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2-min quick guide: all you need to know about Salesforce WeChat integration

Salesforce WeChat integration

SleekFlow's latest solution to integrate WeChat into Salesforce is designed to help businesses to promote your branding, drive more conversions and improve customer service. 

Salesforce WeChat integration via SleekFlow

You can now connect your Salesforce account to SleekFlow on Salesforce AppExchange

SleekFlow is a one-stop WeChat Salesforce integration solution provider. Here is a sample workflow of how an application like SleekFlow could help manage leads more effectively throughout the customer journey. 

Wechat Icon

First, add your WeChat channel to SleekFlow omnichannel inbox so multiple agents can access the company's WeChat Official account with a shared team inbox. As a supervisor, you can assign conversation by automation rules and monitor the sales associates' interaction with customers. Furthermore, sync all your WeChat contacts on SleekFlow with Salesforce. You can capture your agent's WeChat communications from their mobile devices or desktop computer and store them securely in Salesforce. It is a two-way sync. The contact updates on either one of the systems will reflect on both SleekFlow and Salesforce.

Centralizing customer activity monitoring within SleekFlow gives the management team a unified view and absolute control over customer data. SleekFlow's inbox displays the contact's details from Salesforce beside the chat room, helping your team to associate the inquiries with leads and opportunities with a 360-degree view.

Contact Salesforce opportunities on SleekFlow
Messaging Salesforce leads with SleekFlow

How to optimize sales conversion rate on WeChat?

Integrating WeChat with Salesforce via SleekFlow allows you to penetrate deeper into the Chinese audience base. We offer a range of WeChat marketing campaign management tools for online and offline activities.

create messages routing for whatsapp auto responder

For starters, use SleekFlow labels to segment your WeChat contacts and broadcast segment-based WeChat messages. Let's say you want to re-engage past walk-ins. Select the customers with a previous purchase history on Salesforce as the recipients and schedule to send bulk festive promotional messages on SleekFlow. Combining the customer profiles on Salesforce and SleekFlow, you can deliver personalized experiences based on the customer's needs and wants. For example, schedule birthday messages with selected product highlights and custom discount codes to make them feel appreciated and valued.

WeChat Web

To expand your social CRM database, display your WeChat QR codes at the checkout counters of your physical stores and on your e-commerce site. Whenever a customer initiates a conversation with the brand, their information will be stored in SleekFlow and synced back to Salesforce automatically. 

How to use WeChat for customer support?

On SleekFlow, you can support WeChat customers on the go with automation. Automating greeting messages to welcome your new followers and introduce your Official Account's services would help to manage customer expectations. SleekFlow routes inquiries to the dedicated human agent based on the keywords the user replies to. SleekFlow can assign the conversation to the previously engaged sales rep if it's a returning customer.

Eau Thermale Avène WeChat

Eau Thermale Avène uses SleekFlow to build a smart chatbot to guide new WeChat followers to register as members.

Let's look at how Eau Thermale Avène uses SleekFlow to trigger WeChat actions for enhanced customer loyalty. The brand built a smart chatbot to guide new WeChat followers to register as members. Upon purchasing a product in the retail store, the customers snap a photo of the receipt and send it through WeChat to accumulate membership points. SleekFlow automatically sends a message to confirm the updated record and share information about how to redeem gifts.

Read to find How Eau Thermale Avène creates its membership portals on WeChat.

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