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How 2Stallions empowers clients with a 29% WhatsApp response rate via SleekFlow

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2Stallions is a 360° Digital Marketing Agency with its headquarters in Singapore and a large team in Malaysia, as well as teams in India, Thailand, and Indonesia. They offer services such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing automation, website and e-commerce maintenance, digital creative services, website design, and multimedia creative services.

With clients worldwide, including Asia and the United States, they personalize the complete digital customer journey for various types of businesses. Their suite of services is designed to support digital endeavors across multiple devices and platforms, from strategy to execution, focused on delivering marketing objectives. They help brands grow, establish strong and trustworthy online presences, connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and boost leads and sales.

Challenges faced by 2Stallions to help clients achieve their marketing objectives

1. Managing the influx of messages with a human touch 

2Stallions is aware of how customer service is important for brands to make connections with their customers. No matter if it’s B2B or B2C organizations, effective customer communication remains a common goal. As they assist businesses in connecting with customers through messaging, they encounter the complexity of handling an influx of messages while preserving a personal touch. 

2. Lack of engagement from email marketing 

Email marketing, such as eDMs, has been a long-standing method of marketing communications for businesses. However, as trends evolve, it has become rather difficult to generate engagement from email marketing campaigns, especially for consumers from the younger generation. Furthermore, industries like retail and e-commerce require more direct communication to capture the attention of target audiences effectively. 

3. Identifying an omnichannel platform that meets their needs 

Changing consumer trends call for the use of multiple communication platforms. 2Stallios knew that they needed an omnichannel platform to help clients adopt a centralized solution and unify their digital marketing efforts across various channels.

Prior to discovering SleekFlow, 2Stallions tried exploring other WhatsApp solution providers, but the lack of comprehensive features did not meet their needs. “Compared to our experiences with other providers, communication with SleekFlow has been smooth and efficient,” said Olwen, Head of Content and Social at 2Stallions.

SleekFlow's WhatsApp Business solution for a digital marketing agency

With SleekFlow’s WhatsApp Business API solution, 2Stallions now effectively manages marketing campaigns for their clients. 

1. Securing trust and credibility with a verified green tick on the official WhatsApp Business account

2Stallions recognizes WhatsApp's rise as a communication tool that has been a game-changer over the past five years. Its ability to facilitate direct, immediate conversations has not gone unnoticed by its clients, many of whom are increasingly seeking to leverage WhatsApp for its potent direct communication capabilities. 

Through SleekFlow, 2Stallions has managed to get the WhatsApp verified green tick for their clients. This allows customers to feel secure when buying or chatting with them, knowing that their information is safe with a trusted company.

“Getting the business verification from Meta was tedious and troublesome, but SleekFlow’s team has been helpful in completing the process.”

2. Managing a large volume of customer inquiries efficiently through SleekFlow Inbox 

With over 2000 new customer inquiries in a month, 2Stallion uses SleekFlow’s Inbox on a daily basis to respond to customers efficiently. By addressing questions and fostering positive relationships, they handle a wide array of chats, including questions about store locations, operating hours, product details, and other miscellaneous queries. With SleekFlow, navigating through such a volume of inquiries has become markedly simpler for them. 

Besides, when organizing marketing campaigns like giveaways for their clients, they usually have to reach out to the winners via instant messaging. Compared to email, WhatsApp often results in more efficient responses.

The team can also collaborate simultaneously on customer chats and hand the conversation to their colleagues when one of them is out of the office or on holiday.

3. Segmenting customers effectively using lists and labels for a personalised experience

Contact lists from 2Stallions on SleekFlow

2Stallions handles customer contacts with labels and segments, grouping their customers based on details like interests and preferences, demographics, and location, all in one place. They can then look at this information, compare different groups, and figure out what works best to make their customer service better. Smart use of this information not only makes their job easier but also enhances interactions with customers, making them more personal and effective.

4. Using WhatsApp Broadcast for marketing campaigns

Using SleekFlow's broadcast feature is one of the main drives of how 2Stallions approaches WhatsApp marketing. With WhatsApp broadcasts, they can now send personalized messages to all their intended customers at optimal times. Typically, 2Stallions sends reminder messages for events such as the live streaming of products, with notifications meticulously planned 8 days and a day prior to the event. 

Besides that, what 2Stallions loves the most is using SleekFlow's reporting analytics, which provides immediate insights into campaign metrics. They are impressed with the fact that they segment the users into specific groups, which enhances 2Stallions' overall reporting, allowing them to choose only a certain group of users for analysis.

SleekFlow is a user-friendly WhatsApp marketing and messaging platform designed to streamline customer communication.

Olwen van Dijk

Olwen van Dijk

Head of Content and Social at 2Stallions

5. Analytics to track marketing campaign and chat performance

2Stallions uses SleekFlow Analytics

SleekFlow’s analytics dashboard has provided immediate insights for 2Stallions to look into the campaign metrics. The ability to make comparisons for different campaigns, time periods, or customer groups has made the analyses easier. They can then improve their digital marketing strategy for clients and target customers for them more accurately in the future.

Digital transformation is crucial for staying competitive, and in regions like Southeast Asia, having a WhatsApp strategy is essential for engaging effectively with a mobile-first audience. Without it, you might miss out on potential customers.

Olwen van Dijk

Olwen van Dijk

Head of Content and Social at 2Stallions

6. Integrating WhatsApp Live Chat Widget for streamlined communication

2Stallions has also helped clients integrate the WhatsApp live chat widget into their website, allowing customers to chat with businesses through WhatsApp as their preferred messaging channel. Even if the customers leave the website halfway, the brands can still keep a conversation history in the inbox and continue chatting with the customers. They can even keep these contacts in their customer database for future retargeting campaigns.    

About 2Stallions

2Stallions digital marketing website

2Stallions is a 360° digital marketing agency symbolized by the powerful imagery of two stallions, representing a partnership between the agency and its clients. Diligently working behind the scenes, they consistently support their clients, guiding them toward achieving their business and marketing goals with unwavering dedication.

With operations across Asia, 2Stallions offers comprehensive 360-degree digital marketing solutions, including digital marketing services, creative services, and web & app development. 

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