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Effective strategies for Mega Sale campaigns

Effective Strategies for Mega Sales Campaign

As the year-end Mega Sale season promotions approach, businesses might start to brainstorm some Mega Sale marketing strategies. From discovering the power of WhatsApp broadcast messages to mastering the art of click-to-WhatsApp ads, brands can easily boost sales during Mega Sale by crafting a seamless shopping experience. 

What is Mega Sale Season?

Mega Sale Season is that exciting time of the year that creates a buying frenzy among consumers. Falling on double-digit mega sales days such as 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12, where great discounts are offered, the Mega Sale Season is a goldmine for businesses, especially in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Why the Mega Sale Season is best for boosting sales

The Mega Sale Season is when people are on the lookout for jaw-dropping discounts, and their wallets are ready to open wide. 

86% of Southeast Asia consumers make purchases during this peak shopping season. 91% of them are also encouraged to try new brands on the Mega Sale Day. 

But why are these Mega Sale Season marketing campaigns so effective? It's simple. People are drawn by these promotions and discounts, from something as simple as free shipping and voucher codes. 

The Mega Sale Season also coincides with year-end festivities, such as Christmas and New Year's. This means people are not only buying gifts for others but also treating themselves. The spirit of giving and self-indulgence creates a perfect storm for increased sales across various industries.

For businesses looking to clear out old inventory or make space for new products, the Mega Sale Season is also the perfect time to do so. Shoppers are more forgiving of older stock during this period, so you can reduce costs and maximize profits during this peak shopping season.

Since customers are actively comparing prices and offerings, the Mega Sale also offers a competitive edge for you to stand out in the crowd and win over potential customers. Hence, you should take advantage of these year-end Mega Sale Season promotions with compelling marketing campaigns that will motivate your target audience to drive more revenue.

How can I increase sales in festive seasons? 5 holiday marketing tips to use for the Mega Sale Season

Since the Mega Sale Season happens in the last quarter of each year, it is often tied together with the holiday sales. There are many social tools that can be put to use for your Mega Sale marketing strategies:

1. Customise your customer journey with drip marketing

Flow Builder Marketing Use Case

Consumer expectations during Mega Sale seasons include fast responses, lower prices, and great customer service. They expect a personalised shopping experience. This makes a flow builder in your marketing automation system essential for customising your customer journey. 

Start by segmenting your audience based on their preferences, behaviour, and demographics. Next, create relevant content such as personalised recommendations for the customers to resonate with you. Then, set conditions and time delays to trigger messages at the right moment. Include a direct CTA (call-to-action) such as adding items to the cart or browsing the catalogue to drive customers to your goal. Segment your customers based on their preferences, behavior, and previous interactions with your brand. By providing tailored recommendations and offers, you'll enhance the customer experience and drive conversions.

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide personalised offers and recommendations.

Note: Don't be afraid to A/B test different elements of your drip campaigns, such as subject lines, message content and visuals. Experimenting with variations can help you identify what resonates best with your audience.

2. Send WhatsApp broadcast messages for product and shipping discounts

WhatsApp broadcast campaign

Reaching your audience where they spend most of their time is crucial. By using WhatsApp broadcast messages to announce exclusive product discounts and enticing shipping offers, you can interact with a large group audience on their preferred platform. 

You can also customise the message content for each prospect or customer using template messages. This personalised touch can boost conversions by 15% and reduce customer acquisition costs by as much as 50%.

For example, if you’re offering free shipping for your year-end Mega Sale Season promotions, you can send a message like this:

Hi [customer name], the Mega Sale is on! 

[Business name] is offering our beloved customers FREE SHIPPING on [promotion date/period] 😘

Simply use the promo code [promo code] when you check out!

Besides, customers can instantly browse through your WhatsApp catalogue without leaving the messaging app if they want to check out your latest products. Once they decide which product to buy, they can also make enquiries and purchase directly in the chat.

Explore more about WhatsApp Broadcast.

Set up abandoned cart reminders on customers’ preferred channel

Cart abandonment is a common issue for e-commerce businesses, especially during the Mega Sale. To combat this, you can also use WhatsApp broadcast messages to offer incentives like limited-time discounts for them to check out immediately and significantly reduce cart abandonment rates.

3. Organise giveaway campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Comment auto reply on Instagram

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools as part of Mega Sale marketing strategies. Create buzz around your brand by hosting themed giveaway contests. Encourage users to engage with your content by liking, sharing and tagging friends. 

