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How Facebook Messenger marketing bot can boost sales in Singapore

How to use Facebook Messenger marketing bot for your business in Singapore

Many of us know and use Facebook Messenger on a daily basis to communicate with friends and businesses. Companies are using more and more Facebook Messenger marketing automations to better engage with their customers.

And if you aren’t familiar with Meta’s Messenger Platform, don’t worry because we’ll dive deep and cover everything you need to know about the world’s third-most popular messaging app in this article. 

While this messaging platform is undoubtedly great for exchanging funny memes and links with your friends, its features that allow people to connect with new and existing customers are what makes Messenger an incredibly powerful tool for Facebook chatbot marketing. 

And as social commerce becomes more popular, businesses should pay close attention to Meta’s latest updates to Messenger and understand how you can leverage its messaging tools or use a Facebook Messenger marketing software to enhance marketing strategies, which ultimately empowers your brand to scale.

Learn more about why you should start your journey on social commerce and communicate with customers through instant messaging apps.

What is a Facebook Messenger marketing bot

Facebook Messenger marketing bot is an automated chatbot that lives and works within Messenger. 

You can programme your Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot to suit your business goals, such as broadcasting new product launches and updates, voucher and coupon distribution, and executing certain tasks under keyword or condition-triggered scenarios. The opportunities this marketing software can bring are infinite! It's just a matter to find the right automation for your marketing team and need.

What you can use for Facebook Messenger marketing

Here’s an overview of features useful for marketing on Facebook Messenger

Connect Facebook Messenger marketing bot with Instagram 

If you run an e-commerce business, you will most likely build a presence by having a Facebook Business page and an Instagram page. You can make Facebook Messenger marketing easier as you integrate Messenger API with Instagram using in-house developer resources or choose a third-party platform to make it easier to manage your marketing needs. At that point you can only explore all the Facebook Messenger marketing automations available to you with just a few clicks.

Send out surveys as a Facebook Messenger marketing research 

Marketing research is vital for determining the customer interest and reaching the right target audience. Messenger has native customer feedback templates, such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES), for you to conduct Facebook Messenger marketing research. 

Send product catalogues using a Facebook Messenger marketing bot to directly promote your products

Facebook Messenger chatbot buttons

Pictures speak louder than words, especially when it comes to promoting your product. Instead of listing product information, you can use Facebook Messenger marketing tools to send product catalogues in chat. You can either send a Generic Template with up to 2 call-to-action buttons below or Webview where you can load webpages inside Messenger. 

Automate FAQs to qualify leads through Facebook Chatbot marketing 

Marketing on Facebook Messenger does not have to be time-consuming. You can set up FAQ templates to gauge your customer’s interest level and then come up with the appropriate follow-up responses to avoid wasting your team’s time. Using Facebook Messenger marketing softwares and automations can help your team to be more efficient, and also the wider company to attract more sales.

Add Messenger Chat Plugin for unified access to customer conversations

You can add the Chat Plugin for Messenger to your website, so it doesn’t matter whether you start conversations with your customers on the website or on Messenger. You’ll be able to carry over your customers between your website and Facebook Business page and generate leads on whichever platform your customers prefer.

Get paid and complete orders in Messenger

As an extension to the product catalogue function, you can also incorporate a URL button on messenger that directs your customers to ‘Order Now.’ The URL Button opens Webview or your webpage for checkout. Upon purchase confirmation, you can send order confirmation, receipts, or shipment tracking information to keep your customers updated on their orders. A seamless checkout process will cultivate customer loyalty and increase customer retention, boosting sales in the long run.

Track and analyse customer behaviour for retargeting campaigns

After the customer has been successfully checked out, the tracked customer information enables you to tailor your content to their customer preferences and shopping history as a way to build customer loyalty. Further powered by Facebook Ad Manager, you can retarget your existing customers with Sponsored Messages to promote your products or special offers. 

Benefits of Facebook Messenger marketing bot in Singapore

Let’s talk about how a Facebook Messenger marketing bot and its automations can enable businesses to sell more efficiently.

Happy customers that used Facebook Messenger

Engage your customers consistently 

The pandemic has forced many consumers to turn to online channels for purchasing goods or services. 

