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Facebook Marketing: Avoid these 6 mistakes and succeed!

Avoid these 5 mistakes and succeed at Facebook Marketing!

Although Facebook marketing is never new, it never gets old. Thanks to the constant update of Facebook’s algorithm, marketers always have to push themselves to learn and tackle new things head-on.

In 2022, 77% of Internet users are active on at least one Meta platform (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp). So if you’re running a business nowadays, you should understand how to effectively utilize Facebook ads to promote your service or products.

SleekFlow is here to shed some light on why your Facebook ads aren’t performing as well as you'd hope. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes people make with Facebook marketing to help you find the right strategy.

What is Facebook marketing?

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Facebook marketing means promoting your business on Facebook through targeted ads, business-branded groups, Facebook jobs, and Facebook marketplace.

As social media continues to be an integral part of our daily lives, the expansion of Facebook's products in social commerce makes the platform a key channel to engage and attract new customers.

As you may have noticed, many businesses have set up business pages through Facebook marketing to keep customers informed on product or service hours updates while building a social following for their businesses. An all-in-one omnichannel social CRM like SleekFlow assists your business with a range of automation, payment, and integration tools to help you streamline your customer's buying journey.

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Why is Facebook marketing still worth it?

Never underestimate the amount of profit you can reap from a tiny investment into your business's Facebook page. Let’s dive right into the advantages.

1. Fuel a compelling marketing campaign on a small budget

If you have a tight marketing budget, Facebook marketing is the move.

You can create a business page and publish appealing posts about your products and services to introduce your brand.

Like other social media sites, you can provide fascinating insights into your company’s new products and anything about your customers.

A good thing about Facebook marketing is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to get a positive return. On the other hand, marketing campaigns through other channels like billboards, influencer deals, advertising agencies, etc., could end up costing a lot of time and money with not much revenue in return.

2. Maximize your brand exposure online

What’s better than a social media site like Facebook when it comes to boosting brand exposure?

A Facebook business page is much more than sharing photos, videos, or even stories — it is a part of building your digital presence, which many may argue is the success factor to a brand's success nowadays.

For instance, you should create a profile page to publicize your company name, location, contact details, a brief introduction, and many more to let the public know about your products and services. Sparking an interest among Facebook users could lead to gaining loyal customers in the long run.

3. Initiate a conversation instantly with existing and new customers through SleekFlow's auto reply through Messenger and comments

Messenger Icon

Facebook Messenger makes it easy to initiate a friendly conversation and provide customer support to those with questions. At the same time, you can engage with existing customers directly and keep them updated with your products. 

Although Messenger has some basic automation functions, you can unlock even more advanced features by using Messenger through SleekFlow. By doing so, you are able to create chatbots that will automatically respond to comments in your posts. You can tailor the scenarios or pick the keywords of when your response should be triggered. These kinds of organic engagements increase your casual interactions with customers on a more personal level, allowing you to gather important analytics on consumer behavior to shape an effective marketing strategy in the long run.

Unleash your potential of Facebook Messenger today!

4. Timely, personalized customer support powered by automation

It’s no secret that customers are looking for efficient customer support that’s personalized to their needs. Here in Facebook Messenger, you are taking advantage of an already widely-used channel that gives customers a direct line to your customer service, so that you can be there for them when they ask questions and seek assistance.

Say the customer has a minor question about the product material, size or function, which can be addressed by giving simple instructions via messaging in order to ensure they complete their purchase. You can use SleekFlow's powerful auto reply features to immediately identify their concerns, resolve them, and close the sale without having to truly spend time manually attending to each individual matter. The reliable chatbot is there 24/7 to handle it for you. All you have to do is work with SleekFlow to fit your business needs.

5. Effective advertising

As we all know, Facebook specializes in displaying ads in favor of users’ personal preferences. It just has an immense database learning what posts may intrigue the users.

With Facebook marketing, your ads will likely be delivered to your targeted group to achieve the marketing effects.

When it comes to displaying ads, learning how to use Facebook Manager effectively is important to attaining success. Facebook Manager ensures ads reach the right audience, enhancing engagement and conversions. Various ad formats, including images, videos, and carousels, allow experimentation to identify the most effective approaches

6. Drive organic traffic to your website

The ultimate goal of doing digital marketing is to increase online visibility and improve your site’s ranking, right? Never should we miss out on an important source that attracts traffic to your website — Facebook.

When you’re managing your Facebook page in a way that personalizes users’ interests and attracts a social following, they are likely to browse through your Facebook page — out of curiosity. This, of course, increases the possibility of them landing on your website and opens up more profitable business opportunities.

No doubt, It is no doubt that Facebook marketing is a smart solution to increasing your website’s traffic.

How to set up a Facebook business page?

