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Top 10 conversational AI platforms in 2024

Top 10 conversational AI platforms

Conversational AI platforms create meaningful chatbot experiences for your customers.

Through natural learning processing and machine learning, they can mimic realistic human speech patterns. Implementing these conversational AI bots helps customers resolve their queries and build long-lasting relationships with your brand.

The global market for chatbots is set to soar to $1.25 billion in 2025. So, it’s clear that AI conversation bots will continue to make waves in e-commerce and beyond. If you’d like to upgrade your current chatbot with conversational AI, it’s important to consider the features you need first. 

Weighing up the pros and cons of conversational AI software is also a must. In this post, we’ll set out the top 10 conversational AI platforms available, including their key features and benefits.

Conversational AI use cases and examples

Using an AI chatbot for businesses

How can your business utilize conversational AI tools? There are many different use cases where they can make a difference. Here are a few key examples.

Conversational AI for customer service 

A conversational AI bot can send personalized, automated messages to customer queries.  

It can “understand” your customer’s query, taking into account the message’s context and tone. It can then link up with human customer service agents, where needed.

A customer support helping his client

Example: how a beauty brand can personalize customer messages with conversational AI

Let’s say your customer has a query about the cost of your shea butter face scrub. Your AI conversation bot can provide a tailored, on-brand response, understanding your customer’s intent. 

If the customer then brings up a more complex query about a missing order, the AI will know when to transfer to a human agent. In this case, they’ll typically send it to the customer service or order fulfillment teams, as the AI intuitively knows the agents best suited to answer each customer query.

Marketing with conversational AI

AI marketing

Conversational AI software also has many marketing features, from sending notification messages to helping you qualify leads. Conversational AI bots also ensure that any data received from customers can be utilized to personalize their marketing messages. 

From the database you uploaded, the AI chatbot can be trained to remember details from the customer, so if they later make a sales query asking for product recommendations, your AI can take their budget into account.

If you’d like to learn more about how to engage customers through SleekFlow, you can read about our personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages.

Conversational AI sales

AI conversation bots help your business provide a quick and efficient service, boosting your repeat sales. Plus, responses and recommendations are instantly personalized to your customers and brand without any laborious effort on your part.

Sales agent drafting Shopify orders in the chat

Example: how an e-commerce sportswear brand can boost sales with better CX via conversational AI

A customer wants to purchase a new pair of running shoes, but due to their working hours, they can only order at night. That’s outside your traditional operating hours. Fortunately, you have a conversational AI bot to hand. The chatbot helps your customer find the right product and make the sale in record time. 

It also recommends a waterproof high-vis jacket to the customer, which they order too. The customer leaves feeling satisfied with their purchase. You can also have follow-up automated messages in place to help them keep track of their delivery.

Top 10 best conversational AI platforms for businesses in 2024

ai chatbot chatgpt

1. SleekFlow AI

SleekFlow AI takes omnichannel messaging to the next level, enabling sales and customer service teams to enhance automatic messages to their customers using conversational AI. 

Key features:

  • Generates personalized, on-brand, and authentic responses that interpret customer needs 

  • Automated translation, with AI that can be trained to adapt to cultural mannerisms

  • Vast AI chatbot training through internal documentation

  • All your messaging integrations on a single platform, including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and more

  • Prompt intervention from human agents when needed

  • Provides ISO 27001 certified, gold-standard information security

  • Quick and easy to implement into your current set-up, no coding knowledge required


Currently, SleekFlow AI is still being developed and enhanced. Advanced features like training the AI with your brand’s internal knowledge base will only be available in 2024. 


Currently, SleekFlow AI is paid for through credits, with one credit unlocking one AI interaction. All users of SleekFlow's paid plans automatically receive 1,000 credits. However, as the AI features are part of the SleekFlow 2.0 platform, which is still within its beta phase, this may be subject to change.

SleekFlow features tiered pricing to suit every budget.

  • Startup - free tier for small businesses looking for essential tools to build their business via social media messaging. As this is not a paid plan, you won’t receive the 1,000 credits with this tier.

  • Pro - for small businesses looking to facilitate growth and build customer relationships

  • Premium - perfect for medium-sized businesses looking to manage and grow their large following

  • Enterprise - for larger businesses and enterprises searching for bespoke conversational AI solutions. Book a demo to learn more about the custom features.

