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Best WhatsApp alternatives in India: messaging solutions for businesses

Best WhatsApp alternatives in India: messaging solutions for businesses

While WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app with over 487 million users in India, its business solutions can be taxing especially for brands without a budget. This has led to some businesses in India searching for a WhatsApp alternative, using other messaging apps that have gained popularity in India. However, while there are many free messaging apps that can be used as a WhatsApp alternative, they might not offer as many business features that are essential for customer communication. Let’s take a look at each of them and see which is the best for your brand in India!

Top messaging apps as your WhatsApp alternative in India

If you’re wondering, is there an alternative to WhatsApp, the answer is yes. There are definitely plenty of alternatives to WhatsApp Business, and here are a few to consider:

WhatsApp alternative #1: Viber

Viber for business website

One of the popular alternatives to WhatsApp in India is Viber. Viber provides businesses with a range of features such as end-to-end encryption for messages, voice and video calls, and file sharing, which makes it a great alternative for businesses looking to ensure their communication channels are secure. Additionally, Viber also offers various customization options such as stickers and emojis for businesses to use in their communication. Similar to WhatsApp Broadcasts, businesses can also send Viber bulk messages to customers.

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WhatsApp alternative #2: Telegram

telegram business

Telegram is another messaging app that has gained popularity in India as an alternative to WhatsApp. Telegram also provides businesses with end-to-end encryption for messages, voice, and video calls, and also has a self-destruct timer for messages (Secret Chat), which is ideal for businesses that are looking for finance solutions and prioritize security. Besides, Telegram also offers businesses the ability to create groups with up to 200,000 members, and channels with an unlimited number of members, making it ideal for businesses that need to communicate with a large customer base.

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WhatsApp alternative #3: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger interface

Facebook Messenger is also widely used in India, with at least 132 million active users in 2023, making it a suitable alternative to WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger offers businesses end-to-end encryption for messages and voice and video calls, which helps ensure secure communication. Additionally, Facebook Messenger offers businesses the ability to send multimedia content such as photos, videos, and GIFs, which can help businesses create engaging communication with their customers.

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SleekFlow: the all-in-one messaging solution for your business in India

Omnichannel integration tools on SleekFlow

No matter which is your best alternative to WhatsApp Business, it is essential that your team learns to manage customer conversations on messaging apps with organization and structure. This is to avoid missing out on messages or having delayed responses for angry customers. Moreover, the changing consumer behavior has shown how having one single channel for communication is not enough. With the decreasing user patience, it is important that your business in India incorporates an omnichannel business messaging system to ensure that your customers can choose to message your brand on whichever platform they prefer.

SleekFlow official WhatsApp BSP WhatsApp Business API concept

On SleekFlow, businesses can manage customer conversations from different messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and more, all in one place. This way, when WhatsApp is down, you can still communicate with customers using other messaging apps in the same chat box. You do not need to switch between apps to check the conversation history and the customer profile will appear right next to the chat. 

SleekFlow automation for building chatbots

Other than that, SleekFlow offers automation features such as chatbots, auto replies, and team collaboration tools to help businesses manage their messaging channels with ease. You can set up chat and comment auto replies on Instagram and Facebook, direct users who are interested in your products to chat with you and send an in-chat payment link if they have intentions to make purchases straightaway. With SleekFlow, businesses in India can provide a seamless customer experience and improve their response time.

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