As people spend more time on their mobile devices, they expect businesses to be active online, answering their enquiries and resolving their issues. In fact, 83% of consumers say they would buy products via instant messaging. That’s why businesses should not underestimate the revenue potential brought by Facebook chatbot marketing. In these new scenario, having a Facebook Messenger marketing software is key to engage with your demanding clients.

Pass on qualified leads to your customer service agents 

Your Facebook Messenger marketing bot guarantees that you’ll be there for your customers instantly all the time. 

Let’s say your customer replies to your broadcast message about claiming a discount by booking an appointment at your salon. By using Facebook Messenger marketing automation, you can send the booking link to remain engaged with the customer before they change their mind in the process of waiting for your response. 

For more complicated requests, your chatbots can qualify leads, so that your agents only have to engage high potential customers during office hours. 

Access to important data for relevant follow-up actions 

By interacting with your customers on Facebook Messenger marketing tools, you can gain insights to customer behaviour and shopping preferences that will help you retarget marketing campaigns. 

You can also customise your chatbot to ask your customers about their feedback, then improve your product based on customer preferences to meet those conversion targets.

Learn more about how Facebook Messenger can help your business grow in our article. 

How to create a Facebook Messenger marketing bot for your business

Meta has equipped businesses with a suite of Facebook Messenger marketing automation tools to help communicate with customers easily. Since Singapore’s thriving e-commerce market is predicted to rise to US $10 billion by 2026, you need to choose the right platform to enable an intelligent Facebook Messenger marketing bot in order to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Serving over 5,000 customers worldwide, SleekFlow’s omnichannel social commerce platform enables a comprehensive customer journey across SMS, live chat, and popular social messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc. Discover if you think SleekFlow could be your Facebook Messenger marketing software.

SleekFlow Facebook e-commerce

Why integrate Facebook with SleekFlow? Here are the benefits: 

Unleash your potential for Facebook Messenger today!

Examples of businesses in Singapore that are using Facebook Messenger marketing bot successfully

Grab Singapore: automates sales and marketing campaigns for high customer satisfaction

Grab decided to incorporate Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns after successfully decreasing their weekly backlog by 98% on the popular messaging app. With the idea of gamification, they launched a campaign on April’s Fool to challenge their users with true-or-false questions, using promo codes as the reward for correct answers. In the end, 3,000 participants engaged in the campaign and 56% of people who won a promo code in the campaign.

And the other results demonstrated the benefits of using Facebook Messenger automation: 

  • 51% of inbound messages resolved via Messenger Automation 

  • 37% decrease in Cost Per Ticket from 2019-2022 

  • 4.6 out of 5 customer satisfaction score

Ninja Van Singapore: 95% customer satisfaction with Messenger

Ninja Van automated their customer experience on Messenger and created a 2X increase in agent productivity. Although Ninja Van used the Messenger API more for customer service instead of Facebook Messenger marketing, the innovative solution that brought up the customer satisfaction to 95% is bound to promote word-of-mouth marketing. 

The results proved that the use of Facebook Messenger automation was a huge success: 

  • 98% Net Promoter Score (February 2021) for customers who chose Messenger as their preferred communication channel

  • 5X faster turnaround time in handling customer queries via Messenger vs phone (based on 2019 vs 2020 data)

  • 73% of customer opted for Messenger vs other channels (Jan - Mar 2021)

4 tips to make sure your Facebook Messenger marketing bot provides a great user experience

If you look around, many businesses in Singapore have already adopted a Facebook Messenger marketing strategy to manage daily conversations with customers. While Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing can guarantee a higher engagement and response rate, brands must take things up a notch with personalised interactions to make the customers feel valued. 

As a brand, your communication style and delivery reflect the way your customer sees your brand. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to build a Facebook Messenger marketing bot that serves as an extension of your brand whilst enabling it to help you achieve your business goals. 

1. Clearly define your Facebook Messenger marketing goals

Some questions that are worth considering before you start developing your Facebook Messenger marketing bot: 

  • Who is your target audience? 

  • How do you want to guide their commerce journey: are users going to be redirected from Facebook to your e-commerce site, or are they going to stay within the app until checkout? 