Check out the different SleekFlow plans and see the features, such as the number of contacts, broadcast messages, and more in detail.

Best for:

SleekFlow is a streamlined and feature-rich all-rounder, with pricing tiers to suit every budget. Perfect for integrating with WhatsApp and other social messaging platforms. 

If you’d like to learn how you can send automatic replies through WhatsApp via SleekFlow, you can read our comprehensive WhatsApp auto reply guide for 2024.

2. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex

Lex is Amazon’s answer to conversational AI bots. It’s built and maintained by the same tech as Alexa, and it’s fully integrated with AWS. 

Key features:

  • Natural language understanding and speech recognition for authentic conversations

  • Fully managed service with a simple and easy-to-use interface

  • In-depth integration with other AWS services and software, including AWS Lambda

  • Tools for creating effective chatbots, including tracking metrics, sentiment analysis, and summary generation for customer agents

  • Premium levels of data security 


  • Complicated web integrations

  • Limited language support


Lex has no upfront costs. It works on a pay-as-you-use system, with pricing varying depending on which of the two interaction models you use. The request and response model charges $0.004 per speech request and $0.00075 per text request, whilst pricing for the streaming conversation model is $0.0065 per 15-second interval. 

Best for:

If your business frequently makes use of other AWS services and is looking for a relatively affordable option, then Amazon Lex could be the best choice for you.

3. - conversational AI offers industry-specific conversational AI tools for messaging with both customers and staff.

Key features:

  • Experience Optimization (XO) Platform creates a space to build and train AI virtual assistants and chatbots

  • They also offer industry-specific AI assistant tools, including BankAssist for automating interactions with banking customers

  • AI assistant tools for employee conversations, such as HR Assist

  • Simple drag-and-drop builder for creating AI conversation bots

  • Easy to deploy across multiple platforms and channels


  • Documentation is overly complex

  • Features have a steep learning curve


Pricing starts at 20¢ per conversation, with an additional 10¢ per conversation for pre-built apps. There’s also an extra 4¢ per minute for voice automation. For enterprise customers, there’s also a custom tier with advanced support features, which you’ll need to receive a tailored quote.

Best for: 

If you’re looking for a conversational AI platform that also has some industry-specific options, could be a good choice.

4. IBM watsonx Assistant

IBM WatsonX Assistant

This conversational AI platform from the leading tech company provides secure customer service solutions.

Key features:

  • Easy chatbot training with templates, no coding required

  • High-quality security for data privacy and to prevent hacking

  • Provides insights and data for your customer service agents


  • For small businesses, this platform could be expensive, with some potentially unnecessary features

  • Difficult for new users to get to grips with


IBM watsonx Assistant offers a free trial version to help you learn the ropes. The standard “Plus” tier costs $140 per month and includes 1,000 MAUs. If you require additional MAUs, then these cost $14 per 100. There is also an Enterprise tier, which requires a bespoke quote.

Best for:

If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement platform with world-class security, then this is a good option for your business.

5. SurveySparrow

Survey Sparrow - conversational AI

If surveys are an important part of your customer engagement, then this conversational chatbot tool offers the best of both worlds.

Key features:

  • Create chatbots without any coding

  • Customize chatbots with themes or CSS

  • Analyze data and export reports

  • Also features an AI survey builder


  • Not transparent about its use of AI for chatbots

  • Less useful for companies that don’t require surveys


SurveySparrow offers conversational chatbots as part of their custom suites, so you’ll need to request a quote. 

Best for:

Companies that require surveys along with conversational chatbots. However, it’s unclear whether they have their own AI engine. If you need high-performance conversational AI solutions, a more robust platform may be required.

6. Cognigy.AI - conversational AI

Want to get your teeth stuck into the coding, or work closely with a developer? Then Cognigy.AI has many features that you’ll appreciate.

Key features:

  • Low coding conversational AI platform

  • Multi-platform, collaborative chatbot solutions

  • Simple to use drag-and-drop editing


  • Documentation and features can be difficult to access

  • Customization requires some technical knowledge


You can either start with a free trial or contact the Cognigy sales team for a quote.

Best for:

If you have a professional developer on hand, then this conversational AI software offers a lot of scope and flexibility.

7. Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework

With plenty of features and integrations, Microsoft Bot Framework is a fantastic conversational AI platform for customizing your chatbots.

