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9 ways to streamline your e-commerce strategy

9 ways to streamline your e-Commerce strategy

Still hung up on e-Commerce? It’s time to take a closer look at social commerce! Social commerce is what happens when you combine e-commerce with social media. Everyone, both young and old, is glued to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, so it’s hard to not think about selling on and through social media! Plus, while social commerce is a $89.4 billion market right now, it is projected to grow to $604.5 billion in the next seven years.

With the huge amount of orders coming in, your best bet is to start automating your customer journey so that you can spend more time engaging with your audiences through comments and building your brand with eye-catching photos.

Setting the ground

The first step you would need to take in this time-saving journey is to combine all your social channels into a single platform for easy management. This can be done using platforms such as SleekFlow where you can manage Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, WeChat and more, all in one place.

Next, you will need to integrate your e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce and Shopline with these social channels. Why? By connecting your e-commerce platform with your messaging channels you will be able to do two very important things:
1. Streamline your customer’s purchasing experience
2. Obtain insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviors

How so? Let’s dive right into the details!

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Streamlining your customer’s purchasing experience

1. New User Registration

New User Registration

Whenever a new user signs up on your site website you can automatically send them a message to welcome them to your store. You can not only personalise the message with the first name but also choose to send them this message immediately after they register or set a time delay to add a human touch.

Here’s a pro-tip! To increase reply rates by almost 30% and conversion rates by up to 18%, it is best to also add a promo code as well as let them know that you can be contacted immediately if they reply to message.

2. Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation

By connecting your e-commerce platform with your messaging channels, you can also send out order confirmation messages. These order confirmation messages can be automatically generated based on the purchases made by your customer on your e-commerce site. That’s not all, you can also add additional information such as remaining membership points and even membership tiers.

3. Delivery Notification

Delivery notification

What’s e-commerce without delivery and logistics? We’ve got you covered with automatic delivery notifications! Gone are the days are mixing up customer names and delivery times while copying, pasting and editing message templates. Automatically send out delivery confirmations with the date and time of the delivery. To ensure that your customers never forget about their incoming package, simply set a drip campaign to send delivery reminders a week, a day and even an hour before the delivery time.

4. Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart

In today’s world where distractions are everywhere, abandon carts are becoming increasingly common. Thus, it is important to send out abandoned cart messages to remind your customers about the products they’re interested in. The message will automatically include the items left in the cart and you can even include a link for them to click to continue shopping and check out. Nifty, right?

5. Booking Confirmation

Booking Confirmation

Wo says social commerce is just for selling products? Businesses with services can also jump on this social commerce wave! This is where the booking confirmation message comes in handy. Once a customer schedules a timeslot on your website, automatically send them a booking confirmation with the date and time of the service to remind them. A follow-up message can also be automatically scheduled to be sent before the session for the customer to confirm their attendance by replying the message.

Obtaining customer insights

1. Customer Log

Customeor log

Get to know all about your customer with the customer log. Every single action taken by your customer will automatically be logged under their profiles. This allows your team to easily retrieve any information such as past purchases, receipt number, the amount paid and more with a single click.

2. Automation


Set your own rules! Use automations to automatically sync contact information, update membership status and even add labels for easy segmentation.

3. Retargeting


Segment your customers based on their purchasing habits and send out highly personalized retargeting messages to regularly engage them with products, services and promotions that interest them. You can also send out seasonal greetings and promotional offers through retargeting messages.

4. Chatbot

Remember being held on the customer service line for a 10 minute? That was so 2008! With chatbots, you can now route customer queries to the right person in less than a second. Choose to qualify leads and filters questions from the get-go with multiple choices or use keyword triggers to automatically assign chats to the right teammate immediately. 

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