  • What role is your chatbot going to play in this process: customer support or marketing to unique audiences? 

2. Finding a voice for your Facebook Messenger marketing bot

Think of your Facebook Messenger marketing bot as a virtual brand ambassador for your business. 

How are they going to greet or address customers? Is it a simple: “hello, thank you for being our loyal customer!” or something more casual “what’s up?” 

Add some human elements to the template messages within Messenger to bring warmth and comfort to your customers. The more approachable you can come across via Messenger, the more likely your happy customer will convert and return for repeat purchases. 

3. Deliver the right message at the right time

Leverage data from Messenger and advanced analytics from SleekFlow so that your customers receive relevant information at the right time. 

Consider your goals and how marketing on Facebook Messenger can help you achieve them. 

If you’re a fashion brand, you can use Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing to qualify leads, send product catalogues, and then identify their preferences for future retargeting campaigns. 

Or, if you’re a grocer, your Facebook Messenger marketing bot can be for providing your customers with the latest shipping updates and daily promotional items. 

Knowing what is Facebook Messenger marketing and aligning them with your business goals can inform the way your brand interacts with customers on Messenger, thereby generating more revenue simultaneously. 

Want to get inspired with some marketing tactics using the Messenger chatbot? Head to our article to find out. 

4. Revaluate and retarget audiences 

One of the greatest advantages of using a Facebook Messenger marketing software like SleekFlow is that you gain access to a vault of insightful and valuable data. Other than Facebook Messenger marketing tools such as broadcast messages and comment auto reply, it also offers comprehensive analytics for accurate retargeting campaigns. This way, you can reach the audience that is already interested in your products and services.

With SleekFlow, you can tailor automated workflow scenarios for Facebook messages and comments across posts, stories, and live streams. Like L’Oréal, you can create a live stream marketing campaign and then use a hashtag as a trigger word for your chatbot to initiate conversations with new customers. 

Want to learn more about what is Facebook Messenger marketing? Explore our top proven business tactics for Facebook Messenger.

Retail selling is all about communication. The messaging data generated by SleekFlow is critical for us to drive lasting sales performance.

Yonnie Wong

Senior Marketing Manager of bossini

Create auto reply for your Facebook Messenger marketing bot with SleekFlow

Your time is valuable and manually responding to customers’ comments or messages is not the wisest way to spend it. There’s a lot on your plate, and SleekFlow, as a professional Facebook Messenger marketing software, knows exactly how to help. 

By marketing on Facebook Messenger with SleekFlow, you can automate your customer social commerce journey. Let’s take a quick look at how else SleekFlow can help businesses sell, support, and convert better than ever. 

sleekflow homepage inbox

SleekFlow is a social CRM that equips businesses with a wide range of integrations from social messaging channels to e-commerce platforms, such as native integration with Shopify

Save time by managing omnichannel communications in one place

Auto-assignment and auto reply for both internal and external workflows 

SleekFlow platform automation feature for WhatsApp marketing messages

SleekFlow’s automation feature aims to make it easier for both your teams and your customers. 

In addition to automating responses to Facebook posts and messages, you can also assign teammates to specific tasks for immediate follow-up action. 

Our mobile app also increases the convenience and efficiency of your workflow, empowering your business to grow faster and scale up. 

Integrate Facebook Messenger marketing bot with SleekFlow 

SleekFlow whatsapp live chat chatbot integration for customer experience

Connecting Facebook Messenger with SleekFlow is quick and easy. Once you’ve completed setup, you can manage your team from our app and within a few clicks. 

Reach out to our team to understand how to set it up now. 

Finance solution for building trust via secured omnichannel communications

SleekFlow for enterprise finance solution

When the end-to-end (from product exploration to checkout) customer journey happens all within one app, SleekFlow’s finance solution bolsters customer confidence by protecting customer data with top-notch security infrastructure.

Our servers are ISO27001 and GDPR-certified, whilst personal information are encrypted and masked. So whether you’re a large corporate or SME, your customers are in good hands even if they complete payments in chat. 

Now that you know what is Facebook Messenger marketing and how significant it is for your business, let’s to begin by customising a Facebook Messenger marketing strategy for your business!

Interested but don’t know where to start? Consult our localised experts in Singapore.

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