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How Anigma Technologies uses SleekFlow to recover 70% of canceled orders

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In the gaming world, where every interaction weaves into the fabric of community and experience, Anigma Technologies emerges as a key player in strengthening these connections through its popular gaming PC components and accessories. Recognizing the importance of seamless communication in fostering a loyal community, the brand uses SleekFlow to infuse automation with a sense of personal touch in its customer experience, significantly enhancing its business efficiency and online conversions.

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Key challenges

Juggling multiple messaging channels

Operating in the UAE, a region known for its dynamic demographics and diverse communication preferences, Anigma Technologies found themselves juggling between Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Boasting over 50,000 social media followers and an active customer base that exceeds 10,000 from their e-commerce site and mall stores, the company receives a significant number of inquiries from product specifications to hardware troubleshooting. Effectively caring for these customers throughout their journey is challenging and time-consuming.

Responding to Shopify order inquiries

The company agents found that they often had to toggle between the Shopify platform and various messaging apps to address inquiries about order tracking, which slowed down business efficiency. Furthermore, with agents working in different offices across the region, monitoring interactions and agent response time was a difficult task for the management team.

Handling Shopify declined transactions

Like many other e-commerce businesses, Anigma Technologies faced payment processing issues. The company observed that customers using the Tabby gateway (Buy Now, Pay Later) often encountered issues with payments not processing on the first attempt. This resulted in around 10-15 canceled orders daily on Shopify. While the company had to manually monitor these declined transactions and reach out, preventing sales losses wasn't always possible, especially when it was already too late.

SleekFlow’s solution for e-commerce businesses

With SleekFlow, Anigma Technologies now manages all its communication channels in one platform, including WhatsApp API, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DM, in a unified manner. They have also integrated WhatsApp with Shopify.

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1. Centralize chats from multiple channels for automated assignment

With messages from different channels merged into a shared team inbox, the company can efficiently assign conversations to dedicated agents. This ensures a fair distribution of workload and enhances transparency in service quality, as agents can communicate with each other using internal notes and mentions within the customer’s chat room.

Anigma Computer Omnichannel

Moreover, with saved reply templates in the inbox, agents can quickly access the shared knowledge base and address various customer inquiries, like PC building or instalment payments, converting business inquiries into paying customers faster.

Additionally, conversations are categorized with labels in the inbox, such as 'picked up,' 'trade-in,' or 'follow-up.' These labels provide a quick overview of the customer’s current status, facilitating seamless collaboration among agents, even for those who were not initially involved.

2. Automate abandoned cart and canceled order recovery messages

With the integration of SleekFlow and Shopify, Anigma Technologies has drastically streamlined its operations. This integration automatically syncs customer details, order histories, and abandoned carts, allowing the company to recover potentially lost sales through automation. 

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For instance, when a customer adds an item to their Shopify cart but doesn't proceed to checkout, a reminder is automatically sent via WhatsApp. When managing canceled orders, the system checks if the last order's financial status is voided and sends automated WhatsApp messages to offer assistance. This way, they can find out the root causes and prevent them from happening again.

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It's often a simple issue for customers not to complete the checkout, such as when the purchase amount exceeds the payment gateway's installment limit. With a timely offer, like splitting the payment with cash and credit card, we can win them back most of the time.

Wael Ali

Wael Ali

Marketing Manager, Anigma Technologies

3. Automate fulfillment tracking and review request messages

Anigma Technologies has automated transactional messages, such as shipment tracking and review requests, immediately after the purchase. By informing customers proactively, they reduce redundant follow-ups for order fulfillment and focus on gathering customer feedback. Additionally, on SleekFlow, agents can view Shopify orders and purchase histories beside the conversation, empowering them to help customers more efficiently and anticipate the technical advice or product recommendations they may need.

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SleekFlow enables us to get customer feedback fast, which is important for us to learn and iterate our services from serving each customer.

Wael Ali

Wael Ali

Marketing Manager, Anigma Technologies

Boosting sales through proactive and automated customer care

With SleekFlow's automation, Anigma Technologies has recovered 70% of Shopify canceled orders and 13% of Shopify abandoned carts by re-engaging with customers at the right time. Integrating e-commerce with omnichannel communication has also made it easier to engage with customers. The brand has grown its customer base by 25% in two years using SleekFlow.

Without the omnichannel inbox, automation, and integration, many sales opportunities would be missed. I believe that any brand, as long as they have clients to serve, can benefit from using SleekFlow.

Wael Ali

Wael Ali

Marketing Manager, Anigma Technologies

About Anigma Technologies

Anigma Technologies is an Emirati brand known for reinventing how gaming is done in the Middle East. Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Anigma provides gamers in the GCC with the best gaming PC components and accessories to ensure their gaming experience is complete. They make sure that each and every PC built is done right. This is done by quality, detail-oriented craftsmanship, paired with using only the best components from the most trusted brands such as Asus, MSI, EVGA, and others.

Anigma Technologies is also proud to be a part of the Khalifa Fund program, which aims to support and promote local Emirati entrepreneurs in their ventures.


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