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How SleekFlow boosts Momo Lifestyle’s customer service efficiency



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Momo Lifestyle, a D2C e-commerce company founded in 2018, provides innovative products that simplify people's daily lives. From its debut product, the first electric pump for water gallons in the Brazilian market, to its expansion into the North American market, Momo Lifestyle stands out for the quality and innovation of its merchandise.

Momo Lifestyle electric filter pump

The rapid growth brought with it significant challenges, especially concerning customer service. In this article, we will explore Momo Lifestyle’s success story with SleekFlow and how this partnership helps the company overcome obstacles and boost sales.

Challenges faced by Momo Lifestyle: costly workforce expansion

As an expanding D2C brand selling online, Momo Lifestyle faced a growing demand for customer service. The company had two options: hire more people, thereby increasing team and management costs, or seek a tool to automate this process.

They chose the latter, searching for a smart solution that allowed automation of customer service without compromising quality. After all, since the beginning of their operations, the company has always prioritized offering the best service possible.

The lack of an efficient customer service tool was negatively impacting consumer experience. The customer service team was also overwhelmed. So, the need for a solution to this issue was ever-growing.

SleekFlow’s solution: scaling customer service with automation

Momo Lifestyle found itself at a crossroads faced by many rapidly growing companies: how to improve customer service without significantly raising operational costs? The answer came with SleekFlow, offering smart customer service automations.

Automações do SleekFlow com Momo Lifestyle

However, the decision to choose SleekFlow wasn't made overnight. Momo Lifestyle considered multiple options before settling.

The company knew they needed a scalable solution to keep up with their rapid growth pace. Momo Lifestyle began seeking providers that offered the official WhatsApp Business API, which they identified as crucial for enhancing customer service, as WhatsApp is their primary communication channel.

Momo Lifestyle service automation

Several providers were considered, but SleekFlow stood out for various reasons. One key factor was the tool's native integration with Shopify, the e-commerce platform already in use by Momo Lifestyle. This integration was vital for the company as they use Shopify for both the Brazilian and North American markets, their two main revenue sources.

Furthermore, the ability to also integrate Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger into SleekFlow's communication platform heavily influenced their decision. Another significant factor was SleekFlow’s customer service, which left a strong impression on the Momo Lifestyle team.


From the start, SleekFlow’s sales team was very attentive. The support team was always helpful when needed. This was crucial for Momo Lifestyle’s decision, as they recognized that a product is only half the business equation; customer service is equally vital.

The product is always just 50% of the business. The other half is service, which is also very important. Such implementation can sometimes be complicated, and we don't have an in-house IT department. So, SleekFlow's attentive support during this process was very important.



Co-Founder, Momo Lifestyle

With SleekFlow's automated service, Momo Lifestyle could manage their customer base more efficiently and smartly. SleekFlow’s chatbot allowed the company to automate answers for frequently asked customer questions, enhancing service speed and efficiency. Moreover, tags facilitated contact segmentation.

Automating customer inquiries for enhanced efficiency

SleekFlow's implementation had a significant impact on Momo Lifestyle. Without expanding their team, the company can now provide high-quality support to all its clients, who have since praised the efficiency of the provided service.

It’s become common for our customers to commend our service. They like responding to the automated questions and commend our efficiency.



Co-Founder, Momo Lifestyle

Today, Momo Lifestyle offers automated services allowing customers to place or track orders, ask product-related questions, request technical support, and more. Additionally, by August 1st, 2,746 customers were efficiently served with the help of SleekFlow’s automations.

These results highlight SleekFlow’s efficacy in enhancing customer service and boosting sales.

SleekFlow’s service is top-notch. The tool offers good value for money and outstanding delivery. With them, we've optimized our customer experience and started to explore new opportunities.



Co-Founder, Momo Lifestyle

Momo Lifestyle's experience with SleekFlow exemplifies how automation can help companies overcome challenges and improve customer relationships. The company managed to optimize service and explore new sales opportunities, all without increasing team and management costs.

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