Drive conversion with a higher open rate by integrating WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messengers in just a few clicks on SleekFlow

  • Utilize automation as a sales enabler for higher conversion

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Handle a large volume of inquiries with efficiency

  • Smart routing automation to assign conversations to specific teams or teammates

  • Hybrid chatbot that helps deflect FAQs, and only connects to a consultant when the inquiry is qualified

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Proactively follow up on students’ progress

  • Make student relationship management easier by utilizing SleekFlow as your CRM or integrating your student database into our platform

  • Get in-depth analytics that helps with improving your engagement and relationships

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Multiple users to answer the same student’s questions using collaborator function

  • Auto-assign conversations to specific staff or team to provide the support and advice your students need

  • Leave internal notes for other staff to follow up

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WhatsApp broadcasting at scale

  • Broadcast WhatsApp campaigns to targeted segments, to engage and nudge customers along the sales funnel

  • Schedule sending the latest event updates and education fair info with ease

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Accelerated speed to lead and conversion

Using SleekFlow has reduced our “drop-offs”, improved the response time, and solved niggling issues with CRM integration.

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Jovan Lin

AVP Marketing & Corporate Communication, PSB Academy

psb academy


More unique features for education industry

Chatbots and auto-replies

Build personalized and customizable chatbots for FAQs. Touch base with prospective students immediately after they ask a question on chat.

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Personalized broadcast campaigns

Segment students and prospects by labeling them into customizable groups based on needs, demographics, and more for targeted campaigns.

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Verified green badge on WhatsApp

Verify your WhatsApp Business account to maintain a professional profile online. Get recognized by prospects and students by displaying your name along with the verified green tick on chat.

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Deliver excellent support to your students

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