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Sleektern’s story: the business development 101

Sleektern’s Story- The Business Development 101

Inside SleekFlow | Intern’s story | The below story is written by our business development intern Junon.

The past three months working in SleekFlow as a business development intern have been some of the fastest passing times in my life, not only for the exciting journey of learning invaluable industry knowledge and startup growth strategies but also for meeting some of the loveliest people I have ever met.

As a business development intern, I have had the opportunity to work through the whole sales process, all the way from generating and engaging with leads through various software and platforms, to pitching, closing, and eventually onboarding the customers. With the clear guidance and encouragement from Jack Chan and Ronald Yu, I now thoroughly understand the effective approach to generate sales in order to support the rapid growth of a company. I especially want to show my gratitude and appreciation to Jack for generously sharing his plentiful and valuable knowledge and ample experience in sales, as well as for taking good care of me throughout my stay.

Apart from my main duties, by working on the diverse tasks related to every area of both the daily and long term operation of the company, as well as by listening to the strategic discussion between the founder Henson and the seniors, a holistic picture of running and growing a startup in such a competitive ecosystem like Hong Kong has been clearly laid out, which is extremely beneficial to anyone keen on working in or launching a startup.

Many would agree that working well with the people around you is just as important as doing well in your position. I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all the lovely individuals in SleekFlow. Here everyone has their unique strengths and experience while sharing the same strong passion, enabling me to be constantly inspired. What amazed me just as much as their ability to embody the ‘play hard, work hard’ attitude. You are always motivated to get things done effectively and efficiently and enjoy yourself as much as possible to recover the energy required for work and simply to have fun.

From learning and meeting the lovely people here, the three months spent in SleekFlow were no doubt worth it.

Editor’s note: Internship is a valuable experience where you might meet great people, try new things. I still remember the “lead sprint” (to time how many leads one can call within a half-hour) Junon sets for himself. Apart from all the cold-callings, email drip campaigns, we’ll definitely miss the fencing and omakase time we spent together! Wanna join our fun and energetic team and have a fruitful intern journey like Junon? Send your CV to career@sleekflow.io.   

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