All things considered, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t set up a Facebook business page to grow your business.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you create a business page:

  1. Login to your Facebook account and navigate to Pages in the left sidebar menu.

  2. Select Create New Page in the menu on the left.

  3. Fill out your page name, category, and description. You can preview your page on the right.

Facebook Business Page Screenshot
  1. Scroll to the bottom and click Create Page.

  2. On the left, click to add any profile picture or cover photo, and then click Save.

  3. If you want to link your page to WhatsApp, enter your phone number and select Send Code in the following pop-up window. If you don’t want to do so, close the pop-up.

  4. Now, your Facebook page is ready. Feel free to customize it to showcase your brand's personality!

What are the Facebook marketing tools?

I'm sure that the Facebook newsfeed is familiar to most, if not all, of you by now. Simply click open your Facebook app, and you’ll see a constantly updating list of content.

As you may have noticed, there are five post types — text, link, image, video, and stories. The good news is that with the help of the Facebook marketing tools in this Attrock post, you can greatly improve your Facebook posts’ performance, whether it's content creation or analytics. Let’s take a close look at the marketing avenues available for use!

1. Post Types

Language is a powerful tool to communicate and capture your customers’ emotional responses. If you can harness the power of high-quality copy, you may succeed in building an influential brand image.

After all, we human beings are attracted to great visuals. Texts alone fail to attract our visual attention fully, however powerful they’re. That’s when multimedia newsfeed comes into play.

Never should we overlook the importance of a post link. It gets people to dig into stuff that interests them and enriches the content you deliver. When a link is attached together with texts, users are inclined to click on it.

Image and video posts are no stranger to you. As previously mentioned, they appeal to us as visual beings. According to a blog post on content marketing by Search Engine Journal, adding rich visuals such as images, graphics and videos enhance user experience.

Stories are another way of sharing visual content on Facebook. It’s the latest post type feature that allows you to share images and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The stories will appear at the top of your newsfeed.

2. Facebook Ads

While more and more enterprises run marketing campaigns on Facebook business pages, they make it harder for your content to reach your target audience. Facebook ads, therefore, may be a smart solution to this.

Spending money on advertising may be daunting, but it is worth it.

Think about that: with more than six million companies advertising on Facebook worldwide, how can you stand out from them to promote your products and services?

By joining Facebook ads, you can specify your target audience according to demographics, interests, behavior, and so on. Nobody will want their marketing efforts to be in vain, right?

3. Facebook Messenger

Social media marketing is no longer a one-way street. Customers have been more responsive to marketing messages.

When any interesting content on Facebook triggers them, they are keen to know more about the products and services and eventually approach Messenger.

Indeed, what they’re looking for are personalized communications and customer support. Messenger allows you to engage with your customers and build a good relationship with them. If you want to manage your ads and Facebook Business at ease, check out our Facebook Business Manager Guru Guide!

4. Facebook Group

One of the goals of Facebook marketing is to attract a huge following online. It’s more or less the same as building an online community — which can be done by starting a Facebook Group.

When billions of users are browsing on Facebook, why not connect them together to let your flow of information converge on this community?

Creating a Facebook Group is just as easy as clicking Create Group on the page. Upon starting the group, you can share relevant content to keep your members engaged and grow your group in the long run.

The group can be a rich gold mine for customers’ insights since the community consists of people interested in the topics related to your products, people often ask questions from which you can understand the customers’ pain points better.

5. Facebook Insights

When you invest much time and effort in Facebook marketing, you’ll want to know how everything’s going, right?

Facebook Insights is an analytics dashboard showing your page performance against several key metrics, including — page views, reach, impressions, post clicks, reactions, comments, shares, and many more.

You can easily track user behavior and post performance on your Facebook business page. These insights pinpoint recommendations that help grow your page as well.

Six steps to creating an effective Facebook marketing strategy

  1. Set goals for marketing

  2. Specify your target audience

  3. Pick post types and schedule Facebook posts

  4. Use Facebook Ads to boost posts

  5. Engage with customers on a personal level by setting up auto reply for Messenger and DMs

  6. Deploy Facebook tools

  7. Evaluate the effectiveness

How much does Facebook marketing cost?

Basically, all tools are free, except for ads which will be discussed in the next article.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most updated Facebook Ads costs:

  • The average Facebook CPC (how much one click costs you) across all industries: $0.44

  • The average Facebook CPM (how much you spend to get 1,000 impressions) across all industries: $14.40

  • The average Facebook CPE (how much you get paid when an ad is engaged with): $0.12

How does the Facebook algorithm affect your marketing strategy?

The success of your Facebook marketing campaigns depends on how well you can work the Facebook algorithm.

The Facebook algorithm determines the sequence of content that shows up on the feed when users log in. The goal is to match users to the content they are most likely interested in, in hopes that they’ll spend more time on Facebook. Better user experience is developed as a result.

