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Introducing AI Smart Reply: AI-generated responses with knowledge base in chats

SleekFlow AI knowledge base

Since we launched the SleekFlow AI beta in 2023, we've worked closely with our early users to improve our products. Our efforts are focused on enhancing SleekFlow AI to better understand questions, provide more accurate answers, and integrate seamlessly with business needs.

This week brings an exciting update: we're introducing the AI Smart Reply feature - powered by our AI knowledge base for generating precise AI-generated responses - to all paid plan users. Alongside this, we've upgraded the AI model powering our features to GPT-4 Turbo, making the AI-generated responses faster and more comprehensive.

Learn how SleekFlow AI can help you sell and support more customers on chats with less time and cost.

AI Knowledge Base: Train AI on your own data

The journey begins with the AI Knowledge Base, the backbone of our AI-driven communication ecosystem. This powerful feature allows businesses to upload any document—be it training materials, product guides, or service policies—into a knowledge base from which SleekFlow AI exclusively learns.

It’s like turning ChatGPT into a “YourBrandGPT.” By simply uploading PDFs, you create a rich repository of information that trains the AI model to become an expert on your business, and only for your business. You have complete control over the kind of information the AI draws upon so that it delivers responses aligned with your business goals and safeguards against off-topic or misleading questions.

Forget the hassle of training agents extensively; this foundational step sets the stage to empower your agents with a user-friendly way to access the information they need to respond to customers quickly, with just one click.

1 Upload PDF

Upload data in PDF format to your AI Knowledge Base.

2 AI Library Editing

Businesses can expand, adapt, and refine the AI knowledge base over time, ensuring that SleekFlow AI continuously learns from the most current material related to your business.

Here are some use case ideas across various industries:

1 Upload PDF-Use case
  • Insurance Industry: Upload policy documents and product guides for SleekFlow AI to provide instant, detailed explanations of coverage benefits and claim procedures.

  • Travel Industry: Upload itineraries and travel guides, enabling SleekFlow AI to offer personalized travel advice, booking assistance, and local recommendations.

  • Real Estate Industry: Upload property brochures and market analysis reports for SleekFlow AI to deliver instant property insights, investment advice, and detailed neighborhood information.

  • Education Industry: Upload educational curriculums and course materials, allowing SleekFlow AI to assist with study guidance, course content explanations, and administrative information.

  • Healthcare Industry: Upload patient care protocols and medical guidelines for SleekFlow AI to support healthcare professionals with quick access to treatment guidelines, drug information, and patient management practices.

  • Retail Industry: Upload product catalogs and customer service policies, enabling SleekFlow AI to provide detailed product information, stock availability, and return policy explanations.

AI Smart Reply: Get AI-generated responses with one click

With the AI Knowledge Base in place, AI Smart Reply empowers businesses to generate AI-powered responses in chats with just one click, tailored specifically to the context of each conversation.

Behold, this feature is not just about quick replies. 

At the heart of SleekFlow AI is our commitment to facilitating meaningful and engaging conversations. We understand that customer inquiries can often involve many layers. It usually requires agents to grasp both the broad context and the intricate details of each query to provide tailored answers every step of the way. 

AI Smart Reply generates the best responses to meet each customer’s specific needs with the following: 

  • considers the conversation records

  • understands the intent behind every question

  • uses insights from your knowledge base

Being contextually aware means it mimics the natural ebb and flow of human dialogue, always offering conversational answers that let the conversation flow naturally.

No more manually searching through memos and files—SleekFlow AI Smart Reply ensures that every interaction is efficient and personalized.

3 AI Smart Reply

AI Smart Reply, fueled by our AI knowledge base, is now in the SleekFlow omnichannel inbox (web & mobile app), ensuring businesses can deliver personalized AI-generated responses across all messaging platforms.

AI Writing Assistant: Get your message across effectively

To further improve customer communication, the AI Writing Assistant (previously known as Response Enrichment) acts as the finishing touch. It lets you refine AI-generated responses using prompts that match the customer service scenario.

Whether it's making grammar and spelling corrections, adjusting the tone, or translating messages into multiple languages, the AI Writing Assistant elevates professionalism and accessibility. It also helps explain complex information through optimized language and formatting, making every message not just heard but truly understood.

4 AI Writing Assistant

See SleekFlow AI in action

Discover how you can adopt Generative AI for your business messaging with just a small amount of data and setup time.

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