For instance, you can introduce your bestselling product as a prize and ask users to comment the word “I want it” in the comment section. Then, you can set up comment auto reply to thank them for their participation and automate a direct message to send them your catalogue. Once people start to comment on your post, it will increase your brand visibility and encourage those who are really interested in your product to easily share your products with others.

4. Start click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook

Click-to-WhatsApp app on Facebook and Instagram Feed

Click-to-WhatsApp ads offer instant engagement with your audience. When users click on your ad, they are directed to a WhatsApp chat, where you can promptly answer their queries, provide product information, and guide them through the sales process in real-time. With an automated chat flow created, you can use a chatbot to understand your leads’ interests and preferences before the human agent takes over the conversation.

Shoppers who are influenced by social media are 4 times more likely to spend more on their purchases.

5. Allow customers to start chatting with WhatsApp QR code

SleekFlow WhatsApp Chatbot

Simplify the customer experience by offering a quick way to connect through WhatsApp. Since QR codes are an easy entry point for starting conversations and collecting leads, you can use them innovatively across online and offline platforms. 

For example, you can print your WhatsApp QR code on your marketing materials and physical stores, such as the Mega Sale posters or banners. You can also feature them on your receipts or product packaging, so customers who are unhappy can reach out to your brand quickly, instead of posting negative reviews online. This enables customers to initiate conversations and builds a sense of trust.

Generate unique QR codes for your teams effortlessly with the WhatsApp QR Code Generator!

6. Word-of-mouth marketing via a seamless shopping experience

WhatsApp for customer service 360 customer view

A frictionless shopping experience can turn your customers into brand advocates. By integrating your e-commerce store, CRM platform, and payment options with messaging apps, your customers can make purchases right after they complete their queries. They can even avoid website loading issues or the hassle of switching apps when they complete the transaction. If they’re satisfied with your service, they become happy customers who are more likely to recommend your brand to friends and family.

Moreover, with the customer profile integrated, you can also access all the details including order status, purchase history, and more right next to the chatbox, allowing your customer support agents to offer services of high quality and accuracy.

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How to plan a successful Mega Sale in Singapore and Malaysia

Real-world success stories speak louder than words. Take inspiration from these businesses that nailed their strategies for your Mega Sale campaign:

TKD Lingerie achieves 40X ROAS for their promotion

SleekFlow WhatsApp Broadcast for personalized messaging

TKD Lingerie, a leading retailer, achieved a remarkable 40X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by strategically promoting their offerings. Their secret? A well-targeted WhatsApp marketing campaign that reached their audience at the right time.

Over one week, TKD Lingerie’s 3-for-2 promotion campaign on WhatsApp reported a 74% message open rate and 78 closed online-to-offline sales attributions. Other than broadcast messages, they also used SleekFlow’s social CRM feature to label customers based on functional and stylistic preferences for future retargeting campaigns; for instance, sending sports bra promotions to customers who demonstrated interest across channels in the Sports Collection. With customer chat data centralized in one platform, bra fitting specialists save considerable time when managing conversations and insights to evaluate each campaign’s cross-channel sales performance.

A lot of people prefer being contacted via their mobiles over email. We have seen a better open rate with SleekFlow Broadcasting and a really good return on Broadcasting messages.

Kate Kikano

Kate Kikano

Founder of TKD Lingerie

Explore the full success story of TKD Lingerie.

Pearl Holiday gathers 2000 new leads with 1 broadcast campaign

WhatsApp QR and auto reply from Pearl Holiday

Pearl Holiday, a travel agency, used a single broadcast campaign to gather 2,000 new leads during an annual travel fair. Other than using the WhatsApp QR code to expand the customer database, they also set up automated chat flows to guide customers through their journey, from understanding their interested travel location to gathering information about the number of travellers and budget. They used interactive WhatsApp messages such as chat buttons and list messages throughout the process so that the prospects and customers could answer questions with just a few clicks. 

Explore the full success story of Pearl Holiday.

Retens Medical, a medical beauty centre, introduced a limited-time offer for their customers using broadcast messages. They included a seamless instant payment link in their WhatsApp messages, making sure that the customers can complete quick and convenient transactions. Customers can also collect points when they pay with a credit card. This strategy helped them drive sales and retain customers with loyalty points.

Explore the full success story of Retens Medical.

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