The key to beating the Facebook algorithm is to make your content as engaging and authentic as possible.

Under the Facebook algorithm, some high-performing content types include:

  • Video content is the most highly favorable with its ability to produce the highest rate of organic engagement (13%).

  • Q&A posts that inform users

  • Behind-the-scenes posts

  • Posts about trending topics, memes, influencers

  • Infographics

In general, make sure that your copy is concise, informative, and brings value to your brand. Not only should the advertising content be intriguing, but it should also hold a level of authenticity and accuracy. Facebook algorithm is excellent at detecting spam, click baits, and any misleading data.

Six common Facebook marketing mistakes to avoid

1. Overlooking video as a valuable marketing strategy

Thousands of pieces of content are popping up on Facebook every day.

How frequently do you stop to absorb the content while you’re scrolling the newsfeed page quickly? You can see how competitive it is to rank your content on Facebook right off the bat.

To top it all off, a gradual decrease in interactions has been observed in certain post types, such as images and links. Surprisingly, videos have shown a ten percent increase in engagement. If so, why don’t you make full use of video posts? 

2. Post during bad times

To ensure that your content reaches your target audience, you need to understand user behavior, for example, the highest traffic times on Facebook.

If you pick the right time to publish your post, you’re increasing the likelihood that the users will have your content in their newsfeed.

3. Post with shortened URLs

As social media marketing is a trend, most businesses don’t use only one platform to carry out their marketing campaigns. Instead, they’re using several tools, which are often managed on one single platform.

These tools, however, may shorten your link URLs to fulfill the character constraint requirement. Nevertheless, a full-length URL receives triple the number of clicks than a shortened URL does.

4. Test out too many strategies at once

It’s normal if you are impatiently waiting to see the outcome after weeks of hard work in content marketing. However, marketing takes time and is an iterative process. You should test out various kinds of Facebook Ads with your target audience to see what's best.

Keep in mind that it might do you more harm than good if you do test out too many types of content within a short period of time. It will become more challenging for Facebook analytics to identify which ad variables correlate with higher views, so if you want reliable and actionable insights you should stick with one strategy before experimenting with another one.

5. Post lengthy updates

This is pretty self-explanatory. Nobody has the attention span to read through any length update when they’re scrolling through Facebook.

6. Overlooking selling opportunities in Facebook Messenger or comments

As customers are more naturally inclined to reach out through Facebook Messenger or comments, you should spend some serious time interacting with them in these spaces so no selling opportunity is missed.

When your business is thriving, there might be an overwhelming influx of direct messages in your inbox. To make sure all conversations are in good hands, you should leverage a good social CRM system to organize all the conversations and be there for your customers 24/7. Once you have effectively managed all conversations, marketing automation such as chatbot and auto reply can be leveraged to upgrade the customer experience.

Remember: every business starts with a conversation, so empower yourself with the right tools to ensure you never miss an opportunity!

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How to measure the success of Facebook campaigns?

Speaking of measuring success, always have specific goals that can be demonstrated through quantifiable outcomes.

As mentioned before, Facebook Insights is the tool to consistently monitor your page's performance and evaluate how you should improve your upcoming campaigns.

Here’s a breakdown of some key metrics which you ought to track to measure the success of your campaigns:

  • Engagement

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Referral traffic

  • Page likes and follows

  • Video retention

  • Video engagement

  • CTR

  • CPC and CPM

  • CPA

  • Ad frequency

You should track the corresponding metrics periodically and create reports to collect data, which provide you with actionable insights as to how you should tweak your campaign goals.

What's new in SleekFlow: achieve more with Facebook comment auto reply

Comment auto reply on Instagram

This feature is one of the most cost-effective, and perhaps most overlooked, strategies you can make without having to spend a fortune on running paid ads. Responding to comments manually is an extremely time-consuming task that very few businesses are willing to take up. However, customers feel a personal connection when businesses take that extra step to interact with them on a person-to-person level.

With SleekFlow, you can set up highly personalised auto reply settings on direct messages and comments. For instance, you run a business that sells baked goods. You decide to promote your products with a giveaway promotion and invite followers to leave a comment that demonstrates their participation. SleekFlow will help you by:

  • Automatically triggering a direct message or comment (whichever way they interacted with you) to thank them for their participation

  • Collecting available info on the user, segmenting them, and integrating them with the rest of your social messaging data to inform your follow-up actions, i.e. remarketing, new product promotion, personalized birthday messages

  • BONUS (it's free!): Integrate Facebook Lead Ads and save your customers' time filling up forms since the customer database across all social apps is seamlessly integrated on SleekFlow's unified platform

Find out more about how comment auto reply on Facebook and Instagram works with SleekFlow and grow your business now!

Try SleekFlow’s latest comment auto reply feature now!

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