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How e-commerce businesses can use automation to boost sales

E-commerce automation boost sales

If there’s one thing e-commerce clients just don’t like, it’s waiting.

Why is my package taking so long?” or “Why is your payment process so slow? are just a few of the complaints your customers may voice from time to time.

In today’s fast-paced world, not only do e-commerce clients expect perfection – they expect it immediately, and want seamless buying experiences. 

Yet, not many key players are able to fulfill this promise. No wonder online shopping cart abandonment is close to 70%.

If you are looking for ways to streamline and improve your clients’ shopping process, let us introduce you to the world of e-commerce automation.

In this article, you’ll learn how SleekFlow’s automation can help you craft a better customer journey and keep users happy.

3 vitals steps you can take to kickstart your automation strategy with an e-commerce marketing automation software

Shopify e-commerce

1. E-commerce automation, step one: assess current workflows and define goals

If you want to improve your CX, it’s important to first understand where you’re starting from.

You should ask yourself:

  • Am I familiar with all the steps it takes to complete a purchase from my website?

  • Do I know how long the whole process takes, what it looks like, and how it could be improved?

Once laid this foundation, some of the things you may want to start working on, with the help of an ecommerce automation software, include:

  • Inventory management & order processing: is your customer after a specific clothing size? They shouldn’t add a great sweater to their cart only to learn their size is out of stock. Moreover, customers usually buy in a rush of adrenaline: aim for quick, automated, and safe payment options.

  • Customer support: if someone has a question about your products or services, how can they reach out? You may have a dedicated inbox that you regularly check – maybe even an active social media presence. Yet, do your clients know that? Can they easily see where and how to contact you?

2. Implement inventory management solutions and automate order processing: the power of e-commerce automation

WhatsApp for marketing WhatsApp catalog

It’s important to meet your customers where they usually are, instead of having them come to you. Make sure to always present them with relevant, up-to-date information, especially about your stock and expected fulfillment times.

Here’s one good solution you can try: WhatsApp Catalog. It’s the best way to reach your customer with updated, easy-to-digest information about your offer. Moreover, it’ll allow them to complete their order right from their WhatsApp chat window.

By connecting your product catalog to multiple phone numbers, you’ll be able to easily manage and update your product info across all your storefronts.

When a product gets sold out or restocked, just change your product catalog. All changes will automatically show up on all linked numbers. This way, your clients will see in real time what you can and cannot offer right from their WhatsApp.

Also, when your client is ready to pay, there's a convenient in-chat payment feature. It lets you send your customers a Stripe payment link once they've filled their shopping carts.

While Stripe is a safe, convenient, well-known payment processor that allows users to easily input their payment information, you can be certain that your customer data is being managed in a safe and secure way. Everything can be easier with the help of e-commerce marketing automation.

3. E-commerce automation tools: help your clients anytime with a 24/7 customer support chatbot

SleekFlow AI Chatbot

If there’s a problem with your product or service, you want to be ready to deal with the most common questions and concerns immediately. A flow builder, normally available on e-commerce marketing software, is the tool you need to craft your personal online chatbot and take care of all your marketing, sales, and support needs.

Building a flow is as easy as it can be:

  • Start with a trigger (such as a new incoming message).

  • Specify a condition (for example, one specific keyword or phrase).

  • Choose an action that will follow suit. 

When your clients type in their questions, they’ll receive an immediate, factual, up-to-date reply, even if your office is currently closed or you’re sleeping. This is the power of automation.

You can even take advantage of use-case-based templates to create your automated chat flows. They’re ideal for greeting new customers, for following up with unresponsive customers, and much more.

By syncing all your data between WhatsApp customer messaging and your current tech stack, you won’t have to worry about manually updating your client and order information across multiple platforms. 

Native integrations with Shopify, HubSpot CRM, and Salesforce CRM allows for the consolidation of all customer data on a single platform. You can use HTTP requests and webhooks in your automated flows to synchronize information between all your systems .

Here’s one example: if a client places an order on WhatsApp, your customer's order status will be automatically updated in your CRM system. This way, you’ll save precious time and will always be sure all your stack has the latest, most accurate information.

Interested in creating an AI chatbot? Explore the top 10 conversational AI platforms.

Here’s how brands are using e-commerce marketing automation and e-commerce automation tools

WhatsApp Cloud API  for ecommerce

If you’ve never discovered the great world of automation, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first.

"Where do I begin, what do I choose? And, above all, what kind of ROI can I expect from my investment?"

Trust us when we say we’ve been there before: many of our clients first approached us with similar doubts and concerns. Therefore, what better way to try and dispel some of your questions than with real-life examples?

Let us introduce you to two world-class companies that were able to boost sales and increase revenue with the wonders of automation.

How Anigma Technologies used e-commerce marketing automation to get a 70%  canceled order recovery rate

anigma computer3

A popular gaming PC components and accessories company based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Anigma Technologies came to us with one main request:

"We want to streamline our clients’ shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction with smooth support across our platforms."

With our help, Anigma Technologies was able to:

  • Centralize all messages from different channels into one shared team inbox, thus improving turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

  • Automate abandoned cart and canceled order recovery messages with personalized texts right on the client’s WhatsApp inbox.

  • Automate fulfillment tracking and review request messages, informing customers proactively and reducing redundant follow-ups.

With SleekFlow's automation, Anigma Technologies was able to recover 70% of Shopify canceled orders and 13% of Shopify abandoned carts by re-engaging with customers at the right time.

Momo Lifestyle: e-commerce automation to scale and improve customer support

Momo Lifestyle's official website

A D2C e-commerce company founded in 2018 and based in Brazil, Momo Lifestyle reached out with the goal of providing better customer service to their increasing client base. 

SleekFlow’s smart customer service automations were a no-brainer for the team: our native integration with Spotify and the ability to also integrate Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger into SleekFlow's communication platform heavily influenced their decision.

Implementing SleekFlow has had a significant impact on Momo Lifestyle. Without expanding their team, the company can now provide high-quality support to all its clients, who have since praised the efficiency of their service.

The product is always just 50% of the business. The other half is service, which is also very important. Such implementation can sometimes be complicated, and we don't have an in-house IT department. So, SleekFlow's attentive support during this process was very important.



Co-Founder, Momo Lifestyle

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Kickstarting your e-commerce marketing automation journey with Flow Builder

Flow Builder Sales Use Case

In conclusion, if used correctly, not only can e-commerce automation software streamline your processes and boost your sales. It can also exponentially increase customer satisfaction, bringing them back for more and creating great, unforgettable experiences along the way.

Here are a few of the ways SleekFlow can help your business thrive with the power of automations:

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