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The ultimate guide to Telegram Link Generator: creating your own links easily

The ultimate guide to Telegram Link Generator: creating your own links with ease

Telegram is a messaging app that's known for its security and versatility. With Telegram, you can create channels and groups to share information, news, and other content with your followers.

However, to let others join your channel or group, you need to share a Telegram Link with them. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Telegram Links, including how to get them, send them, and use them.

Using Telegram for Business to benefit your brand

A Telegram Link is a URL that lets users join a specific channel or group on the app. These links can be shared with others via social media, email, or other messaging apps. A Telegram Group Link typically begins with, followed by the channel or group's name. is the URL shortener used by Telegram to create links for channels and groups. These links are used to invite users to join a channel or group on Telegram.  Simply add your Telegram username behind (e.g. to generate a Telegram Group Link.

If you're thinking, "how to add a link to Telegram?", here's what you need to do to get a Telegram Link for your channel or group:

  1. Open Telegram and navigate to your group or channel.

  2. Tap on the name of your group or channel at the top.

  3. On the top right corner, click on the edit button (pencil icon).

  4. Click on ‘Group Type’ and make your group public. 

  5. You will then be able to type in the name of your public link by adding words behind Type in unique names that have not been used by others.

  6. Save your changes by clicking the tick on the top right corner. 

  7. Your invite link will now appear on your Telegram Group or Telegram Channel profile.

How to generate a Telegram Group Link or Telegram Channel Link

Wondering what’s the difference between a Telegram Group and a Telegram Channel? Take a look at our quick comparison: Telegram Group vs. Telegram Channel.

To send a Telegram Link to someone, follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram and navigate to the channel or group you want to share.

  2. Tap on the channel or group's name at the top of the screen.

  3. Under the profile description, you should see the invite link in the format.

  4. Tap to share. You can copy the link by clicking at the bottom of the pop-up. 

Now that you know how to create Telegram Group Links, how can you use these links to benefit your business? Here are a few ways you can use Telegram Group Links to engage with your audience and grow your brand:

Social media platforms

One of the easiest ways to promote your Telegram channel or group is to share your link on other social media platforms. This way, your followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn can easily join your Telegram channel or group and receive your updates.

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Another way to use your Telegram Link is to include it in your broadcast messages. When you send out messages to your subscribers, you can use your Telegram Link as a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage them to join your channel or group for more updates and exclusive content.

3. Generate a QR code for customers to reach out to your brand

Use a QR code for your Telegram Channel

You can also generate a QR code for your Telegram Link and use it in your marketing materials. When customers scan the QR code, they will be directed to your Telegram channel or group, making it easy for them to connect with your brand.

Telegram Link Generator is a free online tool that lets you create custom links for your Telegram channels and groups. This tool is easy to use and generates secure links that can be shared with others via social media, email, or other messaging apps.

To use Telegram Link Generator, simply visit the website, select whether you want to create a link for a channel or group, enter the name of your channel or group, choose a custom tag or name for your link, and click the "Generate Link" button.

Here are some of the free Telegram Link Generators online:



Web Telegram

Log in to Telegram on the desktop

Web Telegram is a browser-based version of the Telegram app that can be accessed from any web browser. This version of Telegram lets you send and receive messages, join channels and groups, and access all the other features of the app.

To use Web Telegram, simply visit the website and log in by scanning the QR code from your Telegram account on the phone. You can also log in using your phone number. Once you're logged in, you can use Web Telegram just like you would use the app on your phone or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telegram Links are an essential part of using the app, whether you're running a channel or group or just looking to join one. With this guide, you now know how to get, send, and add links on Telegram, as well as how to use links and Telegram Link Generator. You also learnt about Web Telegram and how it can be used to access the app from any web browser. By using these tools and following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be able to create and share Telegram links with ease.

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