Key features:

  • Uses natural language processing to create authentic responses

  • Can identify individual speakers, and recognize faces from images

  • AI conversation chatbots can search across domains or the entire web

  • Vast integrations, including Microsoft APIs like Bing, as well as other platforms like Slack and Skype


  • Customization features can be challenging to implement

  • Difficult to use without some coding experience


You can try their Azure Bot Service for free - or contact their sales team for a quote.

Best for:

A great choice for businesses that require more unique features, as well as integrations with Microsoft APIs.

8. Avaamo

Avaamo - conversational AI

This platform features diverse conversational AI tools for customer experience, employee experience, and healthcare.

Key features:

  • Vast insights into user journeys and platform training

  • Multilingual support, with over 114 languages 

  • Also features AI voices for phone calls


  • No transparency on pricing

  • Lack of training materials


You’ll need to request a demo to access the pricing for Avaamo. Alternatively, speak with their sales team for a quote.

Best for:

Companies requiring complex customer service support across multiple touchpoints, including phone calls.

9. Dialogflow


Dialogflow is Google’s comprehensive AI development platform for conversational chatbots and voicebots.

Key features:

  • Integrations with a wide range of telephony partners, such as Avaya and Cisco

  • Interactive flow visualizations make editing and collaboration easy

  • Two different editions are available to suit your requirements and budget


  • Limited integrations

  • Lack of clear customer support


Dialogflow is available in two editions, CX (advanced) and ES (standard). You’ll be charged monthly, with the pricing dependent on the edition and number of requests made. There is also a free trial available.

Best for:

Brands that frequently utilize Google Cloud technology, and are looking for a comprehensive solution for conversational AI chatbots.

10. Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant

Based in the UK, Oracle Digital Assistant takes a modular approach to chatbot technology with this comprehensive system.

Key features:

  • Utilizes unique modular “skills” to flesh out chatbot functions

  • A wealth of tutorials and workshops to educate users

  • Features advanced natural language understanding


  • Response choices are very limited

  • Customized flows require some coding experience


The Oracle Digital Assistant pricing can be charged per request, or on a subscription basis for SaaS customers. The unit price per request is approximately $0.02, with a required minimum of 250 requests per hour.

The monthly subscription pricing varies. With Oracle SaaS, it’s approximately $3 per month for hosted employees and around $6 per month for hosted named users. With SaaS, it’s $275 per month for 1,000 sessions.

Best for:

Companies looking for a modular approach to conversational AI chatbots, with applications in customer service and HR.

Summary of comparison for the top 10 conversational AI platforms for your business

Best for

Top feature


SleekFlow AI

Integrating with a variety of social media and e-commerce platforms

Provides a single platform to manage all of your conversational AI bot messages

Tiered pricing (Startup, Pro, Premium, Enterprise *(visit the pricing page as listed above for more details)

Amazon Lex

Full integration with AWS

Full integration with AWS

$0.004 per speech request, $0.00075 per text request, $0.0065 per 15-second interval

AI assistant tools

AI assistant tools

20¢ per conversation, an additional 10¢ per conversation for pre-built apps, 4¢ per minute for voice automation, custom quote for enterprise customers

IBM watsonx Assistant

Businesses looking for world-class security on a comprehensive AI platform

Vast chatbot training with templates

Standard “Plus” tier - $140 per month, additional MAUs - $14 per 100, bespoke quote for Enterprise tier


Companies looking to generate surveys along with conversational chatbots

Additional AI survey builder

Request a quote


Suited to businesses working with a professional developer

Free trial or request a quote

Free trial or request a quote

Microsoft Bot Framework

For companies that require integrations with Microsoft APIs

Identification features, such as recognizing faces from images

Free trial or contact their sales team for a quote


Businesses looking to provide customer service support across multiple touchpoints

AI voices for phone calls

Request a demo


Integrating with Google Cloud technology and telephony platforms

Integrations with telephony partners, including Cisco

Dependent on the software edition and number of requests

Companies looking for a modular approach to conversational AI chatbots, with clear documentation

Companies looking for a modular approach to conversational AI chatbots, with clear documentation

Modular “skills” to build chatbot functionality

Price per request - $0.02; with Oracle SaaS - $3 per month for hosted employees; with Oracle SaaS - $6 per month for hosted named users; with SaaS - $275 per month for 1,000 sessions

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